Verizon vs T-Mobile: Which Provider Offers the Best Pricing and Plans?

Verizon vs T-Mobile

When it comes to choosing a wireless carrier, two of the biggest players are Verizon and T-Mobile. Users are always in the tussle between Verizon vs t mobile. Each offers a wide range of plans and pricing options, making it essential to compare and contrast their offerings to determine which one best suits your needs.  

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Verizon and T-Mobile’s pricing and plans, helping you make an informed decision.

Verizon vs T-Mobile Pricing: The Battle of the Budget-Friendly Plans

Let’s kick off our comparison by taking a look at the budget-friendly internet plans offered by Verizon and T-Mobile.

T-Mobile’s Affordable Talk and Text Plan

If you’re seeking a no-frills talk and text plan without data, T-Mobile has you covered with their $20 per month option. This plan is ideal for those who primarily use their phone for calls and messages and don’t require data access.

Verizon’s Limited Data Plans

Meanwhile, Verizon offers several options for limited data plans, starting at $35 per month. These plans range from 500 MB to 5 GB of data, catering to individuals who require a moderate amount of data but don’t need an unlimited plan.

It’s important to evaluate your data usage before selecting a plan. If you’re unsure how much data you need, check out our comprehensive data guide to ensure you don’t pay for more or less data than necessary.

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T-Mobile vs Verizon: Unlimited Plans Offers

Now, let’s dive into the main event: the unlimited plans offered by T-Mobile and Verizon. Here’s a breakdown of what these carriers have in store for data-hungry individuals like yourself.

T-Mobile’s Affordable Unlimited Plan

T-Mobile takes the crown for the most affordable unlimited plan with their $60 Essentials plan. This plan provides unlimited talk, text, and data on one of the country’s most robust wireless networks. However, there is a catch – during times of network congestion, your data speeds may be deprioritized, meaning T-Mobile could slow down your connection to prioritize other customers who pay more.

To avoid potential speed limitations, you can upgrade to T-Mobile’s Magenta plan for an additional $10 per month. This plan offers the same benefits as the Essentials plan but with added perks such as international texting, in-flight service, and 5G coverage (if your device supports it).

Verizon’s Unlimited Welcome Plan

Verizon’s Unlimited Welcome plan, priced at $60 per month, is comparable to T-Mobile’s Essentials plan. Like T-Mobile, Verizon may also deprioritize your data during busy network periods, which can be frustrating for a plan at this price point.

To compensate for potential deprioritization, Verizon offers various verizon internet and phone deals to choose from, including extra storage or more hotspot data. Additionally, you can opt for add-ons like the Verizon Disney Bundle, an Apple One subscription, or a Walmart+ subscription. It’s worth noting that Verizon boasts the country’s best mobile network, which we’ll discuss in greater detail later.

Verizon vs T-Mobile family plan monthly pricing breakdown
CarrierPlan1 line2 total lines3 total lines4 total lines
VerizonUnlimited Plus$80$140 ($70/line)$165 ($55/line)$180 ($45/line)
VerizonUnlimited Welcome$65$110 ($55/line)$120 ($40/line)$120 ($30/line)
t mobileGo5G Plus$90$150 ($75/line)$150 ($75/line)$185 ($46.25/line)
t mobileGo5G$75$130 ($65/line)$130 ($65/line)$155 ($38.75/line)
t mobileEssentials$60$90 ($45/line)$90 ($45/line)$105 ($26.25/line)
T-Mobile vs Verizon: Hotspot allowances
t mobileT-MobileVerizonVerizon
Go5G Plus50GBUnlimited Plus30GB
Go5G15GBUnlimited WelcomeNone
EssentialsUnlimited at 3G SpeedsPrepaid Unlimited Plus25GB
Prepaid Unlimited Plus10GBPrepaid Unlimited5GB
Prepaid UnlimitedUnlimited at 3G Speeds
Premium data
t mobileT-MobileVerizonVerizon
PlanPremium dataPlanPremium data
Go5G PlusTruly unlimitedUnlimited PlusTruly unlimited
Go5G100GBUnlimited WelcomeNone (deprioritization at any time)
Essentials50GBPrepaid Unlimited Plus50GB
Prepaid Unlimited Plus50GBPrepaid UnlimitedNone (deprioritization at any time)
Prepaid Unlimited50GB

Verizon and T-Mobile: Perks

Verizon used to include various advantages with its previous plans (Get More, Play More, and Do More) in order to enhance the offer. However, its current plans no longer include additional features as part of the package; instead, they offer optional perks at discounted rates. In contrast, T-Mobile provides complimentary subscriptions to Netflix and Apple TV with its Go5G Plus package. Here is a list of perks available from both telecommunications providers.

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As evident, choosing between Verizon and T-Mobile comes down to personal preference. T-Mobile’s Go5G Plus plan offers Netflix and Apple TV+ subscriptions, but it comes at an additional cost of $10 per month compared to Verizon’s comparable Unlimited Plus tier. On the other hand, Verizon doesn’t include built-in perks, but you have the option to add your own, such as the Disney Bundle, at a discounted rate.

For most people, Verizon’s approach of selecting perks à la carte provides a better value, as you can pay for only what you desire instead of paying more for a broader range of options. This is particularly relevant because T-Mobile’s offering only includes Netflix Basic, requiring an upgrade for higher quality streaming and multi-screen support.

Need Faster Home Internet? Consider 5G Coverage

If your home internet provider’s speed and reliability leave much to be desired, switching to 5G coverage at home could be a game-changer. Take a look at T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet to see if it’s available in your area.

High-Speed Data Caps and Streaming Quality

As we move up to the higher-tiered plans from Verizon and T-Mobile, the benefits become more apparent in terms of increased high-speed data caps and better streaming quality.

Both Verizon’s Get More Unlimited and T-Mobile’s Magenta plans offer HD video streaming. However, T-Mobile takes the lead in terms of high-speed data caps, providing truly unlimited high-speed data for their Go5G Plus plan, regardless of usage. In contrast, Verizon offers a 50 GB high-speed data cap. 

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This significant difference in data cap has led many individuals to opt for T-Mobile’s Go5G Plus Plan, even at a slightly higher price point of $90 per month.

For those seeking a more cost-effective option, T-Mobile’s Go5G plan offers double the high-speed data cap of Verizon, providing 100 GB of premium data. This plan is priced competitively and is an attractive choice for heavy data users on a budget.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Plan for You Verizon vs T-Mobile

When deciding between Verizon and T-Mobile, it’s crucial to consider your specific needs and budget. T-Mobile’s plans are generally more affordable, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious individuals. However, Verizon offers a more robust network.


  1. Q. Is T-Mobile better than Verizon now?

    A. In terms of 5G coverage area, high-speed premium, data, and mobile hotspot allowances, T-Mobile outperforms Verizon. The 4G LTE coverage, costs, and benefits offered by Verizon are marginally superior.

  2. Q. Who has better 5G, Verizon or T-Mobile?

    A. T-Mobile has a far wider 5G coverage than Verizon, which covers 53% of the nation compared to Verizon's 12%. However, Verizon has one of the fastest 5G mobile networks thanks to its mmWave technology, so wherever it's accessible, you'll experience lightning-fast speeds.

  3. Q. Is Verizon or T-Mobile more expensive?

    T-Mobile's Essentials plan costs $60 per month for a single line as opposed to Verizon's $75 per month for its Unlimited Welcome with Feature Bundle plan.