Xfinity Stream App Review

xfinity streaming app

Overall, the Xfinity streaming app, Xfinity Stream, is a great streaming application. It has a massive amount of content available for streaming in or out of your home on all the smartphone devices and web browsers. It also offers multiple simultaneous streams, users get 5 streams at home and 3 while you are away. The Xfinity Stream app review includes all the benefits offered by the Xfinity stream app, users get features like Content filtering, device management options, offline viewing, and parental controls. Xfinity Stream app download can be done on smartphones, computers, and streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV.

There are cons to the Xfinity Stream app along with the Pros, but they do have some minor cons. In fact, there’s only one worth mentioning out of the box below. Some of the content is not available for mobile viewing. All the Xfinity TV customers will love the application and even the Xfinity internet-only customers can use it to watch a select variety of free TV shows and Movies.

If you’re currently looking for switching to new providers, then the Xfinity Stream app download can be a great perk to switch to Xfinity. In this Xfinity stream app review, we will tell you everything that you need to know about the Xfinity Stream app for Android TV and smartphones.

Xfinity Stream App Pros & Cons

On the go viewing of 200+ channels, most Xfinity On Demand titles, and DVR recordings.Auto-deletion of downloads if you sign out
Offline viewing availableNo on the go viewing on some content
5 streams at home, 3 on the goNo casting without Google Chromecast
Parental controlsNo Fire TV Support
Data usage controlsNo AirPlay Support

What Can I Do With Xfinity Stream?

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Sounds like a stupid question at first but it’s important to ask yourself what can you do with the Xfinity Stream app? Naturally, the Xfinity Stream app’s sole purpose is to help you watch TV with better comfort but it offers other functionalities too. Sit tight as we go through the complete Xfinity stream app review. 

PackageXfinity Channel PackageLocal ChannelsOn DemandDVR RecordingsX1 PPV, Adult ChannelsDownloads/ Offline viewingStreams
On The GoUpto 200 + TV Go channelsABC, NBC, FOX, Univision, Unimas & TelemundoMost TitlesAvailableUnavailableAvailable3

Watch Live TV Using Xfinity Stream

Xfinity Stream maybe just a mobile application but it has a great use. Imagine someone in your home is hogging the TV and you wish to watch something else, just plug in your earphones and start streaming live TV on your mobile device. As you get 5 simultaneous streams at home, 4 more members of your family can watch whatever they wish to without having to fight for the control of the TV remote control. You can watch all the live, local, X1, pay per view, and more on the Xfinity Stream app. 

That’s not all the features you get, if you don’t wish to watch content on a smaller screen, you can cast it on your TV using Google Chromecast. Granted, you will need a free TV in the house, and if you have free TV then you have no need to cast content. It’s a confusing loop but it gives you a way around your trouble.

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Watch TV On The Go With Xfinity Stream

Away from home? No problem, with the Xfinity Stream app download, you can watch most of the content even when you are away from home. Xfinity Stream app doesn’t lets you access as much content as when you are home but the application still has a massive content library. So, just stream away. Here’s the main difference between Watching Xfinity Stream at home and while on the go.

  • Depending on your package, you’ll have up to 60 channels less to watch on the go.
  • The only local channels that you can watch on the go are ABC, NBC, FOX, Univision, Unimas, and Telemundo. You can’t even watch The CW or CBS.
  • Some Xfinity On-demand titles aren’t available on the go.
  • You can’t watch most of your X1 subscription channels, Pay per view channels, or adult channels. 
  • You can only watch content on 3 devices at the same time.

There’s still a ton of content that you can watch on the go even after tons of restrictions. And if you are outside and if you have access to Chromecast then you can watch your content on a bigger screen.

Watch Offline With Xfinity Stream

Xfinity stream also allows you to download titles for offline viewing, so you can watch content anywhere you want. Chances are you won’t have access to WiFi or mobile data when you away from home. Watching content offline will come in handy at home as well, as it saves bandwidth when everyone is at home and online. 

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Before you start relying on the Xfinity App for offline viewing using downloads completely, keep in mind that if you sign out of the Xfinity Stream, the app will delete all your mobile downloads. Fortunately, you will get a warning before this happens, you can choose whether or not to save your downloads. 

Manage Parental Controls With Xfinity Stream

You can download Xfinity App without worrying about your kids getting access to inappropriate content. Xfinity app for smart TV, Android, and web application comes with parental controls. Kids of today’s generation are smart, they can get into trouble if they are left on their own without a certain level of control. 

The internet is full of nefarious content that can be highly inappropriate for kids. So even if your kids can access the Xfinity Stream app, you can set parental controls to make sure your kids won’t be able to access some content that you don’t want them to.

How To Watch Xfinity Stream

 DevicesOperating SystemXfinity Stream Version
AmazonAmazon Fire HD 6 & Newer, No Fire TVN/A4.11 or later
AndroidAll Except Android TVAndroid 5 or Later5.2.0 or later
AppleiPhone 4s or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Touch 4th gen or later, AirPlay isn’t supported.iOS 12 or Later4.11.2 or later

You can download Xfinity app on a variety of Smartphones. There’s also an online portal if you wish to access Xfinity Stream through web browsers. Here’s all you need to get started.

  • Xfinity TV service or internet-only service (limited content).
  • A Wi-Fi internet connection or 3G/4G mobile connection. 
  • A supported device or web browser.
  • Your Xfinity Username and Password.

Final Take: Xfinity Stream App

Xfinity stream has a ton of content that users can access, there are a lot of ways to watch the content and only one mentionable drawback. If you have Xfinity TV service and you’re not using the application, then you’re missing out. If you are also looking forward to switching your providers, then the Xfinity stream app is a good perk worth considering, especially if you have a huge family with a lot of content streaming needs. As for the TV and Xfinity internet packages, you can consult Club HDTV’s expert team in getting high-speed internet service and TV packages in your area at affordable prices.

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