The Essentials of Internet Speed and Bandwidth that You Need to Know

Internet Speed and Bandwidth

Internet Speed and Bandwidth are the speed of your internet connection with which you can send any content or data to any device all over the world. You can measure the speed of your internet connection in various units like Kbps (Kilobits per second) and Mbps (Megabits per second). 1 Mbps is equal to 1,02 Kbps.

High-speed internet is called broadband bandwidth. Bandwidth is considered to be the maximum amount of data that gets transmitted through a high-speed internet connection within a certain period. As a layman, we sometimes don’t understand why it comes down to internet speed vs bandwidth as we think it to be the same. However, it is not. This article will tell you everything that you need to know about internet speed and bandwidth.

Internet Bandwidth vs Speed- A Quick Evaluation

People usually get confused and think why it is always come down to internet speed vs bandwidth. Therefore, to understand that, you need to know the difference between the two of them. Fast Internet and high bandwidth are among the basics of life for the present generation.

Bandwidth and internet speed play a major role in our life since it sets the basic parameters of what we are allowed to do using the internet. Life gets much easier if you have high bandwidth and fast internet ready at hand. However, it slows down in the case of opposite scenarios. Like, suppose you have a higher bandwidth but still your internet connection can work like a snail. So, to clear the internet vs bandwidth issue, we further need to know the importance of both of them.

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Importance of Bandwidth and Speed

In the world of today, none of us are unknown of the importance of bandwidth and speed of the internet. To understand why internet connection speed vs bandwidth is widely discussed, we need to know the importance of both of them. The internet connection is everything that the world at present is depending on.

If you are into gaming or you like watching movies or series online then a good internet speed along with high bandwidth is a must for you. Using high bandwidth with fast internet will rescue you from long loading times and unnecessary buffering time. You can watch or play at ease with this. One of the best things about high bandwidth and fast internet speed is that it makes multitasking possible. It enables you to use more than one device at a given time without lowering the speed. 

Measuring the Bandwidth and Internet Speed

When it comes to internet connection speed vs bandwidth, we first need to know how to measure them individually. So, to measure the bandwidth, you will have to use software or firmware along with a network interface. However, if you do not have the access to do that and yet want to know the bandwidth of your internet connection then you will get to see it in the plan that your provider provides you when you sign up for your internet services. The highest speed that you get from your provider is considered to be the bandwidth of your internet connection.

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To measure the speed of your internet, you do not have an option other than doing a speed test. You can do these speed tests online through various websites. It will tell you about the current speed of your internet. Through internet speed tests, you can also know about the upload and download speed, and latency. However, there is one thing that you must know, both internet speed and bandwidth are fluctuating in nature. It is never the same. If you check it now, it might be something, if you re-check it after some minutes then it can be something else. 

Kinds of Internet

Here is a list of internet connections that you can opt from:

1.       Fiber Internet

Fiber internet is the fastest kind of internet connection that you can choose. optic Fiber strands are made in bundles and are wrapped with a reflective cover. This allows for transferring data through light signals. 1,000 Mbps is the basic fiber plan that you will get. However, this can go higher up to 5,000 Mbps.

2.       DSL

DSL or digital subscriber line is a connection that uses the same network as the landline phone. This is way slower compared to the other kind of internet services. The maximum speed for DSL can go up to 100 Mbps.

3.       Cable Internet

This is the most common kind of internet that you get to see. These services are provided by cable providers themselves. Cable internet is the most widely used internet. The speed of cable internet can reach up to Gigabits. It is more easily available than fiber internet.

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4.       4G Internet

4G internet is the kind of internet that works for 4G networks. With 5G available in the market, 4G internet is comparatively slower and is dependent on the network availability of a particular area.

5.       5G Internet

This is the most recent kind of internet that you will find. The speed range for 5G internet can range from 100 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps. 5G home internet is however still not available everywhere. You will get this mostly available in cities and towns.

6.       Satellite Internet

It is the slowest kind of internet that you will find. You might get it anywhere you want to, but the connection will be a super slow one. This type of connection is meant for rural areas where there is no facility or any other kind of internet.

7.       Fixed Wireless

It is a cellular-based wireless internet connection that gives an internet speed ranging from 25 Mbps to 50 Mbps. However, you can keep it as an option if you do not have any other kind of internet available.


The pandemic has made us, even more, internet-dependent. When it comes down to internet speed tests vs bandwidth, people often get confused thinking if they are different or interrelated. Well, they are different but having a good internet speed with high bandwidth presently gives us a feeling of having everything. In fact, why won’t it? If the internet is what you need to do anything and everything, then having a feeling like this is absolutely justifiable.