How to Fix Xfinity WiFi Problems? Troubleshoot Your Home Internet

How to Fix Xfinity WiFi Problems

Comcast is a cable giant in the USA and a global media sensation. Xfinity by Comcast offers internet services in the form of wired and wireless networks. Xfinity is the largest internet access provider in the USA as it offers services to 110 million people. It is also the largest provider in terms of coverage area, Xfinity delivers internet to 40 states in the USA. Just like any other internet provider, some problems can make the connection slow and unreliable some times. If you are having Xfinity WiFi problems, then there could be an issue with your equipment or there could be a general outage in your area.

The most common fix to your internet problem is to turn off your modem and restart it. Most of the time it works, and when it doesn’t, you can call a technician or try to solve the problem yourself. In this article, we will teach you how to fix Xfinity WiFi problems with ease.

Reason Behind Xfinity Internet Problems?

A lot of things can cause Xfinity Internet problems, but the bottom line is that having these problems suck and not all of us can afford to pay a technician for Xfinity WiFi troubleshoot. The network can go under maintenance, causing an internet shutdown in your area. Instead of searching Xfinity WiFi issues in my area, you can visit Xfinity’s official website and there you can find all the places where the internet isn’t available.

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Xfinity internet provider is the largest provider which means there are a lot of users on the network which can cause network congestion, which in turn results in slower internet speed. There might be a broken copper or fiber internet cable in your area, which means no internet. Let’s go through all these troubles one by one to learn how to fix them.

Xfinity WiFi Connection Problems

Let’s list down the internet trouble you can face while using an Xfinity connection. To troubleshoot the problems you should know what’s causing them.

  • No WiFi signals available
  • Can’t connect to the WiFi.
  • Few devices can’t connect to WiFi
  • Slower speeds than usual

All the above-mentioned problems are very common, and all of us have faced them. Let’s pick them apart from one by one so you can fix your home internet connection yourself.

No WiFi Signals Available

This is a very common problem, if your WiFi gateway is turned on and you still can’t see any problems on your devices then you should try to plug in an Ethernet cord to your desktop or laptop. If you can access the internet through a wired connection, then the problem is with your Wireless networks. Lucky for you, there’s a reset button on the back of the WiFi gateway. Press and hold it with a paperclip or any small object. Hold it till the lights turn off, the reset process has started. It can take a few minutes, once the process is complete you will start seeing the networks again. If the trouble persists, then you should contact your ISP as your equipment may be faulty.

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Can’t Connect to the WiFi

One thing you should know about troubleshooting your home WiFi is that it’s very easy and most of the problems can be solved by resetting your Router. If you can’t connect to the WiFi, first check if you cannot connect from just one device or all the devices. If the problem is with all devices, then you should plug out your WiFi router and wait for a few minutes before plugging it back in. Wait for a little longer when you plug it in to connect to the network, you should be able to access your internet connection.

If the problem is with just one device, then the problem could be with your device, if it’s an Android or iOS device then you have to go to the WiFi network list, select your network and select the option “forget network”. Choose your network again and type in your password, you’ll be able to connect to the network.

Few devices can’t connect to WiFi

If you are facing this problem, then the first thing you have to do is to connect the devices to the Ethernet cord. If you can access the internet through the Ethernet cords, then you just have to reset your WiFi router and all the devices that can’t connect to the WiFi will be able to connect easily.

Slower Speeds than Usual

This is the most common problem all of us face. The main reason could be congested internet network. If your WiFi router has the feature of switching bands, then you should switch to a 5.GHz band that should give you an additional internet boost. If you still don’t experience better internet connectivity, then chances are that your ISP is reducing your speed on purpose, to save bandwidth. You should talk with your ISP if you wish to return to your usual high internet speed.

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Almost all internet problems can be fixed easily. You don’t have to pay for a Technician for Xfinity WiFi troubleshooting every time your internet stops working. You can fix common house internet problems if you follow the guidelines given above.

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