Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Internet Speed: When To Upgrade Internet Speed?

when to upgrade internet speed

A slow or spotty internet connection can hurt your internet productivity and change the way you work. So if you know that if your internet connection isn’t working well, you may just need to move your wireless router to a different place and you may get a better connection. If you still don’t get the speeds you actually want and need, then you need to ask yourself the primary question “Should I upgrade my internet speed?” If you come to the conclusion that you need to upgrade your internet connection, the second question you need to ask is “when to upgrade Internet speed?”

Most of the time you’re suffering from a bad or spotty internet connection, chances are you will be better off simply upgrading your internet connection. If you wish, we can help you understand “do I need to upgrade my internet speed?” Just talk to any of our internet experts and find the answer to your question. We also suggest you read till the end and find out when to upgrade internet speed?

1. Too Many People Using Your Internet At The Same Time

As almost everyone is spending their time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this can put a lot of strain on your home WiFi network. If your WiFi connection isn’t suited to handle additional usage then everyone using the internet service will experience a slow internet connection.

Also, activities like Zoom Meetings, online classes, and all the bandwidth you have to share with multiple devices tend to slow down your internet connectivity. All these factors can lead to an overcrowded WiFi network, longer loading times, more buffering, and slower response time in video games. 

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The solution to this problem is to upgrade to a faster WiFi speed. If you’re using a 50 MBPS connection now, doubling your internet speed will offer more than enough bandwidth for all the devices in your household. If you have to ask yourself do I need to upgrade my internet speed? Then chances are you do require a faster internet connection.

2. Your Connection Drops In Some Parts of The House

A WiFi signal can travel only so far. The distance a WiFi network can travel depends on the type of connection you have and the WiFi router you have in your home. Depending on the size and the layout of your home, your signal can drop out entirely. It could be a random corner or it can be on your bed itself, or your working setup in your own home. 

The solution to this problem is to get a long-range router or mesh wireless system. Both of these routers will provide you a flexible and widely reaching WiFi signal. We believe that Google Nest WiFi works best because it lets you set up as many as 5 WiFi access points in your home. 

If you don’t have the money right now to buy a brand new router then we suggest you move your current router to a more centralized location in your home. 

3. Bad Connection On Video Chat

If you’re wondering “should I upgrade my internet speed?” after every video chat, then chances are you need a connection with a better upload speed. Most of the internet plans provide you with a slower upload speed in comparison to download speeds. Some cable internet options offer great upload speeds and if you have the luxury, you can upgrade to a fiber connection overall. 

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On cable and DSL plans your upload speeds could be one-tenth of your download speed. The slow upload speed will lead to potential delays and buffering when you’re on a video call. If you are wondering when to upgrade internet speed then this may be just the right time. 

Get Fiber internet, fiber internet runs on an ultra high-speed light signal from fiber optic cables. Most fiber internet service provider will offer you symmetrical download and upload speeds, which means your upload speeds will be as fast as your download speed. If fiber internet is available in your area and you’re looking forward to upgrading your internet service then we suggest you get the connection.

4. You Pay Extra For Using Too Much Data

Almost all the internet service provider offers internet service with a data cap, which puts a limit on how much data you can consume each month. These data caps are most typical and some of them offer generous than others. For all the providers that offer unlimited data or a generous 1 TB or 1.25TB data every month. 

You don’t need to ask yourself do I need to upgrade my internet speed for this problem. You just need to get an unlimited plan from your provider. If you’re paying a lot of amount for going over your data limit then the unlimited plan will help you save money. 

Almost all fiber internet plans offer unlimited internet data and cable providers offer unlimited data for an additional cost on your base bill.

5. You Got Fiber Internet On Your Block

Fiber internet is currently the fastest internet technology, unfortunately, it’s the least common type of internet connection you’ll come across. The connection is just available to 41% of the US population. If it’s available in your area, fiber internet connectivity is the right way to go for extreme internet use and huge households. 

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If you do have a fiber internet connection in your area, then it’s time to leave your current internet type. You can get excellent internet performance out of cable or even some DSL connections but it’s nothing compared to a fiber internet connection. 

6. You Have a Satellite Internet Connection

Satellite internet connects from a satellite orbiting the Earth, so it’s basically the connection that’s available everywhere on the planet. However, if you don’t reside in a remote area then you don’t really have any reason to keep using a satellite internet connection. Satellite is slower than all other types of internet service and more prone to interference as well. So if you’ve moved to a new city and asking yourself when to upgrade internet speed, then leave Satellite internet service today.

If you’re wondering should I upgrade my internet speed then there’s no point in waiting. Get yourself Fiber, cable, and DSL internet service, after all, anything is better than having a satellite internet service.

7. You’re Paying More Than $100 For Less Than Gig Speeds

If you’re paying more than $100 for less than gigabit speeds and you don’t even have to ask ‘do I need to upgrade my internet speed?” You should find a cable or fiber plan that causes less than the plan you’re paying right now. It’s more than easy to find cheap internet plans in your area. So unless you’re getting as many speeds as there is to be offered, it’s stupid to pay more than $100 for lesser speeds. 

The solution for this is to find a better deal on WiFi connections. You can talk to our internet experts to find cheaper internet plans for yourself.

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