VIASAT Satellite internet is the top remote internet option despite the high price!

Today we will discuss some of the major points on Viasat satellite internet, to understand why Viasat satellite internet is one of the top rural and remote internet options and what is the reason behind this. 

Viasat satellite internet is one of the top rural internet options, despite the expensive plans, inconsistent speeds and data caps. There are chances that if you are shifting to a remote or rural place where internet broadband options are limited, you must be counting on Viasat satellite internet.

Let’s get started with VIASAT satellite internet

When we talk about satellite internet this means you do not need any coaxial cable, phone line, or any other things to get the internet services. Viasat satellite internet can reach rural to remote areas. Viasat satellite internet provides a relevant internet speed of up to 100 megabits per second. Two common issues with satellite internet are inconsistent reliability and high latency and Viasat does its best to resolve these two issues with its unique Viasat Flex Service.

Features of Viasat Home Internet:

  • No data overage fess (sort of)
  • Provide max speed compared to rural providers.
  • Availability in the remote, and rural areas.

Things that Viasat Satellite Internet Need to Work on:

  1. High prices that increase after three months. 
  2. Many areas do not get speed up to 12Mbps.
  3. High latency and service disruptions are common with satellite internet.

One of the major things with Viasat satellite internet is that their price becomes higher every three months which is higher than most of the other internet providers. Then, they need to work on their speed, we can agree on this point that Viasat speed is faster than other internet providers like Hughesnet and DSL service in various places. But, some places get only 12Mbps speed and this speed is far less than you can get via fiber and cable internet speed which is up to 100Mbps.

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However, you cannot deny that Viasat is one of the biggest rural internet options, in case cable internet is not available in your area and DSL services are really slow. There are four types of plans on Viasat home internet like silver, bronze, platinum and gold. Not many providers in the market have all the four plan tiers and most of them avail bronze, gold and silver plans and the speed of the internet and data allowances depend on the area.

What perks you get are based on where you reside:

It is better to remind you that Viasat satellite internet is a great option for you, but it is better to be more informed than you make a final decision. Viasat allowance and speed are based on where you live and based on where you reside, they provide you speed options like 24, 12, 30, 50 and 100 Mbps. One constant thing is the 3Mbps upload speed in all service areas across all plans.

There are many areas where you get to choose the offer of 12Mbps speed and in such scenarios, shifting from bronze to silver or silver to gold means more data. In case you live in remote areas where internet speed is upto 12Mbps and you decided to shift from bronze to silver, then you will get more data. If you decided to choose a silver and gold offer, then you can get a speed of 25Mbps but no matter what you choose silver or gold you will get the same speed of 25Mbps, however in the gold offer you get more data allowances than silver. 

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 Internet plans starting at just $50 per month

The highest Viasat data allowance comes with 150 to 300Gb data, which falls short of what the average U.S. household uses in a month. Therefore, how much data you need also depends on where you are living. In general, the bronze data package comes with a monthly data allowance of 80, 35, and 40GB. The silver data package comes with the allowance of 60, 45, 120, 100GB. The gold data package comes with an allowance come with 100, 65, and 200GB. The platinum data package comes with an allowance of 150 to 300GB. The Viasat satellite internet is available in 48 states that also include Hawaii and some parts of Alaska. 

FCC/Mapbox Where are the fastest Viasat speeds available?

As per the spokesperson of Viasat, they offer speeds up to 100Mbps in 48 ZIP codes across 31 states. Viasat top services areas include the various rural areas around Chattanooga, suburban Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, Milwaukee, Frankfort, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, Wisconsin, Dallas, Minneapolis, and Texas.

The Viasat spokesperson also told CNET that faster speeds, in more locations, are on the way. To that end, Viasat plans to launch its Viasat-3 satellite in the first quarter of 2022, which will “deliver more data with higher data thresholds, faster speeds (100-plus Mbps service speeds), higher-quality streaming, enhanced service reliability and service anywhere in the US.”

Other Viasat services:

The launch of the Viasat-3 satellite is the latest example of Viasat’s additional steps to improve their satellite internet service. 

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Other things that Viasat has improved their services are Viasat Flex plans, Viasat Liberty that is already running in the market in the selected areas. 

What is Viasat Liberty?

Viasat Liberty plans provide speed up to 12Mbps and 25, 50, 12GB data blocks. If you have consumed your monthly data, then the Viasat will reduce your internet speed up to 1 to 5Mbps based on the network congestion. 

The major difference between standard Viasat Unlimited plans and liberty plans is that the liberty plans are cheaper but provide fewer data. But, Liberty plans also provide unlimited data from the hours of 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. and this data is free of cost. 

If you know how to schedule your downloads, then the free zone could be a big bonus for you. However, you should remember one thing: the internet speed is 12Mbps and you may not able to download a lot of stuff in a single three-hour window. Even a standard movie has a file size of 1GB to 3GB which can take less than 30 minutes to download. But, you might find it difficult to download larger files like HD movies and video games. 

Viasat satellite internet, Flex plans combine satellite internet with a DSL connection in order to improve the internet speed and reduce common issues like latency. 

What is Viasat Flex?

Viasat satellite internet has come with Viasat Flex. It is like an additional service that is available to the users with standard Viasat Unlimited plans in some selected areas. In these services, the users get a more reliable connection with lower latency because this service combines satellite and DSL service to provide a better connection to their users.

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