Viasat Internet Installation: Personal or Professional Installation?

Viasat internet installation

Viasat is one of the top two satellite internet service providers and it offers several internet plans for both homes and businesses. While the internet speed may not compare to the latest technologies such as cable and fiber internet, it’s still great for those living in rural areas. While physical cables can’t reach deep into rural areas, satellite internet comes in as a savior and offers internet service. Viasat satellite internet offers free installation throughout all its plans so the user doesn’t have to bear the cost. 

Throughout the process, you’ll experience swift and smooth service. You can get the trained and certified Viasat technician at your home and install your equipment in just 2-3 days. You’ll need to have a free window for the installation to happen.

Viasat Installation Process: How it Works?

Viasat will install a satellite antenna at your home similar to those used for satellite TV service. Your technician will arrive with new equipment, including your Viasat satellite Dish receiver and WiFi Modem. All equipment is installed via a Viasat authorized technician. 

Viasat will install a mini-dish at your home, which will send and receive your internet signal. The technician that you get will ground the dish first to make sure that the system is protected. Your technician will also make sure you send and receive a clear, strong connection to our satellite for the best satellite possible. 

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You can choose your personal WiFi router to create a WiFi signal in your home, or you can rent a WiFi router from Viasat yourself. Once the technician has completed the Viasat internet installation process, you’ll use your new internet service and you’ll sign in your Viasat’s online customer agreement. There needs to be an adult present for the technician to install your Viasat’s internet service. 

Installing your Viasat satellite internet service typically two to three hours. Just schedule your appointment while you book your service through phone or their website.

Choosing Between Personal and Professional Viasat Installation

Recent statistics show that 47% of homeowners love to install their DIY projects. The do-it-yourself movement has changed how the installation process works for most internet service providers. 

If you want to install the Viasat internet service, then the bad news is that you can’t. There are a lot of things that can go wrong during the process. So here’s why you should choose professional internet installation for Viasat Internet:

1. Professional Eye

There are so many things that a professional can do that you can’t. The certified professional knows so much information about internet installation that you don’t. They know all the federal, state, and national standards, and make sure that the installation process is compliant with rules.

On average, the technicians that will visit your home have enough in-field experience to provide you with the most experience. Even if your Viasat internet installation process has some unique challenges, your technician will be able to find a solution. 

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2. An Efficient and Effective Installation Process

The professional installers will access your home to choose the best location for your antenna and work optimally to provide the best possible signals. The antenna needs a clear view of the sky, so the technician has to mount the dish in such a way that there are no obstructions. 

Let’s say your roof or home doesn’t have enough space for a satellite dish, or if you don’t want a dish on your roof. All you have to do is tell your technician your concern, and they can mount your dish on the ground using a pole, a wall, or any side of your home. Another reason to choose professional Viasat internet installation is that the professionals carry all the necessary equipment. 

3. Best Possible Connections

The professional technicians use software that allows technicians to align your dish perfectly with the satellite. This allows the satellite dish to avoid interference with your internet service. This not only improves the customer’s satisfaction but also reduces the need for required services in the future. 

4. Tools Required the Job

Viasat technicians provide the antenna, modem, and other basic hardware needed for your installation. That’s not all, they also come with ladders, drills, cables, zip ties, and other much-needed tools and additional items that are needed to resolve installation issues. Let’s be honest, not all of us have high-end tools in our home. 

The tools offer consumers a premium user experience and a hassle-free user experience. The tools combined with the installer’s experience can make sure that your internet service is installed quickly, and seamlessly.

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5. Peace of Mind

Once your equipment is installed and the service is live, the Viasat installer will check the internet service until it works perfectly fine. You can also take the technician’s help to set a username and password for the WiFi. 

The professional installation technician will also clean the work area, so you don’t have to clean up after they leave. 

Conclusion: Professional Internet Installation

On average, the professional Viasat internet installation takes 2 hours. Installation can happen are available from Monday to Saturday, and customers can choose their own ideal time for installation.

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