Viasat Installation Process: All you Need to Know

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viasat installation process

Satellite internet is the oldest type of internet service available, and it was the primary source of the internet before cable and fiber internet service. In the USA, there are only 2 major satellite internet service providers.

  • HughesNet
  • Viasat

Both of these providers cover more than 95% of the USA. The biggest advantage of satellite internet service is that they offer internet connectivity even in the most rural areas. If you want to build a retirement home for yourself, and want to have internet connectivity even in the woods, then you need satellite internet connectivity. Although, unlike other types of internet services, satellite internet services can’t be installed on your own. So we’ve created this guide on how the Viasat Installation process works.

What is Viasat Satellite Internet Service?

As we mentioned above, Viasat is one of the two biggest satellite internet service providers in the USA. They offer several residential and business plans with top speeds ranging up to 100 MBPS. Viasat offers internet connectivity even in areas where cable and fiber internet services can’t reach. 

Advantages of Viasat Internet:

  • Available where normal internet services aren’t
  • Less affected by weather and other conditions
  • Perfect for users with minimal internet usage
  • Can be bundled with TV for cheaper options

Disadvantages of Viasat Satellite Internet:

  • If you love streaming videos and movies online, then Viasat isn’t for you
  • Those who love to game competitively shouldn’t choose Viasat
  • People with heavy download needs shouldn’t choose Viasat

Basics of Viasat Internet Installation

  • While their plans are expensive, Viasat still offers free internet installation. You can book the installation proBest internet service for people living in rural areas
  • People without access to DSL, fiber, or cable internet service can use it
  • People with limited internet usage can opt for Viasat
  • Those who want bundle services of the internet with TV
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It’s better to get the bundle plans installed through technicians to make sure that there are no issues during installations. Customers aren’t allowed to install their Viasat satellite internet service by themselves. 

To make sure that customers get the best possible internet experience, Viasat offers free installation with all their plans. When you order your Viasat internet over the phone, the customer is asked to confirm an appointment for internet installation. 

Before your appointment, the Viasat installation technician will reach out to you to confirm the appointment time and date. Whenever a technician comes into your home to install Viasat internet service, an adult needs to be present to make decisions.

Placement of Viasat Satellite Internet Equipment

To make sure your Viasat Internet service works perfectly, you also need a Viasat mini-dish and even if you have a spare satellite dish, it can’t be used. The small dish is only 30”x28” in size and will not be noticeable after installation. 

The installation technician will choose the placement for the dish so that they can have a clear view of the skies. Satellite dishes perform optimally in sending and receiving signals when they aren’t obstructed. If the technician isn’t able to find an ideal location, they’ll mount the satellite dish on your roof with a pole.

Viasat Satellite Internet Equipment: Rent or Own?

While the installation process is free throughout all Viasat internet plans, you still have to pay for equipment rental. As your Viasat internet plan uses a mini dish and an internet modem, the technician needs to install both of this equipment. 

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For the equipment price, that depends on whether you want to rent the equipment or buy the equipment. Here are the charges:

  • Viasat equipment rental fee: $12.99/mo
  • Lifetime lease price:$299.99 (one-time fee)

To make the calculation easier for you, you would have to pay the rental fee for 24 months to make up for the lifetime lease price. And if you don’t plan to change providers anytime soon, then chances are you’ll be better off buying a lifetime lease.

Choosing Between Standard vs Custom Viasat Installation

Viasat satellite internet includes free installation. During your installation appointment with a certified Viasat technician, the technician will determine if you need a standard or custom Viasat internet installation. You should keep in mind that custom Viasat installation is very rare.

During your installation appointment, if custom installation is needed, you’ll have to pay an amount as suggested by the technician. If you want to get a second opinion from another technician, you can reach out to your local internet provider and ask for another technician. All you have to do is book another appointment with a new technician to get your internet service installed.

Viasat WiFi Routers

Depending on your location, Viasat WiFi may or may not be available. You can set up a wireless satellite internet connection for your home. It’s common knowledge that Wireless signals are better than wired signals. You can connect laptops, phones, and tablets using Viasat WiFi.

In this situation, you can choose to use a technician for setting up the device or you can do it yourself. Moreover, you don’t have to rent or lease a WiFi router from Viasat, you can use your own router. There are tons of Wireless router options to choose from, and they’re still easy to set up. While Viasat recommends that you use a technician for installation if you’re technically proficient you can install and set up your router yourself.

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