A Complete Overview of Xfinity xFi Pods

A Complete Overview of Xfinity xFi Pods

If you’ve been struggling with inconsistent WiFi signals from your Xfinity xFi Gateway, Xfinity’s xFi Pods might be the solution you’re looking for. Priced at $119 for one Pod or $199 for two, these mesh WiFi extenders promise to expand the range of your xFi Gateway, providing better coverage throughout your home. Compare and choose the most appropriate internet plans with one of the top internet providers i.e., Club HDTV. In this article, we’ll delve into the setup process, performance, and overall value of the Xfinity xFi Pods.

Xfinity xFi Pod Pros


  • Affordable mesh WiFi system
  • Easy installation process
  • Two Ethernet ports for wired connections
  • Tri-band support for better consistency
  • No monthly rental fees (outright purchase option)

Xfinity xFi Pods Setup

Setting up the Xfinity xFi Pods is a straightforward process. The compact units, roughly the size of a night light, are plugged into power outlets. Xfinity recommends using one Pod for smaller multi-story homes and two Pods for larger homes. The Xfinity mobile app guides users through the setup, making it user-friendly even for those less technically inclined.

The app assists in pairing the Pod with the xFi Gateway, and its extensive setup wizard ensures a smooth connection process. Additionally, each Pod comes with two Ethernet ports, allowing users to hardwire devices such as TVs or printers for faster speeds and increased connectivity options.

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How Do xFi Pods Work?

The Xfinity xFi Pods function as mesh WiFi extenders, expanding the coverage of your Xfinity Gateway. Their tri-band support, offering two 5 GHz bands and a 2.4 GHz band, allows for better download speeds and less interference than dual-band devices. However, users should be aware that, like all mesh WiFi systems, there are compromises in download speeds as coverage is extended.

In lab testing, the Pods reached a maximum transfer speed of 500 Mbps, making them suitable for Xfinity internet plans up to that speed. It’s essential to note that various factors, including physical barriers and local network traffic, can affect real-world speeds.

Xfinity xFi Pods Performance

Real-world testing of the Xfinity xFi Pod was conducted in a 1,200-square-foot home, measuring download performance from different locations. The results indicated varying performance based on proximity to the Pod.

  • Test Spot #1 (closest) – Average download speed increased from 133.9 Mbps to 321.3 Mbps.
  • Test Spot #2 (on balcony) – Average download speed decreased from 115.1 Mbps to 97.6 Mbps.
  • Test Spot #3 (in basement) – Average download speed showed minimal improvement from 138.4 Mbps to 133.3 Mbps.

While excelling in close quarters, the xFi Pods struggled at longer distances, showcasing some limitations in their range. Users looking to extend coverage throughout a multi-story home might need multiple Pods to achieve the desired performance.

Xfinity xFi Pods vs the Competition

Comparing the xFi Pods to other mesh WiFi systems reveals some noteworthy considerations.

  • Xfinity xFi Pods – $199 for two, Wi-Fi 5, Tri-band, AC3000, 2 devices.
  • TP-Link Deco X90 – $289.99, Wi-Fi 6, Tri-band, AX6600, 2 devices.
  • Google Wi-Fi – $152.67, Wi-Fi 5, Dual-band, AC1200, 3 devices.
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The xFi Pods stand out for their affordability and tri-band support, offering a competitive option for users with an Xfinity Gateway. However, their limitation to Wi-Fi 5 might need to be updated compared to devices supporting the newer Wi-Fi 6 standard.

Are Xfinity xFi Pods Worth It?

The decision to invest in Pods comes with some considerations. Their limited compatibility with Xfinity Gateways and the reliance on Wi-Fi 5 could be drawbacks for some users. However, their affordability, easy installation, and tri-band support make them an attractive option for Xfinity Gateway owners willing to compromise some compatibility for convenience.


So, the Xfinity xFi Pods provide an affordable and user-friendly solution for Xfinity Gateway owners seeking to enhance their WiFi coverage. While their range might be limited at longer distances, the combination of price and specifications makes them a competitive choice in the mesh WiFi market. The decision to purchase should be based on individual needs and preferences, considering factors such as home size, desired coverage, and compatibility with the Xfinity Gateway.

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