The 5 Best Site to Test Internet Speed

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Having high-speed internet is crucial in today’s lifestyle. You should have a fast enough internet connection if you wish to enjoy the best services that are available like streaming services, online gaming, and video conferencing. Let’s say you have a high-speed internet connection for your home, but do you really know how fast your internet connection actually is? There are few best sites to test internet speed and you can check if your connection is fast enough for the services you are using.

The free internet speed test can determine how much speed it takes you to perform important tasks online. Fortunately, the internet speed test for PC and internet speed test for mobile can even show you the ping and latency. In this article, you’ll learn about the best way to test internet speed and which are the free internet speed checker.

Importance of Having a Strong Connection

Based on internet usage in modern times, you can understand the importance of having a solid internet connection. Here are some stats that will show you how important the internet is to us and how important is it to have a high-speed internet connection. 

  • According to research, 89% percent of US adults rely on internet connection daily. Most internet users consist of people between the ages group of 18-49.
  • Home broadband connections are really common in the USA. According to a lot of surveys, around 65% of homes in the USA have access to home broadband service. That number is expected to grow till late 2020.
  • According to, fixed broadband speeds have increased by 26.5% from 2017 – 2018. The average download speed is 46.12 MBPS and the upload speed is 24.44 MBPS. Nowadays, more and more users are shifting to faster internet connections for their homes. 
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You shouldn’t settle for a slow internet speed as you don’t want to suffer. Performing a free WiFi speed test will allow you to understand if you are below or above the bar. Below, we have listed the best way to test internet speed.

How to Do Internet Speed Test Online Free?

  • Don’t Split Up Your Connection: Your connection shouldn’t be being used heavily while you are performing an internet speed test. If someone in your home is streaming an HD video or downloading a large file then you should ask them to stop or wait till you stop. 
  • Run a Series of Internet Speed Tests: A single-speed test takes about 5-10 seconds so we suggest that you run a series of tests. Running 5-10 free internet speed test will allow you to get a better idea of what you get.
  • Test During Different Times of Day: Your current internet service provider may work perfectly right now, but it can throttle your speed during peak hours. You can get check if this is happening with you as well by running internet speed test online free multiple times a day.

Best Site to Test Internet Speed

1. (owned by Ookla) is one of the most popular and one of the oldest internet speed test for PC. It is one of the most preferable ways to test your speed online. The service has most servers out of all the internet speed test services out there. It will also recommend the closest server when you switch making the user experience just a bit easier.

One of the best features of the service is that it keeps the records of all your previous records of speed tests. With this data, you can compare the speeds you’ve been getting over-time. If the result is unflattering every time you run an internet speed test for mobile, then you are due to change your internet service provider.

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The downfall is that you may end up getting a few ads but they won’t cover your content.


In the first look, doesn’t look like one of the best internet speed test app for PC. Once you run a test, you’ll see a bunch of charts over time allowing you to check your internet speed and consistency of your internet connection. If you love playing online games then this internet speed test for free is perfect.

Although the downside for this speed test is that it is a little bit tougher to check your speed in the first look. The site is a little more complicated than other free internet speed checker. The internet speed test for mobile version of is a lot different than the PC version as it provides straight information regarding your speed.

3. is one of the most comprehensive internet speed test options you will find out there. They have fine-tuned their procedure to absolute perfection. The site runs on HTML 5 and it does exactly what you want it to do. 

For people looking for a perfect comparison, it provides detailed statistics about your speed and how it compares to other internet service providers in your area. If you want to compare your speeds in different periods, then you can create an account to keep the record of all previous speed tests. 

The UI can be a little bit tough to use, but once you get used to it it’s pretty simple to use. 

4. ClubHDTV Speed Test

Now the ClubHDTV speed test isn’t exactly a speed test as much as it is a quiz to help you determine what your ideal speed should be. It is also a free internet speed test and it works great if you know what speed you are getting on your plan.

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With this speed test, you can get your ideal speed as it asks you a series of questions and tells you about the ideal speed you should get. Let’s say you stream HD content once or twice a week and you are paying $70 for 1000 MBPS then you are overpaying based on your usage. The Club HDTV internet speed test will tell you how much speed you should choose and what you should be paying for your plan.

5. is an internet speed test for mobile made by Netflix. It is not that special in any way but it gets the job done. When you open it’ll start running a speed test on its own. Netflix currently consumes 15% of the world’s bandwidth and that’s why they decided to come up with their own free WiFi Speed test. 

If you love streaming videos then is the perfect speed test for you to check whether your internet speed is up to the mark or not. is probably the most simple speed test to use. It uses Netflix servers so you get the best possible results, in the main window you’ll only see a download speed test, but once you open additional options, you’ll also see an upload speed. The speed test isn’t exactly perfect for all kinds of users but for Netflix? It is perfect.

Conclusion: Best Site to Test Internet Speed

You should be aware of what you’re paying for when it comes to your internet connection. We hope, the sites we mentioned above will help you with that issue. Checking your speed can come in handy if you feel like you aren’t getting the speed you are paying for. If the results are unflattering, it’s time for you to change your internet service provider.

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