How To Watch Lifetime Channel & Hallmark Channel?

how to watch hallmark and lifetime without cable

What’s life without premium TV channels? Maybe you’re looking for the feels that the holiday provides all day long. Or perhaps more mystery channels in your life, either way, both Lifetime Channel and Hallmark channel are must-haves in your TV package. Before you cut the cord and get a new streaming service, you need to know that the Hallmark channel isn’t available on every streaming service. As mentioned earlier, both Hallmark and Lifetime channels are must-haves if you love good TV programming. Only a limited streaming service carry free hallmark channel movies. In this article, we will tell you how to watch Hallmark Channel without cable and how to watch Lifetime channel?

How To Watch Hallmark and Lifetime Without Cable?

Multiple yet limited options allow you to watch lifetime and hallmark without cable. Philo is the cheapest live TV streaming service available in the market, and it has both Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Channels. You can watch Lifetime and Hallmark on Philo, Philo is a really good value for money streaming service that has enough entertainment and lifestyle channels. Plus, it offers users access to unlimited cloud DVR storage. 

fuboTV is another great option for Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Channel streaming. fuboTV offers great sports and news channel coverage. The price is a bit too steep but it’s not more than you ordinary cable TV packages. If you are planning to cut the cord then fuboTV can be a great option for Hallmark channel and Lifetime channel streaming. Let’s go in deeper and discuss all the services that allow you to watch Lifetime Channel and Hallmark channel. After reading this, you won’t have to go online and search for how to watch Lifetime channel and Hallmark channel?

1. Philo: Cheapest Option 

Philo is one of the cheapest options out there for Live TV Streaming. For just $20/mo, users can get 60+ channels which include both Lifetime channel and Hallmark channel. The best thing about Philo is that its channel lineup contains all the fan-favorite channels that are least available on other streaming platforms. Channels like OWN, Food Network, Comedy Central, etc. It is also the cheapest way to watch Lifetime and Hallmark channels.

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While Philo is cheap and contains a lot of great channels, it does not have any local channels and sports channels. Sports channels are extremely expensive to carry and the lack of these channels is what makes Philo so cheap. What put Philo over the top is the capability for Hallmark and Lifetime channel streaming and the unlimited cloud DVR Service. Which means you won’t have to make space for another bulky box on your entertainment unit. If you absolutely love streaming Hallmark & Lifetime movies, then you can pair Philo with “Hallmark Movies Now & Lifetime Movies”, it also shows currently available online shows for less than $30 per month.

Cheap price pointNo Sports channel coverage
Unlimited cloud DVR serviceNo news channels

2. FuboTV: Best Value Option

If you have left behind traditional cable TV service then fuboTV is a solid option for streaming Hallmark channel and Lifetime channel. It comes at$54.99/mo and users get 95+ channels including a lot of sports, news, and local channels. It is considered one of the best streaming service for sports. Other than Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, Hallmark Drama, Lifetime Channel, and Lifetime Movie Network, users will also get other popular channels like AMC, Bravo, and Oxygen. 

It’s possible that not everyone is head over heels crazy for Hallmark and Lifetime movies and shows, but if someone in your family is crazy about sports, and hates cable TV service, fuboTV is a great option. fuboTV contains ESPN, the NFL Network, Fox Sports and so much more, chances are you will be able to stream most sports with fuboTV.

fuboTV may seem great but just like every other live TV streaming service, it has its own flaws. Operating it may become a kind of a chore in the start as the channels are not available alphabetically or in any serial number. Plus you only get a 30-hour cloud DVR recording service, compared to other services, it’s nothing. fuboTV is still a great option to watch Hallmark and Lifetime movies and shows.

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Average pricingLimited cloud DVR storage
Good sports and News coveragePrice may be a bit expensive for casual streamers
No contract

3. DISH: Premium TV Service

If you’re a TV enthusiast just like us then you must know all about DISH. DISH Network is all about that premium TV experience. If you need tons of channels and need a lot of them to be premium channels then DISH TV packages are your way to go. If you can’t live without streaming Hallmark channel and Lifetime channel then we recommend DISH’s America’s Top 200 Package. You get more than 240 channels in this package. It includes Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Hallmark Drama, Lifetime Channel, Lifetime Movie network. The price is a bit expensive as all of the above costs $84.99 per month. 

DISH has a lot of great things going for it which certainly explain the price it comes at. One of the best things is DISH’s Hopper 3 DVR, for an additional $15 per month, you can get 16 simultaneous streams and up to 2,000 hours of HD recording. If you want, you can record all the Hallmark Movies of this year’s Christmas season and still have a lot of space left.

The downside of the DISH Network is its two-year contract and high price. If you are a cord-cutter then the upper two options are suited to you. If you don’t hate traditional TV service then join the DISH Network for a premium TV experience. Needless to say, you’ll get to watch Hallmark and Lifetime Movies and Shows.

Great channel coverageExpensive pricing
Clear cut pricing2-year commitment

Stream Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Channel Movie On-Demand

Fortunately, the above 3 mentioned options aren’t the only way for streaming Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Channel. Getting the channels On-Demand is a pretty affordable way to fill your entertainment needs. 

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By On-Demand we don’t mean going to any third-party streaming service like Netflix and Hulu. We suggest you go straight to the well to quench your thirst. 

1. Hallmark Movies Now

Hallmark Movies Now is the only place where you can stream Hallmark’s movies-on-demand. Pay $4.99 per month and stream free hallmark channel movies. Hallmark Movies Now has a ton of original Hallmark content, obviously including the favorite movies from Hallmark’s vault of fame. Don’t just dive straight in, take a 7-day free trial before paying the monthly fee. 

2. Lifetime Movie Club

If you want the Lifetime Channel movies on–demand, all you have to do is subscribe to Lifetime Movie club for just #3.99 per month. If that doesn’t please you, just download the Lifetime app on your device and watch Lifetime Movies & Shows online.

3. Lifetime Channel and Hallmark Channel On Netflix

Hallmark and Lifetime don’t have any movies and shows on Netflix as of now. Things may change in the future but who knows. The good thing is that Netflix owns which has all the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Channel movies. Plans start @ just $7.99/mo, if you have no issues with DVDs and waiting for them to be delivered at your doorstep, get the plan. Now you can technically stream Lifetime channel and Hallmark channel on Netflix.

4. Lifetime Channel and Hallmark Channel on Hulu

While a lot of consumers use this method but we don’t suggest you watch Hallmark channel and Lifetime channel on Hulu. It has a limited number of movies and they don’t update any new titles. Things change a bit if you get the Hulu + Live TV, with that, you can stream Lifetime channel, but not Hallmark. The only streaming services that carry Lifetime + Hallmark are already mentioned above.

Conclusion: How to Watch Lifetime Channel & Hallmark Channel?

All the cards are on the table, you can either pick Philo as the most affordable streaming service for Hallmark and Lifetime. You can also get fuboTV if you need a lot of channels. If that doesn’t work for you, you can get the classic DISH Network service. We at Club HDTV, help users get their preferred TV and Internet packages. Reach out to our TV experts and get exciting discounts for DISH Network’s TV packages.

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