Cable Tv Service: How To Watch Hallmark & Lifetime Channels

how to watch hallmark and lifetime without cable

Let’s make this new year happy by choosing the best channels for your cable TV service. You can’t complete that resolution without Hallmark & Lifetime channels. Now we all know how hard & expensive getting these channels in one package is. 

Luckily, we have a solid solution. Or maybe more than one solution. We have compiled a list of cheapest and best ways to watch top channels this year.

AT&T Watch TV

AT&T Watch TV is the cheapest option for streaming cable TV. The service is basic, but you get most of the channels for just $15/mo. You get 35 channels including Hallmark & Lifetime. There are a lot of channels for lifestyle and food. But the service doesn’t have any sports channel coverage. If you already have an AT&T unlimited plan, then you can get AT&T Watch TV for absolutely free.

$15/mo. Only one device can stream
Live streaming No DVR facility
Almost all channels available No sports channels

Sling TV

Sling TV is a great choice if you are looking to cut the cord this year. 30+ Channels, best sports coverage and just $25/month what more can you ask from a cable Tv service? You can avail a 40% offer for the first three months. The packages for Sling TV are quite confusing at first, but you’ll be able to understand it once you choose for a plan. Sling TV Orange & Sling TV Blue are two packages that offer a different range of channels. With Sling TV Orange, you must pay an additional $5 for lifetime channel.

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No contractsConfusing cable TV packages
Affordable services Almost zero local channels
Multiple discounts available

Dish TV

Dish is the premium channel provider. With Dish, you get best channels, premium service and a lot of services. Dish is a little bit on high end but still is the best overall option for premium and local channels.

We suggest America’s top 200 package. In this package, you get 240 including Hallmark & Lifetime channels @ $79.99 a month. With Dish, you get access to the best DVR “The Hopper 3”. With the hopper 3, you get 16 simultaneous streams with up to 2000 hours of recording.

Brilliant channel lineup Expensive for most people
No hidden charges 2 Year contract period

Bottom Line

Whatever Cable TV service you choose, you definitely will have fun watching premium movies on Hallmark & lifetime. Whether you choose AT&T or Sling TV, you get a limited channel lineup. If you can pay a little more, Dish is the best option. You get an amazing channel lineup. Best DVR box of all time and great service. Pick the best Cable TV package for yourself and start watching today.

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