How to Improve Slow DSL Connection? Maximize Your DSL Speed

how to improve slow dsl connection

DSL internet connection is known for slow internet speed, while most of us blame our internet service providers for slow internet speeds, there may be some instances where your slow internet speed may not be the fault of your internet service provider.

A DSL connection is one of the most common and easiest ways to connect to the internet, more than often DSL internet causes trouble to the users. What’s the point of paying for an internet connection, if it can’t fulfill your internet needs.

To learn how to improve slow DSL connection and how to boost DSL internet speed, follow the tips and tricks we have mentioned below!

Best Ways to Increase DSL Speed

A DSL internet connection has slower speeds than the rest of the internet services. The slow speed you experience may be the result of multiple factors and influences, your DSL internet provider may not be able to solve these problems for you but we can teach you how to maximize DSL Speed.

Viruses or Malware

Once you start experiencing slow speeds, run a series of checks on your computer to see whether you have encountered a Virus or something. You can deploy your anti-virus software to check for viruses and malware on your device. Malware are created by a cybercriminal and that means every Malware is different, Malware can eat up your internet speed every time you try to access the internet with your device.

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One of the ways to increase DSL speed is by running a registry cleaner on your computer. A good enough registry cleaner will clean all the old and broken malware files and put your PC back in an optimal position. To learn how to boost DSL Internet speed you have to find a good registry cleaner that’s developed by a trusted source.

Ask the DSL Provider to do a Speed Test

After you make sure that your PC is free of all kinds of viruses and Malware, contact your DSL provider and ask them to run a speed test from their end. This test has to be commenced from your DSL provider’s location so you can figure out whether the problem is from your end or theirs. If the slow speed trouble is from their end then they can take measures to maximize DSL speed.

If the problem is not from their end then you can take other measures on how to increase DSL speed. You can begin by running a Speed test online to understand what speed you are getting.

Running a Speed Test

There are a lot of websites out there that will allow you to test the Internet speed of your current DSL connection. With your internet speed test you will learn whether you are getting the speed you are paying for or not! Keep in mind that the maximum speed you are paying for you won’t get that speed during peak hours. However the speed you are getting must be at least close to the maximum speed you paid for!

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Multiple online services will help you in conducting a speed test of your DSL connection. Some of the services include Speed which is the official speed test from Ookla.

Reset Your Router

If your DSL provider is providing your ideal internet services and still you are not getting enough speed then there must be something wrong at your end. The first thing you should do is to try resetting your router to the default settings. The simplest way to turning off the router, unplugging, and wait for a few seconds and then powering it up again. Once the Router is up and running, press and hold the Reset button on the side of your Router. Make sure the power button blinking when you complete the process.

Once the process is complete you have to use your default Wi-Fi name and Password to access the internet connection. Resetting your router will cause it to flush out any issues your Router may have, you will get your optimal speed back after you reset your Router. It is one of the most important steps on how to boost DSL internet speed.

Try to Reduce Interference

All the devices in your home that are close to your router can cause interference to your DSL internet connection. There could be walls or windows between your router and your device which may slow the speed down. One of the best ways to maximize DSL Speed is to reduce the Interference between you and your WiFi Router. Devices that operate on a 2.4 GHz frequency band will also cause interference with your DSL connection.

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Install a Wireless Repeater

A wireless repeater is an expensive device that can easily be bought at any electronics retailer. The device is placed between you and your Router. It helps in extending the range of your router so you can connect to your DSL connection without internet drop. These are the only tips you can learn how to improve slow DSL connection. If nothing works and you are still getting the outdated slow speed then you should try and switch to another service provider or another connection like Cable internet or Fiber internet.

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