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Xfinity NOW TV

In response to the growing trend of cord-cutting, Comcast has introduced a new streaming service named NOW TV, catering to cost-conscious customers. Priced at an attractive $20 per month, the service boasts a lineup of over 40 live TV channels and includes Peacock Premium. Explore and choose the perfect internet plans with one of the prominent internet providers i.e., Club HDTV. In this review, we’ll delve into the various aspects of Comcast NOW TV to help you decide if it’s a worthy addition to your streaming lineup.

Comcast NOW TV Fast Facts

  • Pricing – $20 per month; no annual contract.
  • Eligibility – Must be a Comcast Internet customer.
  • Content – 40+ cable channels, Peacock Premium, 20+ free channels.
  • DVR – 20 hours of cloud DVR storage.
  • Multiple Streams – Use on 3 devices at any time.
  • Supported Devices – Xfinity Flex, Amazon Fire TV, and more.

How Much Does Comcast NOW TV Cost?

Comcast NOW TV comes with a wallet-friendly price tag of $20 per month, excluding taxes. The total cost, as experienced by the reviewer, amounted to $22.64, with no additional fees for equipment like cable boxes. Xfinity Internet is a prerequisite for Comcast NOW TV, though Internet Essentials customers are not eligible. The service can be added or removed from your account anytime, and there are no binding contracts or long-term commitments.

Comcast NOW TV

What Content Do You Get With NOW TV?

Designed for cord-cutters who seek an alternative to traditional cable packages, NOW TV’s content is divided into three main components.

  • 40+ Live Cable TV Channels – The NOW TV channel lineup includes popular channels such as A&E, Food Network, HGTV, History, and TLC, focusing primarily on lifestyle and entertainment networks.
  • Peacock Premium – NOW TV surprisingly excludes NBCUniversal networks owned by Comcast but compensates by offering Peacock Premium at no extra charge. This premium service, priced at $5.99 per month separately, grants access to live sports, news, original series, and an extensive library of hit movies and TV shows.
  • 20+ Free Streaming Channels – NOW TV complements its live TV lineup with more than 20 free streaming channels, including NBC News Now, Sky News, and various XUMO entertainment channels.
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DVR Storage

NOW TV channel lineup allows users to record programs for later viewing without physical DVR equipment. The service provides 20 hours of cloud DVR storage, enabling viewers to fast-forward through commercial breaks. While this offers flexibility, the 20-hour storage limit may pose restrictions for users with extensive recording needs. The oldest recordings are automatically deleted when the DVR reaches capacity.

Comcast NOW TV Devices Compatibility

To access Comcast NOW TV content, users need to utilize the Xfinity Stream app, as there is no standalone NOW TV app. The Xfinity Stream app is compatible with a limited range of devices, including Xfinity Flex, Apple or Android mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple AirPlay, and web browsers at Notably, Roku devices are not supported at the initial launch.

Comcast NOW TV Usage and Interface

Once Comcast NOW TV is added to your Xfinity plan, content can be enjoyed on your TV, web browser, or mobile devices. The Xfinity Stream app serves as the gateway to NOW TV’s features, with navigation through sections like “For You,” live guide, favorites, mini guide, and browse/search options.

  • For You Section – Highlights recommendations, recent channels, and recordings.
  • Live Guide – Displays the live TV lineup with options to watch, record, or access program information.
  • Jump to Day Feature – Allows users to preview upcoming content or navigate to different days and times.
  • Mini Guide – Enables channel surfing while continuing to watch the current program.
  • Saved/DVR Section – Access recordings and monitor available storage space.
  • Browse and Search – Filters TV shows and movies by genre, with a search function for specific content.
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  • Affordable $20/month price.
  • 40+ channels and Peacock Premium.
  • There are no equipment fees.
  • No contract or long-term commitment.


Comcast customers seeking an economical alternative to traditional pay-TV bundles may find NOW TV appealing. Priced at $20 per month with no additional equipment fees and no long-term commitments, it offers a competitive streaming solution. However, potential drawbacks include limited live sports and news content, a 20-hour DVR storage cap, and device limitations. While NOW TV may not cover all bases, Comcast deserves credit for addressing the demand for a more affordable streaming option. To know more about Comcast internet packages, call Club HDTV customer care number – +1(855)-352-5313.

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