Things to Know about Peacock TV

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a streaming and television medium that NBC Universal owns. NBC Universal is a subsidiary of Comcast. Peacock TV started in 2020 and ever since then, it has been spreading itself all around. Here you will find a long list of popular television series and blockbuster movies along with some of the finest binge-worthy originals. As of now, Peacock has spread its wings in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria but hopefully, it will spread further soon. However, if you are a resident of these four places then you can easily be able to watch Peacock TV. 

Working Mechanism of Peacock TV 

The newly hatched platform by NBC Universal has a lot of variety of content that you can choose to see. The best part of the platform is the pricing tiers that are provided with the streaming plans. Peacock TV is the one-stop platform for NBC Universal content. You will get access to all the universal studio dramas, comedies, films, live sports, and various other new and original content. Unlike popular streaming platforms such as Hulu or Netflix, Peacock is ad-supported and offers a free limited amount of content for its viewers.

For people who are keen on watching the other additional content too, Peacock also offers a premium package. However, this premium package can be subdivided into two categories. That is; the premium package (with ads) and the premium package (without ads). However, if you are a Comcast Xfinity Flex or X1 customer then you can watch Peacock TV without paying any extra changes but there will be advertisements. However, if you want to watch it without ads then you will have to upgrade the package to Premium Plus by paying an extra amount of $5 a month. 

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Peacock TV Packages 

The package plan of Peacock TV is a little tricky since the cost differs as per the streaming package you choose. However, let’s take a look at the streaming packages that Peacock TV offers to its viewers. 

  1. Peacock Free Package 

Advertisements are supporters of The Peacock free package streaming. The free users can access half of the content that is there on Peacock TV. 

  1. Peacock Premium Package (with ads) 

If you plan to buy the Peacock premium package (with ads), then there are two options for you to choose from. You can either go for a monthly plan that costs $4.99 per month or a yearly plan that costs $50 per year. You can watch all the contents in the library but there will be commercial breaks included. 

  1. Peacock Premium Package (without ads) 

 This is the best plan that you can choose if you want to watch your favorite series or movie without any interruption. However, same as the Peacock premium package (with ads), if you wish to buy the Peacock premium package (without ads) you will get two options to choose from. You can either opt for the monthly plan that costs $9.99 a month or a yearly plan that costs $100 per year. This is the standard Peacock premium subscription price.

Peacock Free Trial 

Peacock did provide a peacock premium free trial on the launch day however that is no more valid presently. Although there are certain discounts that Peacock provides to some specific customers who take services from some cable companies. Peacock provides facilities to Comcast Flex and Comcast X1 subscribers by letting them watch Peacock for free. Although to watch it ad-free, the subscribers have to pay an extra amount of $5 per month, but even that is half of what people who buy the Peacock premium package (without ads) pay. For broadband and spectrum customers, Peacock provides an extended free trial. If you are a qualified Spectrum TV customer, you can avail yourself of Peacock for an entire year. While, if you are a Spectrum internet user, you will get a free extension of Peacock TV for 90 days.  

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Devices that can Stream Peacock 

If you wish to watch Peacock on the Web, the Peacock is available on Apart from that, you can watch Peacock TV on the following devices: 

  • Amazon Fire TV 
  • Various Apple devices such as; iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, etc. 
  • Roku devices 
  • Android devices such as; tablets, phones, Chromecast, TV, etc. 
  • LG Smart TV 
  • Xbox One consoles 
  • Vizio Smartcast TV 
  • Sony Play stations 

Peacock Service Features 

There is a list of service features that you will get if you have a Peacock premium tv subscription. Here is a list of such features: 

  1. Peacock does not need an account to register with the devices along with the services. You can connect more than one device with a single account. Peacock has no limit to the number of devices that you can connect to a single account. 
  2. You can simultaneously stream up to three devices from a single Peacock account in a given time. 
  3. The user interface of the Peacock TV is limited to the English language. However, when you are watching something on Peacock TV, at that time you can change the language for the subtitle. In that case, Peacock supports all languages. Therefore, the programming of Peacock TV supports all languages. 
  4. One of the drawbacks of Peacock is that it does not support any kind of high-end resolutions or formats. For example, it does not support Dolby Atmos, 4K resolution, etc. However, there are plans of adding all of these.  
  5. If you are a subscriber of the Premium Plus package, the one that comes without the ads and is the top package out of all, then you will be able to download whatever you want on your mobile. 
  6. The Peacock TV also does not have any profile system. The greatest advantage of having a profile system is that various members who use the app can separately store their watchlists. However, even this feature is planned to be added soon. 
  7. There is a PIN that is provided. This PIN is used to manage the parental controls of the app. 
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The Peacock TV is one of the newest platforms for online streaming and within a short period, it has gained immense popularity. The Peacock TV has been declared as the only official platform where you will be able to watch WWE. Apart from this, there are various shows of various kinds available here. You can view them as per your choice.