A Dozen Remote Work Stats to Knock You Off

Remote Work

All of us who are living presently have experienced Covid-19 that hit the world hard. We have seen how the world completely changed and things became remote work. Something that we could not even imagine to be possible happened. The technological outburst during this phase made it possible to operate things online. From attending classes to working remotely, everything became possible in a blink of an eye. People started doing everything online.

However, now that things are gradually becoming normal and people are slowly going back to life, they were living in the pre-pandemic days, something that is refusing to change is the remote working condition. Even though the offices are opening, people are denying work from the office and are keener on working from home. According to the studies, you can probably expect work from home to be the new normal in 2025.  

Work From Home Stats that will Shock you 

Although the initial months of working from home were tough to deal with, however gradually people have not only adjusted to it but have rather become comfortable and are preferring it over working from the office. Work from home is here to stay. You can call it the future working method. If you are thinking of hiring remote employees to work for your company then here is a list of some shocking statistics that you must go through before you hire: 

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Rise in Remote work from 173 % to somewhere between 2005 and 2018

With remote work entering the daily scenario, the prices of internet packs have relatively decreased. Not just that, the speed of the internet has become better at a lower price. With a high-end laptop to accompany such an internet speed guide, the rate of remote work is bound to increase. Digitization has made the growth of remote work faster, making it a priority for a huge number of people present. 

56% of Businesses Support work from home

If you do thorough research, then you will find out that more than half of the companies all over the world allow their employees to work remotely. Out of the 56% percent of companies that allow remote work, 16% of the companies are companies that are totally into remote internet work. Some companies provide options to the employees to either attend the office or work from home, others follow a system of mandatory attendance for some days, and work from home for the rest. 

88% of companies allowed remote work during the Covid-19 

The pandemic imposed some of the strictest sets of restrictions on the citizens. People were not allowed to step out of the house. Governments all over the world decided on taking strict action if people did not follow the restrictions. At this point, 88% of companies all over the world decided to allow their employees to work from home so that the business keeps going. 97% of the companies canceled travel plans for their employees too. 

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52% of employees work from home at least once or twice a week 

While the world is getting back to its pre-pandemic state, some employees still prefer working remotely. Research shows that 52% of people end up working from home once or twice a week even now when people are going to the office. 

25% lower employee turnover for companies that allow employees to work from home 

The pandemic has made it evident that employees prefer to work from home rather than attend the office. It is seen that 25% of the employees stay with the company if the company facilitates work from home. Therefore, there is a significantly low turnover for companies that let employees work remotely. 

51% of employees choose to work from home to make their work-life balance better 

Working from home without a doubt ensures that work-life is better balanced. This is hence one of the major reasons why 51% of employees choose to work from home rather than attend the office. It is seen that 25% of working people wish to achieve financial stability by working from home, while 47% of people dislike traveling in the morning. 

75% of people feel there is a lesser distraction in working remotely 

Although working from home includes doing household chores, managing pets, cooking, chirpy roommates and family members along with doing office work, people believe that working from home causes lesser distraction than working from the office. 

76% of people feel the office is not a good place to concentrate 

According to 76% of employees, an office is a place where there are maximum chances of getting distracted. Employees feel that they need to sit alone and work if they need to put focus on the work that they are doing. They believe that it is impossible to concentrate in the office environment. 

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37% of employees take breaks frequently for better productivity 

Although working from home has its own set of advantages, it can get boring and monotonous at times. This is the reason employees need to take frequent breaks to stay motivated and productive. Frequent breaks make it easier to produce better work throughout the day. 

77% of employees have shown higher productivity while working from home 

While there are people who assume that working from home is distracting because of external disturbances. On the contrary, it is seen that 77% of employees have been more productive because of working from home.  

20% of people battle loneliness while working from home 

Loneliness is one of the greatest and most difficult things to deal with when it comes to working from home. Some of the major challenges that employees face while working from home are; difficulty in communication, not being able to unplug oneself from work, different time zones, etc. These things often tend to make an employee feel lonely and unhappy. 

99% of people wish to experience remote work once in their lifetime 

Studies have shown that 99% of people irrespective of the kind of job they do or the industry they belong to have the urge of working from home at least once in their lifetime. Although remote work entered our lives initially as a trend and then as an emergency. However, it has stayed back with us as a need and want.  


People who say they dislike working remotely somewhere ignore their desire to work remotely. Working from your comfort zone makes working much easier. You can do your work with ease and at your own pace. Companies have shown better results and productivity and therefore higher revenues by allowing their employees to work from home.