Best International Phone Plans for 2021

unlimited international calling plans

International phone plans are great if you have loved ones living abroad or if you love to travel almost all the time. There are often three types of International cell phone plans and we have made a list of these plans:

  1. Bolt-on Packs: Bolt-On Packs include international calls built into your current plan.
  2. Pay As You Go: These packages allow you to use international calling and texts as you want and pay for the corresponding services.
  3. International Day Passes: Allows users to use a set amount of data and calling for a day.

Your ideal International calling plans depends on your usage, if you have family in Mexico with whom you like to talk then we suggest you get a plan that can keep up with your usage. A bolt-on plan is the best international roaming plan for you as per your usage.

On the other hand, if your usage is limited and you make calls internationally during vacations only then pay as you go option is one of the best international cell phone plans.

ProviderBest ForOur Plan PickPrice
SprintValueSprint Single line 6GB Plan w/ International Connect$55/mo
Mint MobileBudget3 month Plan$15/mo
AT&TDay passUnlimited Starter$65/mo

Best International Phone Plans

Sprint International Plans: Best Value

The best thing about Sprint’s international cell phone plans is that it has a wide range of affordable data plans. Sprint is also famous for it’s less than great coverage in the country and out of it. If you have no trouble with weak coverage, you can get an affordable international cell phone plans.

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Sprint also offers an International add on to your basic plan. International add-on costs you an extra $15 per month to the base price, but you get a lot of value for your money. With the international package, you can call landlines in over 75 Countries and mobile calls on up to 55 countries. If you think this package works for you then go for it. 

The 6 GB data plan is the most affordable plan that is compatible with the Sprint International connect add on. The Sprint 6 GB plan gives you unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 6 GB wireless data at your disposal. For most people, 6 GB data is more than enough to scroll social media, watch videos on YouTube, and do much more with your plan. Overall, the combination of Unlimited calls, unlimited texts, 6GB data, and brilliant international coverage all for $55 isn’t so bad.

Sprint International ConnectWeaker signal coverage
Affordable data plan

T Mobile International Calling: Travel Friendly

T-Mobile makes it much easier to travel internationally without having to worry about calls and texts. T-mobile international cell phone plans make texting and data usage easier out of the country. You can get on the plane and start using, calls, texts, and data without any worries. 

Just imagine you landed in some country and you are in need to get some hotel reservations. How would you do that if you don’t have an international internet or calling facility? T-Mobile on the other end allows you to use unlimited data and calling in 210+ countries. You can use any service you want, anywhere in the world and the best part is that it won’t cost you anything extra, international services are built-in on your base plan. 

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You also get in-flight benefits with your package, apart from international sim card unlimited data, you can count on an hour of free WiFi and unlimited texting. Unlike other wireless providers, T-Mobile allows you to use in-flight data and texts. 

What we don’t like about T-mobile internet cell phone plans is that it only offers unlimited international data and texting. When it comes to call, you have to pay additional charges for every minute you spend calling. 20 cents per minute is the amount you have to pay.

Unlimited data and Texts in 210+ countriesAdditional Charges for Phone calls
Free hour of WiFi and Texts on Geo-Enabled Flights

Mint Mobile International Plan: Best Budget Plans

Mint Mobile offers some of the best pricing among wireless carriers for a minute to minute international phone calls. You get a good enough deal for local calls as well. Mint Mobile came into the spotlight when people noticed the low price for a minute to minute rates, the good thing is that the calls to Mexico and Canada are included in your base Mint Plan. 

Here’s what Mint Mobile has to offer: 

  • Calls to Canada and Mexico are included in your Plan
  • Voice Calls from the US to other Countries start at 1 cent per minute
  • Calls from Outside the USA starting from 6 cents per minute
  • Mint Mobile offers affordable packages to 160+ locations.

If you already have a base plan then you can add to your international roaming calling balance through Mint’s UpRoam Service. Mint Mobile Boast’s about the destination you can call, over 160 countries to be exact. 

Mint’s coverage in the country is below average, Mint uses T-Mobile’s network so you can get decent coverage in the most populated areas. But in the backwoods of the USA, the coverage is not so good. If you are expecting the same network coverage as T-Mobile then you are mistaken. You get decent coverage and decent internet speed but not as good as T-Mobile.

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Lowest Minute to Minute RatesSlower Data Speeds
Decent International Coverage

AT&T International Plan: Best Day Pass

AT&T offers you the best international Data plan while you are traveling. The plans are affordable and if you’re on AT&T wireless plans, then you can add the international day pass for an additional $10 per day. The Day pass is a brilliant alternative to minute by minute calling charge, if you are out of the country and you need to do a lot of calling then the day pass is a better alternative than the normal calling rates. The AT&T day pass allows you to make calls, send texts, and use unlimited data.

Here are all the features you get with AT&T international day pass:

  • $10 per day to use the plans
  • Unlimited Texts and Calls in 100+ countries
  • Data restrictions are the same as back home

With the day pass, you can use your phone in 100+ locations. While some countries are missing from the list, you get a strong network coverage in all the countries you do get the services. The downfall of AT&T is that it has unpredictable wireless data speed. Your data speeds in some countries range from 2G and all the way to 4G. You could go from downloading a video in seconds to hours with the data speed.

Affordable pricesUnpredictable data speeds
Strong coverage in 100+ countries

Which International Cell Phone Plan Should I Choose?

So which international cell phone plans should you choose? How do you figure out the one perfect for your international mobile phone usage? It depends on how long you are willing to stay out of the country. If it’s just a day or two then the international day pass is perfect for you. If you are going to stay much longer then we suggest you get a plan for a whole month. So that concludes our list of best international phone plans, let us know in the comment box if we’ve missed anything.

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