How To Switch Mobile Providers? Switch Phone to Different Carrier

how to switch phone carriers and keep your number

Whether it’s a cheaper mobile plan or better features, if you want to switch phone to different carrier then there are multiple ways to get started. Most of us keep thinking about how to switch mobile providers but we don’t know how to get started. Choosing the perfect cellphone plan can be incredibly tough. Consider all the different carriers and options just you or a family plan, unlimited data plan & free Disney Plus for a year, multiple devices, etc are some of the biggest factors you need to consider. If your current provider can no longer fulfill your needs, then you need to learn how to switch mobile providers. 

If you’re thinking of switching cellphone carriers then you are at the right place. In this article, we will teach you how to switch to a new mobile provider?

How to Switch Mobile Providers?

While some of the steps to switch phone to different carriers are based on your providers. It doesn’t matter which provider you end up choosing, you have to consider these factors.

1. Research Your Options

The first and foremost step to switch cell phone carriers deal is to start by comparing your choices and take notes of what you like and what you don’t like. You’ll want to consider factors like serviceability, plan options, and whether you can keep your phone and bonus features. 

Also, you need to make sure you’re not locked into a contract with your current carrier, otherwise, you may have to face early termination fees while switching providers. You should also consider whether you want to be bound to a new contract or not when you sign up for a new plan.

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2. Contact Your New Cellphone Provider

Once you’ve decided to move phone number to another carrier, you’ll need to collect all your information, such as:

  • Name & Address
  • Account Number
  • Account Password or PIN
  • Phone’s ESN/IMEI Number (if you’re keeping your phone)
  • Phone number (if keeping your number)

If you are wondering how to switch phone carriers and keep your number, you just have to contact your new cellphone carrier online, over the phone, or in person. They’ll take all of your information stated above and switch your service to a plan of your choosing. Once you activate the new plan with your new carrier, your old service will be automatically terminated. If you end up facing any trouble, you should reach out to your old carrier. 

If you haven’t ever switched carriers, then we must tell you that it’s not easy to switch mobile phone carriers. There are some complicated decisions you’ll need to work out with your brand new carrier. One of the biggest factors to consider is whether or not you want to keep your old cell number. 

3. To Port, or Not To Port?

To transfer phone number to different carrier is known as porting. Porting your number is considered a semi-permanent move and it closes out your old account. Based on your brand new carrier, you may be charged a small fee to transfer your cellphone number, but this is sometimes negotiable. 

If you want to switch phone to different carrier, then you need to keep something very important in mind. Make sure you don’t cancel your old cellphone service before activating your new one. Doing so may cause you to lose your current cellphone number. You will also need to pay an early termination fee to your current provider if you are still under a contract. 

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Here are some of the requirements for transferring your number from some of the major carriers:

How to Switch Phone Carriers and Keep Your Number?

If you aren’t aware of the process, then here are all the steps you need to follow on how to switch phone carriers and keep your number?

  • Choose your new cellphone provider and plan. Keep your existing service active, this is important, make sure not to cancel your service before transferring your number.
  • Gather all your information including your name, address, account number, account password or PIN, phone ESN/IMEI, and phone number. 
  • Contact your new cellphone provider and request a transfer or port of your existing number. Your new provider will work with your old provider to complete the transfer process of your number. 
  • Wait for the transfer to be completed. It can take a few hours to even a few days. If you’re transferring multiple numbers at the same time, it can take at least 7-10 business days.
  • Confirm your plan cancellation with your old mobile carriers once your number is ported to another carrier.

Buy A New Phone or Keep Your Old Phone?

With newer phones being released every year, it can be tempting to buying a brand new phone whenever you are switching cellphone carriers instead of bringing your own phone. According to a study, most people keep their phones for an average of 32 months or maybe close to 3 years. This data is regardless of the fact if you switch carriers or not. 

Here is all you can do with your device while wondering how to switch mobile providers:

  • Buy a New Device: Many carriers offer incentives on new phone releases. When you switch phone to different carrier, you are subject to incentives such as money off a new phone, upgraded features, unlimited data, a discount on accessories, or free perks (free one year of HBO Max or Disney+). Additionally, a lot of retailers will allow you to pay a new phone off over time with an installment plan. 
  • Trade-In Your Device: Trading in your old phone for a brand new device not only helps you stay up to date with the best features, but it also helps in reducing the clutter of devices in your home. You may get a few hundred dollars for your new device. You can trade-in your phone either with the maker or the carrier. Here are all the major brands you can trade-in for:
    • Apple
    • Google
    • Nokia
    • Samsung
    • AT&T
    • T-mobile
    • Verizon
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Bring Your Own Phone: Your other option is to simply bring your own phone. Similar to trading in your phone, a lot of major carriers offer money-saving incentives for bringing your own phone when you switch carriers. You can check if your current device is compatible and find out any requirements with some of the major carriers.

How To Switch Mobile Providers And Keep Your Phone?

  • Choose your new cellphone provider and plan.
  • Gather all your information such as Name, Address, Account Number, account password or PIN, phone ESN/IMEI, and phone number.
  • Check whether or not your phone is compatible with your new provider.
  • Contact your new cellphone provider and request to set up the service on your existing phone.
  • Confirm cancellation of services with your old provider once your new service is activated. 

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