Cheap Internet Service Provider 2021: How To Get Cheap Internet?

Cheapest Internet Deals In 2021

Finding a cheap internet service with reliable internet connectivity is something that everyone wants. The goal is to find any cheapest internet service provider before starting off a new year so you can boost your savings. While cheap internet service can also mean you get horrible connectivity with super slow speeds. All this makes it very hard for you to find a cheap internet service provider near me 2021. In this article, we’ll help you find cheap internet service providers in your area, and how to take advantage of additional savings. 

How To Get Cheap Internet Service?

Finding a cheap internet plan is more than just finding a plan that has the lowest price. While the advertised price is a really important factor, you’ll also want to consider the additional costs and how you can boost your savings. Cheap internet service for business can also help in saving money and boosting productivity. 

To truly find the cheapest internet plans for home, you need to consider a lot of factors. Factors such as comparing plans, understand the additional costs and all the way to stay on the internet. We have curated a list of the cheapest internet service providers but the plans vary by location.

Here are the Best Affordable Internet Service Providers

  • Xfinity: Cheapest broadband plan.
  • Frontier: No hidden costs. 
  • Cox Communication: Low-cost installation on all plans.
  • Verizon FiOS: No contract affordable fiber plans.
  • Optimum: Affordable pricing for high speeds.
  • CenturyLink: Price for life guarantee on all speeds. 
  • AT&T: Low-cost fiber optic internet.

1. Xfinity: Cheap Internet Service

Xfinity’s performance starter has one of the lowest-priced internet plans that come with broadband speeds of up to 25 MBPS. The cheap internet service provider Xfinity offers 25 MBPS speed on the minimum plan. 

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Xfinity’s equipment cost is marginally higher than the best cheap unlimited internet plans. The equipment cost starts at $14/mo, but you can get a cheaper WiFi service by using your own experiment. You need to understand that the introductory rates expire after just one year like most internet providers, which can add $30 or more to your monthly bill.

Additional Savings on Xfinity Internet

  • Use Your Own Equipment: Xfinity lets the customers use their own equipment and save $14/mo or more on equipment fees. 
  • Free Xfinity Flex Device: All the Xfinity internet plans come with a Flex streaming device.
  • Lower Pricing With Term Agreement: While it’s not needed on all plans, signing a one or two-year term agreement will get you the lowest internet price. 
PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Performance Starter$19.99/mo25 MBPS1.2 TB
Performance Select$34.99/mo100 MBPS1.2 TB
Performance Pro Plus$49.99/mo200 MBPS1.2 TB
Blast! Pro Plus$64.99/mo400 MBPS1.2 TB
Extreme Pro Plus$74.99/mo600 MBPS1.2 TB
Gigabit$84.99/mo1000 MBPS1.2 TB

2. Frontier: Best For No Hidden Costs

Frontier offers one of the cheapest internet plans for seniors as the plans are straight. Frontier’s starting price may be a bit higher than other providers, but the listed price is a good idea of what you are expected to pay. Equipment fees and unlimited data are included within the base price of the plans. 

Frontier also offers price for life on selected internet packages. Most plans will increase to the standard price after one year of service. 

Additional Savings On Frontier Internet

  • No Data Caps: Browse, stream, download and play without having to worry about your monthly data usage. 
  • No Contracts: Frontier doesn’t require a contract, so users won’t have to worry about early termination fees. 
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PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Simply FiOS 50/50$29.99/mo50 MBPSUnlimited
Simply FiOS 500/500$39.99/mo500 MBPSUnlimited
Simply FiOS Gig Service$74.99/mo1000 MBPSUnlimited

3. Cox Communication: Low-Cost Installation

Cox cheap internet service provider has a lot of benefits. The cheap internet service plan is named Cox Internet Starter = 10.  And Cox offers free self-installation on several plans, including their cheapest plans.

It also has a lower equipment cost in comparison with other cheapest internet service providers. If you want you can even use your own equipment to save around $11 per month. Watch out for an increase in monthly price, the fee can be particularly high after the year ends. 

Additional Savings on Cox Internet

  • Lower Pricing With Contract: Cox doesn’t actually require a contract on all its plans. If you want, you can choose a contract that will save you money.
  • Bundle Savings: Cox can offer cheap internet service when you pair it with TV or home phone service. Cox offers some of the best discounts for bundling services. 
PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Cox Internet Starter 10$29.99/mo10 MBPS1.25 TB
Cox Internet Essential 50$39.99/mo50 MBPS1.25 TB
Cox Internet Preferred 150$59.99/mo150 MBPS1.25 TB
Cox Internet Ultimate$79.99/mo500 MBPS1.25 TB
Cox Gigablast$99.99/mo940 MBPS1.25 TB

4. Verizon FiOS: No Contract Affordable Fiber Plans

Verizon is a cheap internet service provider near me as it offers No-Contract Fiber plans. The low-cost fiber internet service has an excellent value with speeds reaching up to 200 MBPS starting at just $39.99/mo. 

What makes Verizon cheapest internet plans for seniors is that it offers additional features. Users can find internet service without any contracts, no hidden fees with Verizon FiOS. One of the downsides of Verizon FiOS is the super high equipment cost of $15. 

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Verizon FiOS cheap internet service provider comes with a one, two, or three-year price guarantee depending on your choice of plan. After the introductory period ends, standard rates apply. 

Additional Benefits of Verizon FiOS:

  • Contract Buyout: Verizon offers up to $500 in bill credit to help buy you out of your contract with another provider. 
  • Bundle Offers: New customers are often provided with more than inexpensive internet. Users get promotional offers, including streaming service subscriptions, gift cards, etc. 
PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Internet 200/200$39.99/mo200 MBPSUnlimited Data
Internet 300/300$39.99/mo300 MBPSUnlimited Data
Internet 400/400$59.99/mo400 MBPSUnlimited Data
Internet 500/500$59.99/mo500 MBPSUnlimited Data
FiOS Gigabit Connection$79.99/moUp to 940 MBPSUnlimited Data

5. Optimum: Affordable Price For High-Speed Internet

Usually, a low-priced internet plan comes with limited internet speed. If you’re looking for the best affordable internet service and you don’t wish to sacrifice speed, you should consider Optimum as your provider. 

Even the lowest-priced plan comes with a 300 MBPS speed starting at $45/mo. This one of the lowest costing plans based on the per-MBPS basis. Optimum offers a “Price for Life” guarantee on selected internet plans, but most plans come with a price increase after one year. 

Additional Benefits on Optimum Internet:

  • Low Equipment Cost: The Altice Gateway device will add $10 to your bill, or you can even use your own equipment to save the cost. 
  • Unlimited Data: Use as much data on multiple devices without worrying about an overage fee. 
PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Optimum 300$45/mo300 MBPSUnlimited
Optimum 400$64.99/mo400 MBPSUnlimited
Optimum 1 Gig$65/mo940 MBPSUnlimited

6. CenturyLink: Price for Life Guarantee

With their price for life guarantee on DSL plans on plans up to 100 MBPS, CenturyLink offers some of the most customer-friendly pricing. CenturyLink is known for providing the best cheap unlimited internet plans.

The only charges you can expect to add to the base price is the modem rental which goes up around $15/mo. CenturyLink cheap internet service provider has all the makings of a great provider, including a Price For Life guarantee. 

Additional Benefits On CenturyLink Internet:

  • No Data Overage Fees: There is no added fee for going over your monthly data allowance of 1 TB.
  • Use Your Own Equipment: You should consider using your own equipment if you have any to save your money. 
PlanPriceDownload SpeedConnection Type
Price for Life 15 MBPS$49/mo15 MBPSDSL
Price for Life 20 MBPS$49/mo20 MBPSDSL
Price for Life 40 MBPS$49/mo40 MBPSDSL
Price for Life 80 MBPS$49/mo80 MBPSDSL
Price for Life 100 MBPS$49/mo100 MBPSDSL
CenturyLink Fiber Internet$65/mo940 MBPSFiber

7. AT&T: Low-Cost Fiber Internet

AT&T fiber internet offers the fastest speeds, speeds up to 940 MBPS starting at $60/mo. This is the lowest gigabit starting price offered by any of the major internet service providers. AT&T’s cheap internet service provider near me comes with unlimited data, adding more value to an already highly cost-effective plan. 

Additional Benefits on AT&T Internet:

  • Low Equipment Rental Fee: For a mere $10/mo equipment fee, AT&T’s WiFi Gateway router comes with whole-home connectivity and remote configuration. 

Bundle Savings: Adding AT&T services such as DIRECTV or AT&T TV to your internet plan will get you a discount of $10/mo on your bill.

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