Best Cheap Internet Plans 2021 To Choose From

most affordable internet plans

Getting chap internet is as difficult as finding a hidden treasure chest on a deserted island. Your monthly WiFi plan can look super affordable when you get a brand new plan but your bill could soon rise up to the skies. You can find that several factors can raise your bill, factors like hidden fees, extra costs, and eventual price hikes. We have put together a list of the best cheap internet plans from the top internet service providers in the USA. These plans start out at $50 per month or under and all of the cheap internet deals come with some special perks that make your internet experience even better. How about you start the year 2021 with the best cheap internet plans.

Read this guide till the end and you can learn how to get cheap internet service 2021.

1. AT&T: Best Cheap Fiber Plans

AT&T without a doubt offers the most affordable internet plans and it has the best-priced fiber gigabit plan around. With a starting price of just $35 per month and it gives you 100 MBPS download and upload speeds on a residential plan. While this plan doesn’t offer you a gigabit-speed but it definitely is one of the best cheap internet plans out there. Let’s forget about the price point for a moment, 100 MBPS speed from AT&T is good enough for you and your family. You can stream content in 4K, play online games, download and upload files without facing a speed slowdown. 

The only downfall about AT&T fiber internet service is that it is available only in select few locations. You can also get a $100 visa gift card if you sign up for an AT&T internet deal in 2021.


  • Starting Price: $35/mo
  • Download Speed: 100 MBPS
  • Internet Type: Fiber Internet
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2. Verizon FiOS: Best Cheap Symmetrical Speeds

If you want cheap internet packages that deliver quality high-speed internet the Verizon FiOS is definitely your best bet. Verizon FiOS home internet delivers brilliant speeds over a high tech fiber internet connection. It is one of the best cheap cable internet provider available in the market currently. Verizon has been topping the charts in terms of the fastest internet service provider since years, hopefully it will be able to do the same with cheap internet deals 2021.

For just a few dollars more a month, you can get double the speeds you were getting with the AT&T Fiber internet 100 MBPS plan. Almost every household knows how much speed do they actually need. Another perk of the Verizon cheap internet deals is that you get symmetrical download and upload speeds. You also get a waiver on the installation fee ($99/mo) if you order your internet service online. Also, the plan comes with a free 12-month subscription to Disney+ as well, plus you don’t have to sign up for an annual contract.


  • Starting Price: $39.99/mo
  • Download Speed: 200 MBPS
  • Internet Type: Fiber

3. CenturyLink: Best Cheap Fixed Internet Rate

CenturyLink offers DSL internet service and it isn’t as fancy as cable or Fiber internet. Your internet service is provided to your homes over landline cables which makes it a bit old school. CenturyLink is one of the best cheap cable internet provider out there and it is one of the best perks. Users get to keep the same price for their internet service as long as they don’t leave CenturyLink. Imagine you purchased a 100- MBPS internet plan for $49, now you can keep that plan for 10-15 years without even a single buck worth rise in plan. Going into 2021, CenturyLink can probably offer you the most affordable internet plans.

Other internet service providers will try to lure you in by their low internet fee but that low price only remains till the first 12 months. Once your promotional period ends, you’ll have to pay the actual amount of the internet plan which can be anything at all. In comparison, CenturyLink cheap internet packages comes with great coverage.

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  • Price: $49/mo
  • Download Speed: Up to 100 MBPS
  • Internet Type: DSL Internet

4. RCN: Best Cheap Internet Deals

RCN has a very small footprint in comparison to all the biggest providers in the country. Currently, it is only available in states such as Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. If you live in any of these areas then you can get a sweet deal for a great internet plan. 

RCN has one of the most affordable internet plans, while 25 MBPS may seem a bit less in the beginning but it is definitely great if you live alone or with just one roommate. RCN also provides its regular customers with promotions, coupons, and discounts on installation costs. Users can even choose from multiple modem rental options all of which range from cheap to almost cheap. 

If you do sign up for RCN internet packages, do make sure to hit up their installation coupon page as well as the special offers link under the shop tab to get the benefits of the best services. 


  • Starting Price: $19.99/mo
  • Download Speed: 25 MBPS
  • Internet Type: Cable internet

5. Xfinity: Best Cheap Cable Internet

Xfinity is the best bet for decent all-purpose, cheap internet. It also offers cheap internet packages to college students as Xfinity often runs gift-card promos for college kids who sign up. 

Xfinity has a massive network all over the nation and delivers cable internet at a wide variety of speeds and price options. The performance starter plan is the cheapest out of all the options, starting at just $20.00/mo in the areas covered by Xfinity’s central region and $19.99 per month in the western regions.

The price and plan can vary based on your area, which can explain why the same plan will cost you $49.95 per month in the northeast. That is the only downfall of the Xfinity internet service, other than that it offers relatively great cheap internet packages.

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  • Starting Price: $19.99/mo – $49.95 (Based on your area)
  • Download Speed: 25 MBPS
  • Internet Type: Cable internet

How to Get Cheap Internet Service in 2021?

As we mentioned above, finding “how to get cheap internet service?” is extremely tough. So here’s a basic rundown of all the important things you need to consider to get the most affordable internet plans. 

Fixed Rates & Price For Life Offers

You won’t need to worry about the hidden charges or unexpected price hikes if you sign up for a plan that gives you a clear idea of what you’re getting into. 

CenturyLink has a price for life guarantee on all of its DSL internet plans. This means your bill remains the same as long as you have the service and you won’t even have to worry about some promotional period getting over. 

Providers like Google Fiber, EarthLink, and Starry internet don’t have the price for life plans, but they will give you a straight deal without hidden charges and extra costs. 

No Contract Options

Many internet plans require an annual or even two-year commitment, which means you have to stay with that one provider even if you aren’t exactly impressed with your services. So you may need to find a service provider that helps you get rid of these annual commitments and may even let you sign up a no-contract, month to month basis plans.

Gift Cards & Coupons

There are always discount coupons or gift cards that you can exploit when signing up for a internet plan. Before you sign up with any particular internet provider, check on their website to find out if they have any coupons or gift cards available for brand new customers. You may end up winning a $100 visa gift card as offered by AT&T mostly or some coupons.

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