Comcast Extends Offer of Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Till June 2021

comcast free wifi covid

Once the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world, everyone was forced to sit in their homes. Almost all the internet service providers made a pledge to keep providing internet to all the consumers at a discounted price and with delays in bill payment. Comcast Xfinity free WiFi was one of the first providers to provide Comcast free WiFi Covid. Xfinity made the pledge to provide free internet to users. Comcast is extending its COVID-19 support programs through June 30th, 2021, including access to free WiFi hotspots and discounts on internet plans. If you are a student, trying to study during the pandemic then you can get Comcast free WiFi students. As per the company, this is the third time they have extended its program during the pandemic. 

Comcast’s internet essential plans for low-income families is currently free for the first 60 days for new subscribers. Comcast has extended their offer that will now be available through June 2021. Additionally, users will also get access to a free Xfinity WiFi hotspot, even if you aren’t a consumer. Comcast’s “Lift Zones” are local community centers wired with Comcast internet that are also continuing their services. Lift Zones are meant to reach low-income students who might have inconsistent internet access at home. Comcast Xfinity internet deals 2021 are available to all the students and low-income families. Switching to remote online learning or a combination of in-person and online instruction has made internet access crucial for students of all ages. 

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Comcast isn’t alone in offering discounts during the crisis AT&T’s “Access From AT&T Program”  also offers discounted internet service for families with low-income. AT&T is also waiving data overage fees for all of their home internet plans, though both changes are currently slated to end on December 31st, 2020. 

Comcast Xfinity Internet Deals 2021

Xfinity Comcast may get a bad reputation from the customers but it offers great internet deals as far as internet services go. Comcast Xfinity free WiFi is super easy to come across but if you need an ideal internet service then you have to get Comcast Xfinity Internet deals. While Xfinity’s price and plans change based on where you live, its speed and reliability remain constant all over the US. All their prices are pretty competitive compared to other internet service providers in the country.

Let’s dig deeper into Xfinity internet prices, plans, download speeds, and customer service to check if it is the right internet provider for you. Let’s compare Xfinity internet deals.

PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Performance Starter$19.99/mo25 MBPS1.2 TB
Performance Select$34.99/mo100 MBPS1.2 TB
Performance Pro Plus$49.99/mo200 MBPS1.2 TB
Blast! Pro Plus$69.99/mo400 MBPS1.2 TB
Extreme Pro Plus$74.99/mo600 MBPS1.2 TB
Gigabit$84.99/mo1000 MBPS1.2 TB

Xfinity Internet Pros:

  • Reliably fast internet speeds
  • No-Contract service options
  • Available almost everywhere in the country

Xfinity Internet Cons:

  • Prices vary widely based on your location
  • Notoriously difficult Xfinity customer service

AT&T Internet Deals 2021

When it comes to AT&T internet service, there aren’t many speed options available. Fortunately, it does offer speeds up to 940 MBPS, and the plans are priced well too. We think that users will get the most value in the 300 MBPS plan, but if you have a huge family then the 1000MBPS will be suitable for you. Let’s compare all the available AT&T Internet speed, plans, and prices. 

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PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
AT&T Fiber Internet 300$45/mo300 MBPSUnlimited
Internet 1000$60/mo1000 MBPSUnlimited

AT&T Internet Pros:

  • Well-priced plans with unlimited data
  • Option to bundle with DIRECTV
  • Full fiber connectivity

AT&T Internet Cons

  • Limited Availability
  • The only rural alternative is AT&T Fixed wireless

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