How to Save Money on Cable TV, Internet and Phone Bill?

how to save money on cable tv internet and phone

Watching television, browsing the internet, and communicating with friends and family over the phone are the kind of activities everyone has in their lives. The money you spend on these cable services can destabilize your monthly household budget. It is a really good idea to minimize your monthly bill in order to have an efficient financial plan. In order to do that, you need to learn how to save money on your cable, internet & phone bill? 

You can save on your average monthly spending each month by bundling all your services together, finding cheap internet and television plans, or by simply changing your methods of surfing the web and watch TV. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to cut your cable bill, which will help you save money on essential services.

1. Compare Providers

As of 2019, there are over 119 million US Cable service subscribers. Do keep in mind that in June 2005, just 15 years earlier, there were 65.4 million US Cable users. Back in December 2015, there are over 53.22 million US cable service subscribers. One factor that has lowered the number of subscribers since 2005 is the Cost. In fact, according to sources, the average monthly spending on a cable TV Bill is $103 per month. Which is very high in comparison with the average monthly income. 

Saving money on Cable TV, phone and internet may require you to gain more technological eyesight. This will help you understand what’s going on in the television industry and what’s the reason for ever-growing cable TV prices. Be patient and explore the different service providers and determine which one is the best for you.

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Compare options is one thing that you must do before determining whether you can save money on your Cable, TV, Internet, and phone bill. If your answer is yes, then how much cash you can save on cable bill.

2.  Monitor Your Billing History 

The first few months are always pleasant for new subscribers. Along with your high-speed internet access and/or HD channels. You will most likely enjoy the low costs that are offered with any brand new subscription. This situation will not last. 

As months go by and you begin to notice changes beginning to pile up on your monthly bill. Once you start noticing extra charges being added up to your bill, then it’s time to contact your provider’s customer service representative immediately. Explain that you wish to keep the rate you started with, and also ask them what they intend to change to keep an eye on your rising charges. 

3. Combine Your Services

To reduce the cost of Internet, TV & Phone bill, you can combine all your services together to save a lot of money monthly. Most providers now offer a 3-in-1 package, so talk to your provider to learn more about how you can combine all your services. Best internet and TV bundles often offer the most efficient cost. With these bundles, you can get both fast internet and your favorite channels on one neat bill.

Do keep in mind not to fall prey to the low-cost introductory offers that cable and internet providers try to charm you with. While at first, these internet & TV charges may seem better than the standard price, but once the 1st year ends, your price can increase by a lot. Furthermore, the packages typically increase prices every year. A price increase can be at the rate of anything from $10 per month to $20 per month. Bundling your services can help you get a better service and help you save money.

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4. Reduce or Let Go of Unnecessary Services

I always wonder why cable TV providers always lump so many channels in my package instead of offering channels loved by all users and combining all these channels to make one plan. Surely, every single cable TV subscriber thinks like this every once in a while. To save money on your cable TV bill, you can talk to your customer service agents and have them downgrade your plan or remove the channels that you don’t wish to watch. Chances are it will help you save a significant amount on your cable TV bill. 

5. Pick Internet Only

We suggest that you choose only the internet service if your job or social patterns do not require you to have landline service. Some financial institutions, such as credit card companies and banks ask for a home number or a landline number before activating your cards or to change some things in the cards. 

Don’t be scared of making the decision of choosing only the internet service for your home. You can still connect with your loved ones by using the internet or internet-based services. Over IP and chat platform tools such as Skype and WhatsApp. 

6. Switch Plans or Change Providers

If you think that your internet or TV plan is too costly then you can choose the most obvious route of changing your plan or changing your provider. Talk to your provider and ask what kind of plans are available for you. Or you can always bundle all your services together to get better pricing. 

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If you don’t like the price of your service and you’re not so happy with your provider either then you need to switch your providers. Ask around your neighborhood if they are happy with their cable & internet service provider. If they are satisfied with the kind of service they are getting then you can switch to that provider. 

7. Join TV Streaming Services 

One of the main reasons that cable TV providers are losing more and more of their customers every single day is the courtesy of Live TV Streaming Services. The number of streaming service platforms are growing almost every day. These quality streaming platforms and stand-alone services offer a huge variety of television shows and movies at an affordable price for you to watch whenever you feel like it. 

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offer a large collection of famous TV shows and movies that aren’t available on cable for a significantly lower price. With these services, you can watch live TV, including popular networks like cartoon network, food network, and much more. For example, Sling TV packages start at $20 per month. If there is a perfect time to leave your cable TV provider for a streaming service then the time is now. As even the cable TV providers are launching their own streaming services. Providers like Verizon and Spectrum offer streaming services with their own set of channels.

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