Xfinity Vs. Frontier

Xfinity Vs. Frontier

We live in a digital world where it is essential to have an internet connection to do work seamlessly. Therefore, the internet service provider demand has skyrocketed over the past years. As per the statistics, Xfinity Vs. Frontier the market size of the internet service provider industry has increased by 3.1% each year on average between the years 2017 to 2022. So, whenever we look for an internet service provider, we get more than one option. 

The entire purchasing process becomes more difficult when you select between two giant companies, Xfinity and Frontier. You can select any provider because they both have gained immense popularity due to their excellent services. But, before that, you need to know the details of each provider to pick the right one that will suit your connectivity requirements. We hope this comparison guide will help you to make a sound decision.

About Xfinity

A division of the Comcast Corporation, Comcast internet plans Cable Communication, mainly using Xfinity as a brand for its home phone, cable TV, and internet services. Xfinity is one of the biggest cable internet service providers in the United States. Based in Philadelphia, Xfinity has gained a broader fan base because of its premium-level connectivity services. 

This particular company provides its internet services to 39 states currently. Xfinity provides their customers broadband services through the same cable used for TV services. Therefore apart from cable internet, Xfinity also offers fiber internet to a certain number of customers.

About Frontier

Frontier Communication is a very popular and one of the preferable internet service providers in the United States. As per the statistics, Frontier Communication has generated almost $6.4 billion in revenue in recent years, mainly from the internet service segment. Frontier Communications started its journey as a rural internet service provider serving people in America with Broadband using two different connection types.

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Among them, the most preferred connection type is the fiber internet. This connection type offers faster speed at a low price and other benefits. In current times, Frontier Communication is available in 25 states. One major drawback of Frontier is its poor DSL connection. Though, they are trying to improve and extend its fiber network, which is good news.

Xfinity Vs. Frontier- Internet Services

Xfinity and Frontier are two giant Internet service providers in the United States. Both of them use multiple connection methods to provide an internet connection. Both companies offer fast fiber internet connection that comes in convenient packages.

However, when it comes to faster speed, Xfinity is better than Frontier. But, if we talk about affordability, Frontier is the clear winner. In addition, Frontier has come up with unlimited data plans, unlike Xfinity. On the other hand, Xfinity offers internet plans with limited data. So, all in all, Frontier can be the best choice for home internet. But, it is hard to access the internet connection of Frontier due to its limited availability.

Features XfinityFrontier
Number of internet plans74+
Speed Range50 Mbps to 6000 Mbps25 Mbps to 2000 Mbps 
Price Range$25/month to $300/month49.99/month to $149.99/month
Internet typeCable, FiberFiber, DSL
Bundle DealsYesYes
Data CapsAvailable in some plansNo data caps
ContractsRequired for a few plansAvailable in some plans
Installation feeYesNo
Equipment feeYesNo

Xfinity Vs. Frontier- Internet Speed

We all know that internet speed matters the most when purchasing an internet connection. This affects how fast you can perform online activities and determines the number of activities your network can handle simultaneously.

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So, regarding internet speed, both Xfinity and Frontier perform amazingly. Though, in terms of liability, Frontier is much better because of the advanced technology. Frontier has proper download and upload speeds of up to 2000 Mbps, which is ideal for gaming and streaming professionals.

On the other hand, Xfinity also offers a higher speed internet connection with its fiber internet packages. The worst part is that it comes up with a minimal market. As Xfinity only delivers cable internet plans, it does not have symmetrical speeds. It simply implies that your speed may fluctuate during busy hours. Still, it is a great alternative option to the slow network of DSL of Frontier if fiber is not available.

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Xfinity Vs. Frontier- Data Caps

The thing that separates these two internet service providers is Xfinity’s 1.2 TB monthly data cap. An individual must pay $30 monthly to get unlimited data from Xfinity. Otherwise, they will charge $10 for each 50 GB used over the monthly data allowance. However, the data cap is unavailable in the 12-state Northeastern markets. On the other hand, Frontier Communications does not enforce any data caps. Also, it does not take any additional charge for unlimited data.

Xfinity Vs. Frontier- Bundle Deals

Bundling is a great option if you wish to combine your services under one bill. Internet service providers have already realized entertainment demands and strong internet connectivity. Therefore, both of the internet service providers come with affordable bundle options.

Frontier TV and Internet Bundle in partnership with Dish TV and a satellite TV provider. These plans offer every local channel free premiums for the first three months, including STARZ, SHOWTIME, and DISH movie packs. The best part is that the customers of Frontier can mix and match several bundle packages as per their choices. Also, Frontier does not force you to sign any contract with them. Though, there is a two-year term agreement for DISH TV.

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BundlePriceInternet SpeedChannels
Frontier Fiber Internet 500 plus DISH America’s Top 200$139.98 per month500 Mbps240+
Frontier Fiber Gig  plus Dish America’s Top 250174.98 per month1000 Mbps290+

On the other hand, the internet, home phones, and cable TV bundle options of Xfinity allow you to save your money to a great extent every month. However, it is worth noting that Xfinity does not offer fiber internet bundles; it only allows its customers to bundle cable internet packages with other services. This provider offers impressive features such as free Peacock Premium and discounted prices.

BundlePriceInternet SpeedChannelsHome Phone
Popular Double Play$80 per month600 Mbps125+NIL
Premier Triple Play$135 per month1200 Mbps185+Unlimited local calling

Additional Charges

Internet services always come up with some additional charges and hidden costs. Below we will discuss the installation fee and the equipment fee of both of the providers.

Installation Fee

The customer-friendly term of Frontier offers a free installation process. So, there is no need to pay extra installation charges except the DSL service activation fee. You need to pay $85 for the activation of the DSL service.

On the other hand, Xfinity offers two options when it comes to installation. You can either opt for the self-installation option with the free self-install kit or pay $40 for pro-installation by an experienced technician.

Equipment Fee

Frontier does not charge anything for the equipment, making it the best choice for home internet. But, with Xfinity, you need to pay $14 for the xFi gateway every month. Though, Xfinity offers an option of choosing your equipment to avoid the charges.


Xfinity and Frontier are two huge internet service providers that have garnered immense popularity due to their incredible services. So, you can choose any of them per your requirements, budget, etc. Make sure you consider all your requirements before choosing any one of them.

However, you can opt for Frontier if it is available in your locality. But, if an individual does not have access to the fiber network, Xfinity is much better than DSL from Frontier. If speed matters to you the most, go for Xfinity; otherwise, choose Frontier as a budget-friendly option.