What is EPB Internet? Price, Plans & Availability

epb internet plans

Have you ever wanted to have an internet connection that is faster than any internet service anyone has ever experienced? Nowadays, most Internet service providers in my area are offering fiber internet service. With fiber internet connectivity, you can easily get internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit (1000 MBPS). Internet providers like Verizon are even offering speeds up to 2GBPS. While the speed is impressive it isn’t available everywhere in the USA. If you’ve heard of EPB internet then you know, that it is the fastest internet service in the USA. If you don’t know what is EPB internet service then you should know that it is the 22nd largest internet Fiber internet provider in terms of the number of people it serves, and the coverage area.

EPB internet has simple plans, transparent pricing, and a good enough consumer reputation. EPB internet deals offer internet mainly for businesses that require huge bandwidth and high-speed internet to keep the business process going on! EPB internet service offers speeds up to 10 Gigs, that’s right, 10 Gigabits per minute. The speed is enough for a business to run smoothly with hundreds of employees conducting internet-based activity at the same time. Let’s learn in detail about EPB internet plans.

EPB Internet Plans

EPB internet deals are simple and the EPB internet price is pretty good for those who wish to get brilliant speeds and under the right prices. There are not a lot of providers who’ll offer you EPB internet packages as the availability for EPB internet is limited but the company is trying to provide internet services to residential areas. Here’s a list of plans you can get with EPB internet.

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PlansPriceDownload speedData Cap
300 MBPS Starter$57.99/mo300 MBPSNo Data Limit
Gig Plan$67.99/mo1000 MBPSNo Data Limit
10 Gig Plan$299.99/mo10,000 MBPSNo Data Limit

The best part about EPB internet service is that you get incredible speeds at fair prices. If you are a gamer or if you love streaming online content, you can stream content in 4K HDR without buffering. You can download as much content as you want with unlimited data on all the EPB internet packages. 

EPB offers 3 plans, if you want internet for your home then you should opt for the 300 MBPS starter package from EPB. If it’s a business you want to run on your internet connection then you should choose between 1 Gig plan and 10 Gig plan. You will have to pay a huge amount of money for the 10 Gig plan but to ensure the smooth functioning of your business, the cost is worth it.

EPB Equipment Cost

All the internet service provider you’ll come across will ask you to buy or rent a router and modem from them! While we usually suggest you buy your router and modem instead of renting or buying one from your provider. In the case of EPB internet service, we suggest you buy or rent the equipment from them as their equipment can maximize their internet service. 

If you decide to rent the equipment then you have to pay a mere $9.99/mo to keep on using their router and modem! The fees are fair if you compare it with other internet service providers.

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EPB Internet Availability

As mentioned above, EPB is the 22nd largest internet service provider in terms of the user base. The only reason that EPB falls so far behind even with its amazing service is the limited availability! As of right now, EPB offers internet service to around 4,00,000 users across the USA. If you reside in Georgia and Tennessee then you can easily enjoy the EPB internet deals.

Conclusion: EPB Internet Service

Overall, EPB is a great Fiber internet service provider, EPB only deals with fiber internet & TV services. So if you reside in an area where EPB is easily available then you should check out their Bundle deals as well. EPB internet packages offer internet speed like no other internet service provider. EPB has a good enough customer rating but the drawback is that the service is limited. You don’t have to pay anything at all for getting your services installed. If you are looking for an internet service that can fulfill your internet needs then EPB is a great option for you!

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