Best Questions To Ask When Choosing Internet Provider

question to ask internet provider

Researching is the best way to ensure that you get the ideal internet service plan for your home. Before you commit to any kind of provider or plan, make sure all your queries are answered regarding your internet service. There are a lot of questions to ask when choosing internet provider and you should know what exactly what you are paying for. 

There are over 2500 internet service providers in the United States, and there are several factors to consider when choosing an internet service provider. We have curated a list of questions to ask when looking for internet service. Read the article till the end, ask the questions and learn how to pick the best internet provider.

What Type of Internet Service Is Available In My Area?

The three main types of internet services such as DSL, Cable, and Fiber optic internet. Unfortunately, not all users get to choose between all three services. Limited areas provide all three internet services. However, if you do get the option to choose, we suggest you go with fiber optic internet. DSL is generally the slowest internet and fiber is the fastest internet option available. This is one of the things to consider when choosing internet service provider.

What Are All The Internet Plans Available In My Area?

All the major ISPs offer a range of speeds to accommodate the needs of all types of users and family sizes. Even if you have a plan in mind before speaking to a salesperson, there’s no harm in looking for a different plan. It is one of the factors to consider when choosing an internet service provider as upgrading your speed can be a difficult task later on. 

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Also, make sure to ask about both upload and download speeds before purchasing any one internet service plans. Upload speeds are often slower than the download speeds. 

How Do I Know What Speed I Need For Internet?

One of the biggest questions to ask when looking for internet service is how much speed do you need? Your internet plan is made to accommodate certain needs, so when you are asking for speed, you must know how much speed is ideal. Here’s a very basic breakdown of speeds required for one device. 

  • 3-5 MBPS per device for streaming
  • Above 25 MBPS for working from home
  • 100 MBPS for gaming and streaming.

What Are The Data Limits? 

Wondering how to pick the best internet provider? Data limits play a vital role in helping you find the best internet service providers. Make sure you know how much data you get with each plan and how much you’ll be charged if you go over the limit. 

Even if your internet service provider offers unlimited data, you need to ask your provider if there’s a chance of your speed getting throttled. Most providers tend to throttle internet speeds even after is providing unlimited data. Chances are there may be soft data limits that your provider doesn’t advertise.

Price Increase? How Much Increase and When?

Before choosing an ISP, a price increase is one of the things to consider when choosing internet service provider. Unless and until a provider specifically labels the plan as “Price for Life”, your price will increase after 12 months. You need to ask what the regular rate for the internet plans is and if it fits into your budget. 

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Are There Any Contractual Obligations?

Internet providers vary based on their contract policies. Some providers don’t require contracts, while most major internet providers do ask for a contract. If you tend to move a lot then this is one of the way you need to consider before choosing a provider. You need to learn how to choose internet provider by asking if they have contracts or not. 

If you are opting for a contract, ask if there is an early termination fee if you leave your provider before the contract ends.

Are The Advertised Speeds Guaranteed?

One of the biggest questions to ask when choosing internet provider is if you will get the advertised speeds. Most providers don’t guarantee the speeds they advertise, but you need to ask what your provider’s policy is. Providers should be able to offer 80% of the advertised speeds. You can take the speed test to check if you’re getting the speed that you were promised. 

What Additional Charges Can You Expect?

The advertised price for an internet plan is just one of the fees you’re expected to see on your bill. Here are typical additional fees for internet service:

  • Monthly equipment fee (Modem and Router)
  • One-time installation fee
  • One-time activation fee

Other things to consider when choosing internet service provider is if they will waive the installation fee. If you don’t want to pay for professional installation fee then you can save money by doing the installation yourself. 

Other potential fees could take birth of data overages, late payments, or early termination, if you can manage all that then you won’t have anything to worry about. 

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Will I Save Money If I Bundle Internet & TV Service?

While not all providers offer discounts for bundling internet and TV service together, other providers do. Customers are often able to save money bundling because they don’t have additional surcharges on their bills by separating their services.

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