New and Improved WiFi 6E- A Deep Dive Guide

WiFi 6E

For most people, interest is one of the most important necessities in life due to the various online activities available. Almost everything requires a strong and stable online connection, from researching information to watching TV shows or movies. While most WiFi networks provide good interest access and speed, many regular ones cannot handle the high stress. In this context, the latest WiFi 6E is a major contender. 

The latest standard of WiFi 6E devices comes with multiple high-quality users and assures strong and smooth user access. These devices are available in specific regions and are slowly growing in demand. But why exactly? Let’s learn more about that. 

What is WiFi 6E?

The WiFi 6E is an extended version of WiFi 6 in the 6 GHz band type. Therefore, it has a comparatively extended spectrum than the WiFi 6 models but has the same standards as its predecessor.  

The 6 GHz frequency band range is between 5.925 GHz and 7.125 GHz. Besides that, an additional spectrum amount of 1200 MHz is available. Moreover, there are no interference or overlap issues in the 6 GHz band. 

Release Date  

The organization in charge of authorizing the standards for wireless technology, the WiFi Alliance, got approval from the regulatory board of the FCC to access the 6 GHz band in 2020 for unlicensed WiFi-based broadcasting. The actual certification process began in 2021. 

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The WiFi 6E devices are still getting buyers globally in 2022, and more agencies are considering sanctioning the use of 6 GHz for WiFi 6E devices. So, more details on the release dates are unavailable at this point- it depends on the regulatory boards in different regions. 


The WiFi 6E models have similar proximity and features to previous band types. With the 6 GHz band, you can expect extra capacity for the spectrum. This assures support for contiguous spectrum blocks, allowing 7 extra 160 MHz-wide or 14 extra 80 MHz channels. Besides that, other notable specifications are available in the WiFi 6E version. 

  1. Extra Spectrum benefits network capacity 

In the 6 GHz-enabled WiFi 6E systems, users get an additional spectrum amount of 1200 MHz. This is suitable for handling the extra WiFi usage requirements. This additional amount provides extra help for other active pathways for data receiving and sending. Thus, this improves the network capacity level and lessens the congestion rate. 

  1. Wider lanes allow better speed 

With the WiFi 6E models, you can get 7 extra channels with 160 MHz rates. They have more throughput and bandwidth, which helps with a higher number of smooth and fast simultaneous transmissions. So, if you are using this WiFi for AR/VR gaming, streaming videos in 8K, and downloading large files, the connection would still show no buffering. 

  1. Lowered congestion due to Greenfield Spectrum

The common 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands support many WiFi connections. However, the 6 GHz band only works with the open spectrum of WiFi 6E network connections. Channels that run via the 6 GHz band cannot overlap with the other, and that would cause fewer connection errors or slow speed. So, you can expect not to notice the issues that occur due to heavily congested WiFi networks, with multiple devices using the same. 

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How is WiFi 6E Different from WiFi 6?

To note, WiFi 6E and WiFi 6 offer the same capabilities and features to the users. These include low latency, higher performance, and quicker data rates. Both are practically the same, except that WiFi 6E is the only version with 5 GHz band availability. 

This does change the quality of benefits users can expect with either version. While opening 6 GHz with WiFi 6E would provide better capacity and efficiency benefits, it is available to a limited audience. 

Is it right to upgrade your WiFi requirements to the 6E version?

While the WiFi 6E version has many benefits, it is not highly feasible or accessible for most users. The routers with WiFi 6E support are comparatively new and unavailable at high market rates. New versions are still in production and released, so few options are left to acquire. 

For users who want a WiFi connection for an extended location, including outdoors, WiFi 6E is not the best option. Plus, while WiFi 6E is available in the United States, it is still not sanctioned in many regions worldwide.  

Additionally, the WiFi 6E version utilized new technology, and adopting it in the early phase would bring high costs. So, investing in these products at this point would become an expensive purchase. The price should become relatively lower after some time; you would also find more compatible WiFi 6E devices for routers. 

Indeed, these are relevant concerns when deciding whether to purchase WiFi 6E devices. However, from a future investment perspective, WiFi 6E is one of the best solutions in terms of usability, quality of service, speed, and connection strength. So, it is a suitable investment for many people. 

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WiFi 6E, as the newest version of WiFi standards, assures high-quality internet usage and speed experience. You can expect more freedom with connections, fewer disruptions, and smoother connections while using the devices for multiple connections. Therefore, it is a suitable WiFi version to consider if you want to improve your user experience.