What Are the Best Sports Streaming Services?

Sports Streaming Services

Are you looking for a way to cheer for your favorite team from anywhere? Well, you can do this with the sports streaming services. It is time to ditch your cable companies because now you can get an affordable alternative. It is indeed a good offer for sports lovers because now you will be able to get affordable luxury.

These sports streaming services will give you access to watch most sports at a very low price. Many streaming services offer live streaming of your preferred games which can definitely be a gift for every sports lover. But several options are available and from those, you can choose your preferred one. So, to help you choose the best one for you, we have given a list of the best sports streaming services with their pros and cons.

Things You Should Look for While Choosing Sports Streaming Services

We cannot tell you what will be the best sports streaming services for you as everyone’s choices are different. We can just provide you with information through which you can choose the service as per your preference. So, firstly, you must ensure that your service provider is giving you the sports coverage that you want. It is important as not every service will offer you sports as per your choice. It will be better if you choose the service that will provide you with a mix of national channels and the RSNs.

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The second factor that you should look for is if they are offering you live TV streaming services. We are living in an era where we mostly watch replays or highlights of sports. But some hardcore sports fans still want to enjoy the action live. Therefore, before selecting one, do not forget to ensure that your services provider has the option for you.

Some of the Best Sports Streaming Services

We all know that every sport can’t be seen on national television. But there are plenty of options available so that you can watch your team’s upcoming game online. So, if you are looking for a sports services package, then keep on reading to know what can be the best option for you among the below-mentioned services.

Hulu + Live TV

When it comes to the live TV streaming service, you can consider Hulu as the ideal option because it offers TBS, ESPN, USA Network, ESPN 2, FS1, TNT, and FS2. You can also watch local channels, including FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC. You can get a variety of packages available where the live TV subscription starts from $70 per month and you can upgrade it further to $76 per month.

It offers 75+ live sports channels along with a good sports lineup for sports fanatics.  If you want a sports add-on, you can have it by giving $10 per month extra. You can automatically get a subscription to Disney+ and ESPN+ with no charges. You can stream Hulu+ Live TV on two devices at the same time.

So, on Hulu+ Live TV, you can get access to ESPN+ and Disney+ with zero charges. You will get 75+ live channels as well. Besides, they offer upgrades so that users can have a no-ad option while streaming on Hulu+ Live TV.

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YouTube TV

YouTube TV is the best when it comes to versatility. You can get a huge number of live channels along with unlimited DVR capability. This means you just have to pay $65 per month for channels such as TNT, ESPN, FS1, TBS, FS2, and along with other league channels.

You can get 85+ options available on YouTube TV. In their basic package, they offer almost 70 channels including ABC, NBA TV, FOX, MLB, ESPN, NFL Network, and many more. Here, you can get upgradable packages as well and for that, you have to pay an extra $11 per month.

With this Streaming service, you will get unlimited DVR capability which is a great deal for sports lovers. Also, you can stream this on three devices at the same time. Besides, you can enjoy the availability of several additional packages.


FloSports is the ideal option when it comes to the number of live events. But they maintain quantity not quality. Throughout the year, it broadcasts beyond 200,000 live channels which is a great deal for the sports lover. You can watch 25 different sports such as football, basketball, motorsports, etc. So, if you are a die-hard fan of sports, then this sports streaming service is only for you.

This streaming platform is very user-friendly. Here, you can get all events available on-demand. However, it is a great platform for sports fanatics.


In FuboTV, you can get 1000+ channels along with 500 hours of cloud DVD capacity. Here, they offer a 7-day free trial option as well. When it comes to the variety of sports, then FuboTV is the best option for overseas sports fanatics. They offer ESPN, USA Network, FS1, ESPN2, and FS2 apart from overseas sports. The subscription starts from $65 per month and you need to pay an additional $11 for the add-on sports channels.

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FuboTV offers overseas sports options to Sports fanatics. Moreover, you can get 100+ channels with the availability of local networks.


ESPN+ is kind of a different type of sports streaming service. Here, you can get 15 different types of sports channels. Though it is ideal for NFL supporters or NBA supporters. Instead, they offer soccer games, live MLB games, and PPV UFC events. However, it is best for those who love to watch series or shows. If we talk about subscription plans, then you can either pay $6.99 monthly or $69.99 yearly. You will get exclusive articles along with ESPN+ shows on this platform. Besides this, you can do monthly payments as well which is a great option.


Which sports streaming service is going to be best for you entirely depends on you. Like, for example, if you are a fan of a professional team then ESPN+ can be the best option for you. If you want more than just sports then you can pick Hulu+ Live TV. However, we are hopeful that now you can decide what you want after reading the post.

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