Best Mobile Internet Hotspots To Keep You Connected Everywhere

best mobile internet hotspots

We don’t have to tell you the importance of the internet and how it has changed our lives. Seamless internet connectivity is one of the best things about the digital revolution. With the constant advancement of technology, users can stay connected to the internet wherever we go with the help of smartphones or the best mobile internet hotspots. Our phones allow us to access wireless broadband networks and all businesses nowadays have a wireless WiFi network that you can use. 

However, while the internet seems to be everywhere, those of you who spend a great deal of time on the road know how much internet connectivity can suck. This can be frustrating and can also lead to unnecessary downtime that can change your entire productivity. That’s where the best mobile hotspots come in. Luckily there is a way to ensure that you are almost without an internet connection, the most effective being through the use of a mobile hotspot. In this article, we will discuss all the best mobile internet hotspots and the limitations of mobile hotspots. 

What Is A Mobile Hotspot?

A mobile hotspot is a device that allows you to connect to the internet wherever you go. It taps into wireless broadband networks, the same ones that are being used by smartphones and tablets, and it connects with devices with a username and password. Best mobile internet hotspots basically create a WiFi network in your area that only you can connect to. 

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These devices are usually small, they can easily fit into your pocket or a small bag and they require a service plan to work, which means you will need to pay for a monthly plan for it. You can choose from a list of plans such as the Best ATT Hotspot plan, the best mobile hotspot for Verizon. These plans can provide a high-speed internet connection when you need it. 

Limitations Of Mobile Hotspot

While mobile hotspots are a great way to ensure you have a strong and reliable internet connection wherever you go. While they seem great on paper, they do have some limitations. Here is all the limitation of Mobile hotspot.

  • Currently Does Not Support 5G: Although this newer, faster network type is spreading quickly across the nation, it is still pretty scarce. Even most smartphones don’t have 5G connectivity, so it’s obvious that most mobile hotspot can’t support 5G connectivity. 
  • Comes With Data Limit: Almost all mobile hot spot plans come with data limits that are too small to make these devices good alternatives to traditional internet service. The average person consumes about 200 GB of data per month. So, if you do this frequently at home, it’s likely that you will consume your hotspot really quickly.
  • Expensive Packages: Mobile hotspots allow you to access high-speed internet connection whenever, wherever. Though it comes at a cost and in most cases it comes at a cost of every byte of data. 

Best Mobile Hotspots of 2020

1. Verizon Jetpack 8800L- Best Mobile Hotspot For Verizon

Verizon’s signature mobile hotspot comes loaded with tons of features that make it one of the best options to connect to the internet. Of these features, the one that stands out the most is the speed. The Jetpack 8800l. best mobile hotspot for Verizon uses a brand new Qualcomm modem that allows it to connect to five different networks at once. 

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The dimensions make it super easy to carry with you as it weighs just 5.4 ounces and only 4 inches wide. The small and compact design makes it a true “mobile” hotspot. The Jetpack 8800l. The best mobile hotspot for Verizon is incredible in all sense.

  • A touch screen display that makes it easy to use and set up and troubleshoot the device without accessing a web browser.
  • Has the ability to connect up to 15 WiFi devices at one time.
  • An automatic VPN for added security.
  • Roaming in 200 countries (additional cost apply).
  • A multi-functional USB port that makes it easy for you to share files over a WiFi connection.
2. Nighthawk LTE Mobile Hotspot – Best Hotspot for Verizon

All those who use AT&T as their wireless provider, or who want to use it for their mobile hotspot service, the Nighthawk LTE mobile Hotspot made by Netgear and is exclusive to AT&T. It comes at an incredible cost as the retail price is $249.99, though you can pay for it over two years if you sign up for a contract. On average, you’ll have to pay $8 per month. 

The Nighthawk is fast and able to cast out a signal as far as 100 feet. You can connect up to 20 devices and use its WiFi extender, which is super useful. The main drawbacks of the Nighthawk are its price tag, as we mentioned. It has an LCD Display but you can’t change much using that screen. To make any kind of change you need to access a web browser. It offers the best Verizon plan for mobile hotspot.

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3. Jetpack MiFi 8000L – Best Alternative To Verizon and AT&T

If you are on any other network except AT&T and Verizon, this is one of the best mobile internet hotspots. It’s essentially the same as Jetpack MiFi 8800L offered by Verizon. The primary difference is the cost, it costs $240 without a contract. You can pay just $2.50 per month for 24 months, this reduces its overall cost. Although to take advantage of this brilliant device, you need to become a Sprint user first. 

4. T-Mobile Franklin T9 Hotspot- Best Budget Mobile Internet Hotspot

For those searching for a budget option, the T-Mobile Franklin T9 hotspot is an incredible choice if you need a wireless connection. It offers many of the same features as all the more expensive mobile hotspots available in the market. One of the best parts about this device is its 24-hour battery. Another thing that stands out is that the device can connect up to 15 devices, a touch screen display, and advanced security features. 

However, with a retail price of just $84, this small performance degradation might be more than worth it for many people. Needless to say, the Franklin T9, you will need to become a T-Mobile customer.

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