Using T-Mobile Hotspot For Home: Replacing Home Internet With Hotspot

t-mobile hotspot for home internet

If you’re looking to replace your home internet then using a T-Mobile hotspot can be your best choice. But it may not be the best option if you are working from home. T-Mobile offers a huge data allotment on its 4G plan on its Magenta Plus Plan. If you have limited internet usage then you can replace home internet with a hotspot. Using home internet to replace home internet can help you in saving a lot of money in terms of internet bills. But using home internet while commuting is simply impossible. That’s where T-Mobile hotspot for home internet comes in. You can use your mobile data as WiFi while you are commuting. If you have to ask is T-Mobile hotspot good? Then you should know that T-Mobile 4G internet is incredible in terms of both speed and reliability. If you are in a bit of a cash crunch then you can use the best T-mobile hotspot plan to use as home internet.

How To Replace Your Home Internet With T-Mobile Hotspot?

There isn’t a lot that you have to do for using a mobile hotspot to replace home internet. Just choose the best T-Mobile hotspot plan to start your process. 

  • Sign up or upgrade your T-Mobile plan to one that includes dedicated hotspot data. We recommend Magenta Plus for the biggest hotspot allowance. 
  • Enable Mobile hotspot/tethering in your phone settings. 
  • Connect your devices
  • Cancel your normal home WiFi plan. 
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There it is, that’s all you need to do to use a T-Mobile hotspot for home internet. Just cancel your home WiFi connection and replace home internet with hotspot.

Best T-Mobile Hotspot Plan

T-Mobile’s three main cell phone plans are T-Mobile Essentials, Magenta & Magenta Plus. All of these plans come with unlimited 3G mobile hotspot data. Unless your internet activities are more than basic, T-Mobile mobile hotspot data won’t be of much help. However, if you work only with basic browsing, emails, and social media, then using a mobile hotspot to replace home internet is a great idea.

If you are going to take out advice then we suggest you choose the T-Mobile Magenta Plus plan to consider if you’re sure you want to use t mobile hotspot mobile instead of home WiFi. Magenta Plus offers 20GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data, which is by far the most data allotment of high-speed hotspot data. If you wish to compare how much data you get with each plan then you should know that the T-Mobile Magenta plan offers just 3GB Data.

T-Mobile Acquisition of Sprint

T-Mobile’s long-awaited acquisition of Sprint Mobile carrier has finally happened after months of talks. T-Mobile will absorb Sprint’s Network into its own networks this will allow them to aggressively expand its 5G coverage to reach about 99% of America over the course of the next 6 years. 

With that happening, the best T-Mobile hotspot plan may start offering better data allowance. As of right now, T-Mobile and Sprint remain unchanged completely but more developments will come as the Sprint brand is mixed into the new T-Mobile.

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What Is Mobile Hotspot And Tethering?

While we are planning to replace home internet with hotspot. Most people don’t even know what is mobile hotspot and tethering. Mobile hotspot is called tethering, mobile hotspots allow you to use your phone’s mobile data to connect to other devices like your laptop, tablet, and other smartphones to the internet. The mobile hotspot was designed as a way to keep you and all your devices, connected while your primary device is the internet hub. Users are also starting to use Mobile Hotspot as a home internet connection. 

Data Limits & Speed on T-Mobile

It’s obvious you can’t use your mobile hotspot as your home internet without knowing the speed offered and data limits offered by them. Magenta Plus is probably T-Mobile’s only cell phone plan that comes close to being able to handle the demands of working from home. In addition to the unlimited 3G mobile hotspot, it even offers 20GB of dedicated mobile hotspot data. Now that you know how much data you will get, is using a mobile hotspot to replace home internet the suitable choice? Well, it mostly depends on your needs and how you are using the data. But if you are stuck on your computer screen all day long then 20GB won’t be enough.

T-Mobile’s Network

If your work doesn’t need too much data, then replacing your home internet with T-Mobile Hotspot could be a great way to save money by getting rid of your monthly home WiFi Bill. T-Mobile’s 4G network ranks third on the number of internet consistency just behind Verizon and AT&T. That network will most probably leave both its competitors behind once T-Mobile completely takes over Sprint’s networks.

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Is T-Mobile Hotspot Good For You?

Now comes the question that makes all the difference. To replace home internet with hotspot you need to have limited data usage. Keeping work aside, using a T-Mobile hotspot as your primary home internet can be a good idea. 20 GB 4G hotspot data could offer great speeds if you watch a lot of shows and movies on streaming platforms. If you don’t reduce video quality, then you will go through data like water. If you have more than one person streaming content in your home, then a mobile hotspot to replace home internet is not such a good idea. 4G data speed and data limit can easily help you manage 2-3 devices but if you have more devices then it can get annoyingly frustrating.

If you have decided not to use t mobile hotspot mobile for home internet then we at Club HDTV can help you find a high-speed internet connection. Reach out to our agents and we will help you find the best possible internet packages at cheap prices.

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