Best Internet Provider For Gaming for 2020

best internet provider for gaming

Imagine having a lightning-fast Internet connection that provides a lag-free smooth gaming experience. Whether you prefer to play pixelated nostalgic games or immerse yourself in the glory of VR, all games and gamers require a gigabit fiber optic internet connection. The best internet provider for gaming is something that every gamer needs to leave the competition in the dust. It probably won’t hurt if the best gaming internet provider if your provider also has brilliant customer service. Just the high-speed internet won’t do the trick, you need one of the best WiFi routers for gamingBest gaming internet plans require a high data cap, low prices, and the lowest possible ping. In this article, we will tell you all about the best gaming internet plans and best gaming internet for rural areas.

The Best Provider For Gaming

Before we get started on our list, you need to understand that there are over 2700 internet service providers throughout the nation. Finding a provider in your area that offers the best internet plan for online gaming can be a headache. If you live in a rural area, it gets even more tough trying to find the best-gaming internet rural areas. Here’s our list of the best internet plan for online gaming.

1. AT&T Fiber: Best Fiber Speeds

When it comes to a high-speed internet connection for gaming, Fiber internet is the king you want. A fiber connection is a holy grail for online gamers. The gamers who constantly live stream their games absolutely need the fiber optic internet connection. AT&T fiber connection aces all the marks for a lightning-fast internet connection. AT&T Fiber stands at the top 10 fastest ISPs in the nation. The FCCs 2018 report stated that AT&T Fiber is one of the fastest fiber internet provider.

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Along with the speed, AT&T fiber internet is notorious for providing more reliable performance when you need it. That means your internet won’t drop out when you are in between rounds in Halo. Here is the best AT&T internet plan for gaming.

PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Internet 1000$60/mo940 MBPSUnlimited

If you are a streamer then we can’t recommend fiber internet enough. Symmetrical download and upload speeds are something you need to keep your Twitch stream running smoothly without frame drops. 

One of the reasons we like AT&T is the consistency in speed. It comes with a brilliant symmetrical upload and download speed for your live streaming. Although fiber internet tends to be limited to coasts, AT&T Fiber has better service coverage than Verizon FiOS.

Pros of AT&T InternetCons of AT&T Internet
Better fiber availability than its counterparts1 TB data cap on all plans except 1000 MBPS
Great for good value for moneyUnderwhelming DSL Internet plans

Xfinity: Great Non-Fiber Speeds

Xfinity’s reliable speeds make it a great choice as the best internet for gaming. But the one thing that makes Xfinity lose the race is the below-average customer service. Xfinity gets a really bad rep for its customer service and we don’t necessarily disagree. But Xfinity does great where it matters, speed and performance. 

Xfinity has one of the best internet plans for online gaming. According to consumers all over the nation, Xfinity internet has smooth sailing. It is one of the best internet provider for gaming in Florida. You can play almost any online multiplayer. You can connect multiple devices to the Xfinity internet and still have a good enough internet connectivity. Here’s the list of best internet plan for online gaming offered by Xfinity.

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PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Performance Starter$19.9925 MBPS1 TB
Performance$55100 MBPS1 TB
Performance Pro$70200 MBPS1 TB
Blast! Pro$80300 MBPS1 TB
Extreme Pro$60600 MBPS1 TB
Gigabit$84.991000 MBPS1.2 TB
Gigabit Pro$299.952000 MBPSUnlimited

Xfinity earned the title of “fastest cable internet” in our ranking of the most reliably ISP out there. If you are lucky and you live in an ideal location then the speeds can reach up to 2000 MBPS. But even the next highest speed of 1000 MBPS is considered the best gaming internet plan.

Pros of XfinityCons of Xfinity
No contract optionsPrices change based on location
Reliable speed & performanceVery high price for 2000 MBPS
Speeds reaching up to 2000 MBPS

Frontier: Best No-Data Cap Plans

Frontier FiOS fiber internet comes with unlimited data which is ideal for unlimited gaming. If you can’t get the AT&T Fiber plan or Verizon FiOS home internet where you live you should check out the frontier FiOS best internet plan for online gaming.

Frontier’s download speed performance can’t match up to Verizon’s internet speed. Those symmetrical fiber upload speeds let you live stream your game without any lag. Best Frontier internet plan for gaming is pretty cost-efficient. Frontier also currently dropped the price for its 1000 MBPS plan.

All the frontier internet plans come with unlimited data so you don’t need to worry when you go on a game downloading spree. Keep in mind that Frontier FiOS fiber internet is widely available. So, your chances of running into AT&T Fiber plans are lesser than finding Frontier fiber internet plans. All in all, Frontier offers the best internet speed for gaming.

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PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Simply FiOS 50/50$29.9950 MBPSUnlimited
Simply FiOS 500/500$39.99500 MBPSUnlimited
Simply FiOS Gig Service$74.991000 MBPSUnlimited

Pros and Cons of Frontier Internet

No data capsFewer internet plan options
Fiber internet speeds

Verizon FiOS: Best Customer Service

According to customer reviews, Verizon FiOS home internet is a great thing to deal with. Verizon’s customer satisfaction score proves it. As a gamer, the last thing you’d want to see is that you have no internet connection. Obviously, you can play offline games, but would it offer you the same level of fun as online multiplayer games. 

You’d want to contact your ISP if you are getting no connectivity. The good thing is that your complaint will be heard at Verizon and your problem will be solved with dedication. Verizon home FiOS internet has earned some impressive stars in terms of speeds and consistency. And based on customer reviews, Verizon offers one of the best gaming internet plans. 

PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Internet 200/200$39.99200 MBPS1 TB
Internet 400/400$59.99400 MBPS1 TB
FiOS Gigabit connection$79.99Up to 940 MBPSUnlimited

Pros and Cons of Verizon Internet

Great Price optionsLimited availability
Fiber speed available 
Brilliant customer service 
No annual contract

Conclusion: Best Internet For Gaming 

Now that you know about the best gaming internet provider available in the United States, you can get yourself a high-speed internet provider and live a lag-free life. With the help of Club HDTV, you can get access to high-speed optical fiber internet connection in your zip code. Club HDTV is full of internet experts who help you find the best internet packages at an affordable cost. Now enjoy your best internet plan for online gaming.

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