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Top Viasat Internet Plans


Connectivity, Technology, AI, ML – all these are terminologies used in a rapidly transformative world that is technology-driven. Life is unimaginable for many without the Internet. Whether it is staying connected with loved ones, work, learning, or other activities, an internet connection is like top Viasat Internet plans is a must. 

These days, more than at other times, everything is available online, and this has made us dependent and handicapped without the internet. Viasat is considered one of the best satellite internet service providers. Today, let’s check out the top Viasat Internet plans.

Understanding Viasat:

Viasat is a satellite communications company focused on providing the best satellite internet for residential areas. It is considered one of the best service providers in its category in the United States of America. Apart from providing internet access in residential areas, they also cater to clients comprising the government and the corporate sector.

Additionally, they provide Wi-Fi on several airlines, such as Virgin America, United Airlines, JetBlue, and more.

Known as “Exede Internet” for its residential internet services, the company in the year 2018 launched ViaSat-2 Satellite. This enabled faster internet speeds to a larger audience than it did before. It was only upon launching ViaSat-2 that it changed its name to, “Viasat Internet” for its residential internet service category.

In terms of names, the company was formerly known as “WildBlue”. However, it is only known as Viasat now. This information may help clear up all misinformation and confusion regarding the company name.

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Why choose Viasat?

If you are living outside the city or in a rural area, then without a shadow of a doubt, Viasat Internet is the best option for you. Despite being a satellite internet service, it offers a great speed that is comparable to cable internet service.

It delivers incredibly fast satellite internet to its customers in residential areas in several specific areas. Viasat Internet provides a good internet experience with enough speed for several users at a time.

For people who do a lot of video streaming, there is no need for stress as it is possible using this satellite internet. However, speed will not be impacted at large. However, the point to be noted is that you might face some lag in streaming 4K videos with this internet service.

Plans and Pricing:

Here is the list of the top Viasat Internet plans for the year 2022.

**Pricing and offers may differ according to the area and are subject to change.

At present, Viasat’s closest competition, HughesNet, is cheaper by far. For an extra 5 GB of data, Hughesnet charges $15 while Viasat charges $48 for the same. And to top it off, HughesNet rolls over unused data tokens while that option is unavailable with Viasat.

The Top Viasat Internet Plans for you:

Although satellite internet may not be a viable option for most people, it can save you money and provide faster internet speed if you happen to live in a rural area. Some of the best deals are-

-Unlimited data. Guarantee a two-year price-lock on your equipment fee and monthly rate—three months of free easy-care customer support. You save up to $300 in plan discounts.

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-Viasat has multiple plans with varying speed options to meet every customer’s needs. It has multiple plans to choose from that encompass varying speeds and prices. The plans consist of speeds ranging from 12–150 Mbps, based on the plan you choose to sign up for.

Viasat Internet Deals price range between $49.99 and $199.99 per month. There is a soft data limit for each deal, and it is largely dependent on the values you pick. The company doesn’t have any hard data caps, so even if you exhaust the allotted data, you will not be charged any additional cost, although your internet speed will slow down.

The biggest perk of choosing Viasat over other internet providers is their Free Zone times. This means that different time slots allow customers to use data that is not inclusive of their monthly limit. This is good news for many people because you may download data or movies during these times without it affecting your data usage. How cool is that?

This is how you save big on high-speed data:

A professional technician will set up the Viasat Satellite Internet for you and they will use a modem and satellite dish to provide you with the internet connection. Standard installation is usually free. However, some customers might have to pay $ 99 for Viasat’s professional installation fee.

The thing to keep in mind is that installation costs are dependent on the mounting option you choose. The plans require a two-year contract and have high termination fees for early termination. Should you decide to end the agreement, you will have to cough up an Early Termination Fee (ETF), which is $15 times the number of months left on the contract. So, as you can see, the charges will rack up fast without you realizing it.

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Data exhaustion is a bitter reality, and although there is no hard cap, once your limit is crossed, you are stuck with practically no internet. And sometimes the best and top Viasat Internet Plans fall short of meeting your needs. The good news is that there are measures you can follow to save your high-speed data. 

Using the web browser provided by Viasat will allow you to save a significant amount of data. Additionally, if you do video streaming, you may choose to do so in a slightly lower resolution. These minor tweaks will benefit you in a big way.