Best Ways to Save Money with Mobile Phone and Internet Bundles

Save Money with Internet and Mobile Phone Bundles

Bundling the Internet with wireless phone service is a brand-new trend. Nowadays, internet providers such as Xfinity, Optimum, Cox, and Spectrum all offer cell phone plans side by side with their regular Wi-Fi bundles. When you combine the internet with one of these phone plans, you receive discounts and exclusive offers along with reliable performance.

Huge cell carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile also provide discounts when you attach a phone plan with internet services. You can compare and choose premium internet plans with one of the top internet providers i.e. Club HDTV.

Pairing your internet and phone plan is a logical option as it streamlines billing and reduces your overall costs. Additionally, you enjoy reliable coverage and data for browsing and hotspot usage. Here’s an in-depth guide to the best internet phone bundles available through internet providers, finishing with information on the discounts and pros they offer.

Top Mobile Bundle Offers

Internet PlanInternet PriceInternet Premium DataInternet Deal
Xfinity Mobile Unlimited$45/month20 GB (afterward speeds reduced to 1.5 Mbps)Get a free Unlimited Intro mobile plan for two years when you sign up for an Xfinity plan with 400Mbps speeds or faster.
Optimum Mobile Unlimited$45/month (1 line, $30/month per line w/2 or more lines)20 GB (afterward speeds reduced to 512 Kbps)Up to $15 off the monthly bill when you bundle Optimum Mobile with the internet.
Spectrum Mobile Unlimited$45/month ($29.99/month per line for 2+ lines)20 GB (afterward speeds reduced to 1 Mbps)Get a free line of the Unlimited Mobile plan for a year when you sign up for an internet plan with speeds of 300Mbps or faster.
Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited$45/month20 GB (afterward speeds reduced to 1.5 Mbps)Get $15 per month off your Cox internet plan when you sign up for a Cox Mobile phone plan.
Verizon Unlimited Ultimate$75/monthUnlimited (speeds never reduced)$25/mo. off Fios or 5G Home Internet when you have a qualifying Verizon wireless plan.
AT&T Unlimited Premium$85/monthUnlimited (speeds never reduced)$20 monthly discount on AT&T Fiber when you bundle it with a qualifying AT&T wireless plan.
T-Mobile Go5G Plus$90/monthUnlimited (speeds never reduced)$20/mo. off 5G Home Internet when you also have Go5G Next, Go5G Plus, or Magenta MAX.

Xfinity Internet and Mobile Packages

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Xfinity Mobile provides a small selection of plans exclusively useful to Xfinity Internet subscribers. Despite the limited variety, Xfinity offers highly competitive mobile and best bundle packages, providing monthly rebates ranging from $10 to $30, effectively deducting your internet costs. Powered by Verizon’s cellular network, Xfinity Mobile guarantees dependable nationwide coverage, including access to 5G networks.

Plans Offered by Xfinity Mobile

Internet PlanInternet PriceInternet Premium data
Unlimited Intro (1 line)$45/month20 GB (afterward speeds reduced to 1.5 Mbps)
Unlimited Plus (1 line)$55/month30 GB (afterward speeds reduced to 1.5 Mbps)
Unlimited Premium (1 line)$65/month50 GB (afterward speeds reduced to 1.5 Mbps)
By the Gig 1 GB (max 2 lines)$15/month1 GB
By the Gig 3 GB (max 2 lines)$30/month3 GB
By the Gig 10 GB (max 2 lines)$60/month10 GB

Xfinity Mobile also offers By the Gig internet cable phone bundle, where your monthly partition of premium data determines your usage. It’s important to exercise alert with these plans since you’ll get a $15 charge for each extra gigabyte of data once you cross your limit.

Deals for Xfinity Mobile and Internet

Internet DealHow to Obtain It
Unlimited Intro line free for two years plus free Wi-Fi equipmentSign up for Xfinity Mobile along with an Xfinity internet plan with 400Mbps speeds or faster
$100 off Google Pixel 7aSign up for Xfinity Mobile and buy the phone (offer ends 9/29/23)

Bundles for AT&T Internet and Mobile

Like to Verizon, AT&T serves as both a cellular and internet provider. Including TV internet phone bundles, AT&T offers fiber internet plans known for their high speeds and competitive rating. Although AT&T doesn’t have established combined packages, you can still profit from reduced costs through periodic limited-time offers and discounts regularly offered by AT&T.

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Internet and Mobile Phone Bundles

Mobile Plans With Unlimited Data from AT&T

Internet PackageInternet PriceInternet Premium dataInternet Hotspot data
AT&T Unlimited Starter$65.00/mo.N/A (speeds can slow during network congestion)3 GB (then reverts to 128 Kbps speeds)
AT&T Unlimited Extra$75.00/mo.50 GB (afterward speeds can slow during network congestion)15 GB (then reverts to 128 Kbps speeds)
AT&T Unlimited Premium$85.00/mo.Unlimited (speeds never slowed)50 GB (then reverts to 128 Kbps speeds)

AT&T’s flagship phone plans are slightly cheaper than Verizon’s. They don’t have all the perks, but they still pack a punch with lots of data, additional data for hot spotting, and the best cellular coverage. No need to worry about getting crashed to the back of the line in network-congested locations as might happen with an MVNO carrier.

Deals for AT&T Wireless Mobile and Internet

Internet DealHow to Obtain It
25% monthly discount on your phone planSign up for a qualifying phone plan and also have an eligible internet plan

Final Verdict

In conclusion, combining your internet and mobile phone services is a smart method to save money without sacrificing the quality and reliability of these essential services. By carefully estimating your requirements, comparing providers, and taking pro of discounts and promotions, you can enjoy the convenience of bundled services while keeping more money in your pocket. Remember to regularly review your cable and internet bundle and make adjustments as needed to ensure you’re always obtaining the best value for your money.