How to Use a T-Mobile Hotspot? Step By Step Guide

how to setup t-mobile hotspot

A mobile hotspot has multiple useful ways to connect all your devices when you can’t access a WiFi connection. A hotspot is a great tool if you don’t have a WiFi connection and need to do work or stream videos from another device. T-Mobile offers hotspot data with 3 of its main plans and T-Mobile internet hotspot plans can help you substitute WiFi. You need to learn how to use a T-Mobile hotspot so you can substitute it for a WiFi connection. 

Have you ever been in dire need of an internet connection from another device but didn’t had a WiFi connection or another internet connection? The only way to solve that conundrum is by learning how to setup T-Mobile hotspot. A hotspot is basically when you can set up your mobile device to serve a physical location, like a WiFi router. 

With your T-Mobile hotspot WiFi service turned on, other devices can connect to your network. It can also help if your WiFi connection is down and you need to get work done. Currently, there are multiple T-Mobile internet hotspot plans like discounts on iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Best T-Mobile Internet Hotspot Plans

If you wish to ensure that you have a wireless plan with a hotspot for situations when you don’t have a WiFi connection, then you need to learn how to setup T-Mobile hotspot. There are 3 main T-Mobile internet hotspot plans to look out for, as all of these plans come with hotspot capability. 

  • T-Mobile Essentials: This T-Mobile plan comes at $26/mo. per line and it is one of the cheapest mobile hotspots. It offers great features to users like unlimited talk, text and smartphone data, unlimited texting abroad, and 5G access at no additional costs. If you’re wondering “how to connect a T-Mobile hotspot” then you should know that it offers 3G hotspot data at maximum 3G speeds. This is a great plan if you want to save money and don’t really plan on using a hotspot every day. 
  • T-Mobile Magenta: This plan costs $35/mo. per line and it offers loads of features. You get features like data and texting abroad, Netflix and free texting, and one-hour in-flight WiFi. Coming down to hotspot data, T-Mobile Magenta offers 3GB 4G LTE Mobile hotspot data. This price offers a middle-tier price point, you get a reliable hotspot connection whenever you’ll need it. This plan is perfect for those who need to work on the road or watch a few videos while traveling. 
  • T-Mobile Magenta Plus: This is the most expensive plan out of all T-Mobile internet hotspot plans. The cost of the plan is $43/mo. per line and it offers 20GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data. This would be ideal for users who frequently use mobile hotspot data. The plan can be great for all those who travel a lot while working or users who use their phone as their main point of internet access.
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Can T-Mobile Internet Hotspot Plans Replace Home Internet?

If you’re searching for a T-Mobile internet hotspot plans then you might have wondered if it can replace your home internet. And \f you can learn how to connect a T-Mobile hotspot with every device in your home, you can save money on your WiFi bill.

If you connect to the internet a lot to stream videos, work online, video conferencing, etc.. then you can run out of your hotspot data very quickly. Before that happens, your phone’s data will take priority over hotspot it will start to get really slow. 

If you don’t need internet access that much for work and use it occasionally then you can get rid of WiFi by using T-Mobile’s Magenta Plus plan. 20GB data on the Magenta Plus plan will last for about 240 hours, so keeping that in mind will come in handy while you learn how to use a T-Mobile hotspot?

If 20GB data won’t do it for you, then T-Mobile also sells separate hotspot devices, which might be a much better option than a mere cellphone plan.

How To Setup T-Mobile Hotspot?

While turning on and connecting to a mobile hotspot plan is a fairly easy process, you still may need direction as to how to do it. You’ll just have to follow few steps and remember it may be a bit different based on the type of phone you are using. Here’s a step by step guide on how to setup T-Mobile hotspot:

1. Verify WiFi and smartphone mobile hotspot are turned off. 

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2. Open your phone’s settings. 

3. Search for “Wireless & Networks”, tap more to expand the menu. 

4. Click on the mobile hotspot and tethering > WiFi Hotspot.

5. When the “Set up mobile hotspot” screen appears, enter your password.

6. Tap the WiFi hotspot slider to “on”.

7. When the “Mobile hotspot is activated” text appears, click on “Yes” to learn more or tap Skip.

After you have set up your mobile hotspot, you can use it any time you need with just a click of the slider. Make sure to turn it off when you aren’t using the hotspot, so you don’t end up wasting any data. 

Conclusion: How to Use T-Mobile Hotspot

Hotspot is a great feature on any device and any cellphone plan. T-Mobile internet hotspot plans can give you access to the internet when you don’t have a WiFi connection. You can use any of the hotspot plan to share internet connection with other devices to stream video, go through Emails or work online.

Needless to say, T-Mobile internet hotspot plans offer great hotspot connectivity but they aren’t exactly the suitable replacement for WiFi. Unless you have very limited monthly internet usage, you can’t survive on just hotspot data. Hotspots are very helpful when you need them, and as all the major T-Mobile hotspot plans offer hotspot connectivity, they are worth considering. 

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