Gathering Knowledge about Elon Musk’s Starlink Internet

Starlink Internet

Starlink is a satellite internet service developed by SpaceX, a company owned by Elon Musk. The Starlink internet’s main aim is to provide more data at a faster speed just by using the low-Earth orbit satellites. This low-latency broadband service provides broadband to various remote and rural areas all around the globe. The internet speed offered by Starlink internet is between 150-500 Mbps. If you are living in the Northern latitudes of the US and in a few places nearby, you can easily avail yourself of Starlink internet. You can check the availability of Starlink in your area by putting the address directly on the official website of Starlink internet. If Starlink internet is available in your area, it will tell you an estimated installation date. You can book the spot immediately by paying the deposit amount. 

The fastness of Starlink Internet 

The Starlink internet, launched by Elon Musk, is undoubtedly the talk of the town. However, it is quite expensive to take up internet service, especially if you are choosing the premium package. It is the fastest satellite internet service provider in the US. However, compared to the US fixed internet providers, it does not stand valid in the competition. The download speed of Starlink’s internet data cap is somewhere between 50Mbps and 150Mbps. This, however, again depends on what package you are taking. As per research, it is seen that the average speed of Starlink’s internet is around 100Mbps. This ensures you can easily stream videos, play games, and work remotely. Do online classes, etc. 

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Starlink has a download speed between 87.25Mbps and 104.97Mbps in the US. However, periodic outages are the only and the main issue that Starlink’s internet faces. This happens because of the gaps that are present in the satellite constellation. The Starlink constellation looks similar to a spread fish net that is moving around the Earth.  

Choosing Starlink Internet Services 

Since Starlink is a brand-new internet service beginning to spread, it has spread its wings in parts of Canada and the US. However, to extend the business to a much greater extent by the end of 2022. However, since it has just started, its reliability is a question. You cannot blindly rely on it to be 100% perfect. If you take Starlink connect right now, then there are chances that you will face several outages. This is mainly because the satellite constellation is not completely built, and there will be disturbances till it is completely done. Starlink’s internet cost will be high too.

However, please use Starlink as an alternative satellite internet option in rural areas. At any point in time, it is way faster than the other internet services you can choose from in rural areas; the disturbances remain equally annoying. Suppose you plan to install Starlink internet for your work-from-home or online classes. Then wait for a while. Let the stable reach a level of reliability, then choose Starlink as your internet service provider. 

Starlink Internet Availability 

If you live within 45-degree and 53-degree latitudes, then you can easily avail yourself of Starlink internet. The satellite constellations are being worked on. As the development of the constellation proceeds, Starlink’s internet availability will keep increasing. Starlink internet will soon be available all over the world.  

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If you are a resident of Canada, the Northern US, Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of Europe, you can easily get Starlink internet. You will have to sign up and wait on the waiting list. You can also check if the services are available in your area or not by just visiting the official website of Starlink internet and putting your address. If the service is available, it will automatically show up; if it is not, you can ask for notifications. They will inform you about the availability of the service in your area. 

Starlink Internet for The Urban Areas 

There are too many options for internet services in urban and semi-urban areas. The capacity of the satellite is hence extremely limited here. Hence, choosing Starlink beta sign-up for the urban and semi-urban areas is not a wise thing to do. Every geographical area has a limited capacity, and internet traffic is automatically formed. This is mainly because it has to pass through the satellite that it finds nearest to itself. This is not the same for rural areas; hence, they can easily use Starlink services.  

Starlink Internet Launch and Speed

In a recent tweet, Elon Musk announced that 1,469 Starlink satellites are currently active and working. The satellite launch started way back in 2018, and it is assumed to continue in the years to come. Starlink internet has been continuously launching two satellites or a batch of satellites every month for the last two years. Starlink has the plan to launch thousands of such satellites in the years to come. This fishnet satellite will soon spread itself evenly and cover the entire Earth forming a knit. 

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The download speed of Starlink’s internet data cap will be between 50Mbps and 500Mbps, while the latency will be as low as 50 ms to 60 ms. This satellite Internet service’s speed works wonders with an unlimited data package. Data caps are one of the major aspects that slow down the service and make it run out even before the month ends. Hence, there is no assurance that Starlink will keep providing unlimited data despite such conditions. Although, if you look into it, then unlimited data is one of the major advantages of Starlink internet. 


Starlink is currently considered to be the talk of the town. However, getting a Starlink beta sign-up right at this moment is not a wise decision since the satellite constellation is still building. It will take a few years to reach a stable point, and you can rely on it. Till then, there are various other satellite internet service providers that you can take services from.