AT&T Troubleshooting Guide: How To Fix AT&T Internet & TV?

AT&T internet Installation

AT&T TV and Internet service may be perfect but at certain times it can cause you tons of problems. AT&T customer support may not be able to help you on time but this article will. We’ve done our research and come up with an easy AT&T troubleshooting guide to the most common problems regarding AT&T Internet TV service. If you run into more complex problems, we suggest you call AT&T customer support.

Troubleshooting ATT WiFi

WiFi problems are the most common source of frustration, second only to rating requests. There are so many ways you can quickly Fix WiFi regarding your network connection, minor modern and router-related bugs, and username-password exercises. Just read on ahead and find solutions for all your AT&T Internet.

1. Check Your Network Connection

Loose connections can happen, especially when you have pets at home. Check your Ethernet cables and power cords to ensure all plugs are secured. If your Ethernet and power cords are extremely old then you should also change the old cord with a new one. It is a cheap upgrade, instead of upgrading your router.

2. Reboot Your AT&T Modem & WiFi Router

The most outdated piece of advice “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” is more than a fun line. It’s one of the best tips to reset any old piece of technology that includes both modem/router. Which will help you get it working in time. 

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You can reboot your gateway by simply turning it on and off again. This will allow you to fix any minor bug that might be slowing down your router’s performance. Unplug your Modem/Router from its power source, wait for 2 minutes, and then reconnect to power. Like rebooting a computer, rebooting your modem/router is basically like routine maintenance that should happen more often than you think. 

3. Find Your AT&T WiFi Network Username & Password

Some problems can be tweaked by logging in to your router settings. If you changed none of the credentials that came with the Modem/Router when installed, you can still find them on the back of your router. Log in to your AT&T wireless account for a refresher and fix your settings.

AT&T Internet Service Troubleshooting

Slow internet speeds and dropped connections are a sign of AT&T Internet service problems outside of your home WiFi Network. The trouble is not from your end, it’s from their end. Here’s how you can determine these AT&T internet problems.

1. Take an Internet Speed Test

Chances are you’re getting tricked and you want to check whether or not you’re getting the speed you’re paying for. Depending on the type of connection you have (DSL or Fiber), these speeds can vary during your neighborhood traffic hours. To get an accurate idea of the speed you’re getting, check the speeds at different times of the day. 

2. Reset Your AT&T Internet Equipment

If you’ve already tried turning on and off the trick with your AT&T Modem/router or gateway. This will clean away any custom settings, like your WiFi network name and static IPs, but they can be restored after. 

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A full reset will clean up all the performance issues that you have been facing. Rebooting your modem/router does and gives you added security protection by disrupting malware and switching up hacked passwords.

3. Restart Your Internet Connected Devices

It’s the same as turning your router/modem on and off. Rebooting your internet-connected devices can also fix your AT&T Internet issues. Restart your computers, laptops, tablets, phones, TV streaming devices, and whatever else you may have connected to your WiFi connections. Doing this will refresh systems and clear caches, and bugs interfering with your internet performance.

AT T TV Device Troubleshooting

Your AT&T TV device is internet-connected, almost all of the tips listed above will help in fixing your AT&T TV device. 

1. Check Your Cables and Connections

Does your signal keep on dropping? Are you unable to watch your favorite channels? Check the HDMI cable between your TV and the AT&T TV device. If you’re using an Ethernet cable to connect the device to the internet.

Also, check the power cable, it’ll be much more obvious that the power cable isn’t connected. Once nothing will turn on, you will know the source of the problem. Overall, check all the cables running from your TV and AT&T TV device and fix them.

2. Refresh Signal To Your AT&T TV Device

This step does work for every electronic device, devices such as TV Devices & Gateway. All of these electronic devices need a good cleaning now and then to get them to run properly. You can restart your AT&T TV device by pushing the red button on the side of the box or unplugging and plugging it back in. You can also run network diagnostics through settings. If you want, you can restart the internet modem/router or gateway at the same time just to make sure you get rid of all your problem.

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