Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon: A Comprehensive Comparison‍

Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon

In the world of mobile carriers, there are plenty of options to choose from, especially when it comes to major players like Verizon and MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) like Xfinity Mobile. 

Many consumers find themselves debating which carrier to choose, particularly when considering factors such as pricing, coverage, and available devices. In this article, we will provide an in-depth comparison of Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon, covering everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Introduction: Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon

When choosing a mobile carrier, several factors come into play, such as pricing, coverage, available devices, and additional perks. As the competition between carriers heats up, it becomes increasingly important to examine these factors closely to determine the right choice for your specific needs. 

In this comprehensive comparison of Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon, we will dive deep into these factors and more, providing you with all the necessary information to make the best decision for your mobile service.

Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon: Pricing

Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile is a Comcast-owned MVNO that runs on Verizon’s network. One of the major attractions for many consumers is its comparatively affordable pricing. However, it is important to note that Xfinity Mobile requires you to be a subscriber to their internet service to sign up for their mobile plans.

Xfinity Mobile offers two primary plan options: By The Gig and Unlimited. The By The Gig plan allows you to pay for a shared data pool, while the Unlimited plan offers a mix of 4G LTE and 5G service for each line. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing for Xfinity Mobile:

By The Gig


In addition to your mobile plan, you’ll need to choose an Xfinity internet service plan, which can range from $39.99 per month for 400Mbps to $89.99 per month for 1,200Mbps.


Verizon is known for its higher pricing compared to many other carriers, including Xfinity Mobile. However, its pricing structure is more straightforward, as it does not require you to subscribe to any additional plans. Verizon’s pricing becomes more cost-effective the more lines you add, potentially making it a better option for larger families. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing for Verizon:

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myPlan Unlimited WelcomemyPlan Unlimited Plus
$65 for one line$80 for one line
$55 for two lines$70 for two lines
$40 for three lines$55 for three lines
$30 for four lines$45 for four lines
$27 for five lines$42 for five lines

Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon: Coverage

  1. Xfinity Mobile

Although Xfinity Mobile utilizes Verizon’s 4G LTE network for its service, there are some differences to consider. One of the key advantages of Xfinity Mobile Internet is its extensive network of high-speed hotspots. Instead of relying solely on mobile networks, your phone will prioritize connecting to these hotspots, thereby not counting against your data cap. While you won’t find a national coverage map for Xfinity Mobile’s 4G LTE service, you can expect solid coverage due to Verizon’s underlying infrastructure.

In terms of 5G coverage, Xfinity Mobile offers select hotspots around sports stadiums and other highly populated areas.

  1. Verizon

Verizon is known for its fast and extensive coverage, with its 4G LTE network covering over 70% of the United States. While there are some areas with weaker signal strength, these tend to be less populated regions.

When it comes to 5G availability, Verizon’s mmWave network is limited but offers a more extensive Nationwide network for customers.

Perks and Promotions

  1. Xfinity Mobile

As an MVNO, it does not offer the same level of perks and promotions as Verizon. You will not find video or music streaming bonuses, but the carrier does offer the ability to mix and match plans to suit individual users’ needs. It does provide some device discounts, including discounts on Motorola’s G series and a free iPhone SE (2022) with certain conditions.

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  1. Verizon

Verizon, being a major carrier, offers a wide range of perks and promotions for its customers. These may include discounted or free devices upon signing a contract, as well as additional services and features at discounted rates. Verizon’s list of perks, available for $10 each per month, includes:

  • Disney Bundle (Hulu, Disney Plus, ESPN Plus)
  • 2TB Cloud Storage
  • 100GB Mobile hotspot
  • Walmart+ Membership
  • Apple One
  • Apple Music Family
  • Smartwatch Data
  • 3 TravelPass Days
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Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon: Phone Selection

  1. Xfinity Mobile

It offers a surprisingly wide range of devices, including flagship models from Apple, Samsung, and Google. They also provide several budget-friendly options, such as Motorola phones, for less than $10 per month. Xfinity allows you to bring your own device and offers a $50 gift card as an incentive.

  1. Verizon

As one of the largest carriers in the United States, Verizon boasts an impressive selection of high-end devices. All major manufacturers, including Samsung, Apple, and Google, are represented in their lineup. Verizon also supports a bring-your-own device (BYOD) option for customers. To access the fastest 5G service, look for devices with the “UW” tag, indicating compatibility with Verizon’s mmWave network.

Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon: Customer Service

  1. Xfinity Mobile

It offers customer support through various channels, including phone, chat, and their support website. While their customer service may not be as highly regarded as some competitors, they do provide a reasonable level of support for their customers.

  1. Verizon

Verizon is known for its extensive and efficient customer service, offering support through phone, chat, and social media. They also provide a comprehensive support website with a wide range of resources for customers.

International Features

  1. Xfinity Mobile

It offers international roaming options for customers traveling abroad. Their international roaming rates vary depending on the destination country, with per-minute voice calls ranging from $0.05 to $2.00, text messages at $0.25 each, and data usage billed at $0.01 per MB. They also offer an International Day Pass for $10 per day, which includes unlimited talk, text, and 100MB of data.

  1. Verizon

Verizon offers several international features for customers, including TravelPass, which allows you to use your domestic talk, text, and data allowances while traveling abroad for a daily fee. They also provide international calling plans and a variety of international data options to suit different travel needs.

Network Performance

  1. Xfinity Mobile

As an MVNO utilizing Verizon’s network, Xfinity Mobile’s performance largely depends on the underlying infrastructure provided by Verizon. Generally, customers can expect reliable and fast service, although MVNO customers may experience slower speeds during times of network congestion.

  1. Verizon

Verizon is known for its strong network performance, offering fast and reliable service across the United States. Their 5G network, while still developing, also provides increased speed and capacity for compatible devices.

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Data Caps and Throttling

  1. Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile’s By The Gig plan allows customers to choose a shared data pool, with any unused data rolling over to the next month. For the Unlimited plan, customers may experience reduced speeds after using 20GB of data in a billing cycle. Additionally, video streaming is limited to standard-definition (480p) quality on the Unlimited plan.

  1. Verizon

Verizon’s Unlimited plans include a soft data cap, after which customers may experience reduced speeds during times of network congestion. The data cap varies by plan, with the myPlan Unlimited Welcome offering 50GB before potential throttling and the myPlan Unlimited Plus providing 75GB.

Tethering and Hotspot

  1. Xfinity Mobile

It allows tethering and hotspot usage on both their By The Gig and Unlimited plans. For the Unlimited plan, customers receive 20GB of high-speed hotspot data per billing cycle, after which speeds are reduced to 600 Kbps.

  1. Verizon

Verizon offers mobile hotspot capabilities on its Unlimited plans, with varying amounts of high-speed data depending on the plan. The myPlan Unlimited Welcome includes 15GB of high-speed hotspot data, while the myPlan Unlimited Plus offers 30GB.


When comparing Xfinity Mobile vs Verizon, the best choice ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences. Xfinity may be a more cost-effective option for those who are already subscribers to their internet service, while Verizon may be a better fit for those with larger families or who prioritize additional perks and features.

By considering factors such as pricing, coverage, available devices, and additional perks, you can make an informed decision about which carrier is the right fit for you. Whether you choose Xfinity Mobile or Verizon, it’s essential to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each to ensure you’re making the best decision for your mobile service needs.


  1. Q. Which is better Verizon or Xfinity?

    A. Verizon Fios offers better value than Xfinity with faster speeds, including uploads, and greater reliability.

  2. Q. Does Xfinity Mobile use the same network as Verizon?

    A. Xfinity Mobile utilizes the network of Verizon for its coverage.

  3. Q. What is the difference between Verizon and Xfinity?

    A. Verizon and Xfinity are distinct entities, each operating in different sectors. Verizon serves as a provider of fiber internet and wireless services, while Xfinity focuses on delivering cable TV and internet solutions.

  4. Q. Who is cheaper Verizon or Xfinity?

    A. Xfinity's unlimited data plan is cheaper than Verizon's, but it's only available to existing Xfinity internet customers. If you don't have Xfinity internet or it's not available in your area, you can't get Xfinity Mobile.