WOW Internet Service Review: Is WOW Internet Service Any Good?

wow internet service review

WOW! Provides cable internet service to nine states in the eastern half of the USA. Despite the acronym standing for Wide Open West for WOW! It only serves the eastern half of the country. It’s internet plans are incredibly fast, ranging from 100 to 1000 MBPS and comparatively cheap. The provider sounds good up until now. Apart from speed, WOW! offers other perks as well like inexpensive internet, no-contract plans, and much more. Let’s go in-depth about the service that WOW! offers in this internet review.

WOW Internet Pros and Cons

Fast Internet SpeedsNo TV Service
Inexpensive plansLimited availability
No Contractual options availableContract-free plans cost more every month
Unlimited Data 
Option to rent Eero mesh WiFi system

WOW! Internet Plans and Prices

Once you compare WOW! to other ISP, their internet prices are lower than other internet service providers. WOW! packs a lot of download speed into all its internet plans without having your break your bank. That means you’ll get your money’s worth whether you get the Internet 100 plan or go to the full limit 1000 plans. 

Let’s put the prices aside for a moment. WOW! Offers you four download speeds to choose from. The cheapest plan comes with 100 MBPS speeds, which is already fast enough to keep a small to mid-sized family occupied without slow speeds. If you have a huge internet appetite, then you should choose from a plan. Here’s a list of basic Internet packages you can choose from.

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PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Internet 100$34.99/mo100 MBPSUnlimited
Internet 200$44.99/mo200 MBPSUnlimited
Internet 500$54.99/mo500 MBPSUnlimited
Internet 1000$74.99/mo1000 MBPSUnlimited

WOW! Internet No-Contract Plans

If you are constantly on the move or if you don’t like being bound to a contract then WOW! also offers you no-contract options. That’s a great feature for most people, of course, you’ll have to pay $25 more every month to turn down that two-year contract. But if absolutely despise the contracts then having a choice in the matter is not a bad thing.

PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Internet 100$59.99/mo100 MBPSUnlimited
Internet 200$69.99/mo200 MBPSUnlimited
Internet 500$79.99/mo500 MBPSUnlimited
Internet 1000$99.99/mo1000 MBPSUnlimited

WOW! Internet Speed

The speed offered by WOW! ranges from 100-1000 MBPS. These speeds are good enough for all kinds of users. The packages get even better when you consider that most internet plans don’t cost as much as other providers. Due to its limited availability, it is tough to know whether WOW! delivers the speeds of not. The latest internet download speed on FCC doesn’t include any data on WOW! Internet packages.

So if you are looking for a reliable internet service then you can only find out about WOW! Internet speed after trying it for yourself or check with people who already use WOW! Internet service. We do hope that FCC includes WOW! Internet in their services. In the meantime let’s assume that WOW! Internet plans offer good enough internet packages.

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WOW! Contracts, Equipment, and Fee

If it was up to us, we would only choose no contract internet plans for your home or business. But unfortunately, not all providers think for the benefit of the consumers. WOW! Imposes a 2-year long contract across all their internet plans. Although if you are ready to spend an extra amount, you can get the same plan without being stuck in a contract. All you have to do is just ask your local WOW! ISP for no-contract option and pay $25 extra every month. 

Same as every ISP, WOW! asks you to buy or rent a modem to use their internet services. If you opt for the rent option then $10 will be added on your plan every month. WOW! also offers consumers an opportunity to rent the Eero mesh WiFi system, which is incredible if you reside in a huge home or if you are buying the internet service for a business. Here’s a breakdown of the charges. 

  • Wireless Modem Charge: $10/mo
  • Whole-home WiFi (Base and One beacon): $9.99/mo
  • Whole-home WiFi additional beacon fee: $5.99/mo

If you have signed for a contract then we suggest you buy the equipment instead of renting it. You don’t have to buy the router from your ISP if you want you can buy it from any place you like. A year’s worth of router rental fee will cost you $120, in much less amount you can get a better router for your internet connection. 

Conclusion: Is WOW! An Ideal ISP?

WOW! Internet does the work where it matters, Internet speed. Their range of speed is quite good and according to several customer reviews, they do provide the speed you are paying for. It also offers a no-contract option and the incredible Eero mesh WiFi system. These two perks are enough to give any ISP the green light.

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