Spectrum Tops The List As The Fastest ISP In 2022’s Q3


Charter Communications’ Spectrum brand is the second and highest-rated internet service provider in the United States. It provides its services in 41 states to 30 million subscribers.

Every quarter, Ookla gathers data from millions of customers who use the Speedtest.net tool. It gives the people of America an idea about the best and fastest internet provider and the services provided by them. As work-from-home culture has become more popular and people are becoming more dependent on the internet for their work and entertainment, this test helps them choose the best service provider as per their requirements.

As per the latest Ookla Speedtest report, Spectrum has bagged the top spot as the best and fastest internet provider in the US. Spectrum has won this place from Cox, which was at the top a few months ago. The results are based on the data collected from July to September 2022.

In 2022, three internet providers took the top position. Verizon was on top at the start of 2022. Cox had taken over that position, and Spectrum has now taken that place. Spectrum made quite a jump, from third place to first place (183.74 Mbps to 212 Mbps). AT&T went from 5th to 6th place but then showed growth from 146.64 Mbps to 167.32 Mbps. Optimum entered the list by taking 5th place with a download speed of 176.03 Mbps.

Spectrum scored highest in the Ookla consistency report, too. This allows them to monitor how frequently internet providers are upholding basic broadband standards. Spectrum hit the 91% mark, and Cox and Xfinity marked 90%.

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Spectrum is the fastest cable broadband provider in 17 out of 100 populated cities and 11 states in the US. It includes cities such as Dallas and San Diego. States included are Hawaii, Georgia, California, Indiana, Idaho, Montana, Louisiana, Texas, Ohio, Wyoming, and Wisconsin.

If we talk about upload speed, AT&T bagged the first place with an upload speed of 125.87 Mbps, and Verizon is in the second position with an upload speed of 108.64 Mbps. Optimum is third with an upload speed of 30.68 Mbps, Xfinity is second with an upload speed of 20.28 Mbps, CenturyLink is fourth with 11.89 Mbps, Spectrum is fifth with 11.69 Mbps, and Cox is sixth with 10.64 Mbps.

A representative of Ookla said that Fiber cable and DSL network download rates are 5–10 times higher than upload speeds. Whereas in a fiber network, download and upload speeds are almost similar. As per Ookla CTO Duke Deryckx, this difference in downlink and uplink is changing slowly. Last September 2021, the median upload speed in the US was 18.86 Mbps, and this September 2022, it is 22.40 Mbps.

US download rates have also gone up, from 127.82 Mbps as of September 2021 to 172.30 Mbps as of September 2022. The US takes seventh place globally for median download speed. Japan is in sixth place with download rates of 172.94 Mbps. Last year, it was in twenty-fourth place globally with download rates of 91.80 Mbps. China is in third place with a download rate of 196 Mbps.

Top 3 Internet Service Providers for Download Speed in Q3 2022

Spectrum with a download speed of 211.66 Mbps

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Cox had a download speed of 196.52 Mbps.

Xfinity has a download speed of 191.65 Mbps.

If you are working from home or using the internet for HD streaming, gaming, or other smart device connectivity, the internet speed of 200 to 300 Mbps is quite good.


Spectrum is one of the top internet providers in the US. They have 30 million subscribers. What sets them apart are the services they offer and transparent communication related to their services and offers.

Spectrum has no data cap, which is one of its appealing features. There are no contracts, fees, or termination fees, and customers get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Spectrum provides three-speed plans. The entry-level plan provides a download speed of 300Mbps  is quite good compared to other competitive brands. With increasing speed and better services, spectrum has taken the first position as the best ISP in Q3 2022 in the US.

It will be interesting to see who will reach the top when Ookla comes up with its report after the year ends.