Best Cheap Home Internet and TV Bundles You Can Choose From

Cheap internet and TV bundles

If you’re tired of paying the hefty internet and TV bills, then you can save money on TV and the internet with bundles. All the top internet providers offer TV and internet bundle plans to the users.

If you want access to high-speed internet and TV service from the same provider, then home internet and TV and internet packages should be your pick. You can get as many cheap internet plans or as cheap TV plans, and they still won’t be enough compared to cheap home internet and TV Bundles

First off, getting a TV and internet bundle for home is convenient as you don’t have to pay two separate bills every month. Plus, you get other features like:

  • Equipment upgrades
  • Contract buyout
  • Signup discounts

The features you’ll get are based on your provider and where you live. And if you want a basic breakdown of all the cheap home TV and Internet bundles, then you should give a call to our internet experts and learn about all the offers in your area. Drop a call at +1(855) 352-5313.

Best Cheap Internet and TV Bundles

There’s no limit to cheap internet and TV bundles available in the market, but not all of them are worth the money. So, we went ahead and curated a list for you of the best cheap internet and TV bundles for you. 

1. AT&T Bundle – Fiber 300 Internet and DIRECTV Entertainment Package

This is the cheapest TV and Internet bundle offered by AT&T internet. It comes with simultaneous upload and download speeds of 300 MBPS. For TV lovers this is an amazing plan as it offers 65 or 160 live TV channels (based on the TV service you choose). 

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AT&T Internet 300 is one of the most balanced internet services that’s available in the market. It comes with free equipment and unlimited data, what more can you ask for? As for TV, AT&T offers two options to the consumers, which is basically the same service:

  • DIRECTV (Satellite TV)
  • DirecTV Stream (Live TV Streaming)

Both of these services are a bit expensive, and neither of them comes with a discount when bundling with the internet. 

Do keep in mind that the Entertainment plan is the cheapest available on both the TV services, but the satellite version costs $5 less. The satellite version also comes with around 100 more channels, but we believe streaming is the way of the future. 

  • Starting monthly price: $125 plus taxes and fees
  • Bundle savings: $0
  • Max internet speeds: 300Mbps down, 300Mbps up
  • Channel count: 160-plus
  • Tech: Fiber internet, satellite TV

2. Cox Bundle – Internet Essential and Contour TV Preferred

Cox used to offer the best TV and internet bundle discounts out of any major provider. Users could get up to 60% or higher in savings on home bundle plans instead of standalone services. 

The Cox home TV and Internet bundle we’ve chosen is a great option for most users. Cox Internet Essentials starts at $40 per month, but when you add TV service, the price goes all the way to $138 per month. You will get a good enough channel lineup for the amount you’re paying. 

And for the “streaming” bundle package, there are no live channels included. In fact, there is no content with the streaming bundle except a free subscription to Peacock Premium ($5 per month). For the extra $5 customers will be paying for the streaming service, they will get a good enough streaming device but it won’t include any live channels.

  • Starting monthly price: $138 plus taxes and fees
  • Bundle savings: $0
  • Max internet speeds: 50Mbps down, 3Mbps up
  • Channel count: 140-plus
  • Tech: Cable internet, cable TV

3. Frontier Bundle: Frontier FiberOptic 500/500 Internet and YouTube TV

Frontier has stopped offering its own bundle plan and now it has partnered with other TV providers like DirecTV, DISH, and YouTube TV. They’ve done this to offer TV and internet bundles to the user for additional savings. The YouTube TV Bundle is the best deal and it’s the only one that offers some level of discount. 

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Unfortunately, for home internet services, Frontier isn’t the best one. But that’s because it offers DSL internet service. Frontier FiberOptic is easier to recommend as the cheapest internet bundle comes with speeds reaching up to 500 MBPS.

YouTube TV, it’s one of the best premium live TV streaming services. Your subscription comes with an assortment of at least 85 channels and includes local channels and you’ll want to watch AMC, ESPN, HGTV, TBS, and the USA. 

  • Starting monthly price: $105 plus taxes and fees
  • Bundle savings: $10 per month
  • Max internet speeds: 500Mbps down, 500Mbps up
  • Channel count: 85-plus
  • Tech: Fiber internet, streaming TV

4. Verizon FiOS Bundle: Internet 300 and Your FiOS TV

Verizon FiOS and your FiOS TV is a unique type of TV and internet bundle. Users get to choose from five of their favorite networks and Verizon will create a custom channel lineup based on what you want to watch. That’s a pretty great deal, but when you add the cost of $110 for 300 MBPS internet and 125 channels. It offers excellent value.

Your regional sports networks aren’t an option with the Your FiOS TV plan. If you want regional channels too, then you’ll have to upgrade the TV plan and your bundle plan cost will go up to $125.

  • Starting monthly price: $110 plus taxes and fees
  • Bundle savings: None
  • Max internet speeds: 300Mbps down, 300Mbps up
  • Channel count: 125-plus
  • Tech: Fiber internet, fiber TV

5. Xfinity Bundle: Connect Internet and Basic TV

This is one of the rare TV and internet bundles in the market that actually offers a discount for bundling internet and TV. Xfinity offers a great discount for bundling with $10 off per added service, so for a TV and Internet bundle, you can save up to $20 per month.

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You’ll get the bundle discount regardless of the internet plan and TV package you choose, including the cheapest combination.

For just $40 more per month, you can upgrade to the Xfinity Popular TV package, which offers 100 or more channels including regional sports networks. If you want, you can upgrade your internet plan and it may be worth the added cost as well. Xfinity has five faster speed tiers, up to gig service with speeds of 1,200 MBPS.

  • Starting monthly price: $40 plus taxes and fees
  • Bundle savings: $20 per month
  • Max internet speeds: 50Mbps down, 4Mbps up
  • Channel count: 10-plu
  • Tech: Cable internet, cable TV

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