Why Should You Choose CenturyLink Unlimited Internet Plans?

centurylink unlimited internet plans

CenturyLink is a great internet service provider that aims towards offering high-speed internet service. One of the greatest things about CenturyLink Unlimited internet service is that it doesn’t bind users in a contract. To make things even better, CenturyLink offers a price for life guarantee, which means you won’t have to deal with a price hike as long as you are using their services. Not all internet service providers are perfect and the same is the case with CenturyLink.

CenturyLink has its fair share of problems, the biggest problem with CenturyLink is their customer service. Over years, CenturyLink has had a bad rep for customer service. According to FCC, CenturyLink has had below-average marks for customer service for a few years. CenturyLink, has only two types of internet service, DSL & Fiber internet connection. While the fiber connectivity is limited, if you don’t reside in a fiber internet connectivity area then you can also choose DSL Internet service.

CenturyLink Unlimited Internet Packages

CenturyLink is still one of those providers that have a wide range of speeds and variations. It offers the best speed range and plans for users of all kinds. The speed ranges are spread between both DSL and Fiber internet connectivity. CenturyLink has internet service plans for all kind of users, if you have a huge family, then you may need to get CenturyLink unlimited internet plans to get you through the month without having to worry about running out of data. Here’s a list of all the CenturyLink internet plans to choose from.

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PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Limit
Price for Life 15 MBPS$4915 MBPS1 TB
Price for Life 20 MBPS$4920 MBPS1 TB
Price for Life 40 MBPS$4940 MBPS1 TB
Price for Life 80 MBPS$4980 MBPS1 TB
Price for Life 100 MBPS$49100 MBPS1 TB
CenturyLink Fiber Internet$65940 MBPSUnlimited Internet

CenturyLink boasts about their price for life feature, it is one of the features that keep users keep on sticking to CenturyLink. Whenever you pick a CenturyLink Internet plan, you will have to pay the same price as long as you are sticking with CenturyLink. All of us have experienced bad luck in watching your internet bill going up every month. That won’t happen with CenturyLink internet plans.

CenturyLink fiber internet service is incredibly fast, and the best part is you get unlimited data with your CenturyLink plan. Here are all the benefits and drawbacks of CenturyLink unlimited internet plans.

Price for Life GuaranteeBelow average Customer service
No Contractual ObligationDownload speeds vary based on Location
Gigabit Fiber internet Available

CenturyLink Prices and Plans

CenturyLink has six plans and chances are some users may find them confusing. As you may have noticed that all the plans have the same price except for the fiber internet plan. This strategy is similar to AT&T’s 5-100 MBPS plan. Regardless of the speed, you get in your area, you will have to pay the same price. 

CenturyLink has just one fiber internet plan and it’s great. While you may not get the liberty to choose any other fiber speed other than 1 Gig-speed. You’re getting high-speed gigabit fiber internet speed for just $60 with unlimited data. You and your family won’t ever have to face the trouble of being out of data.

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Is CenturyLink Internet Cheap?

CenturyLink internet prices are some of the lowest of low out of all the internet providers in the country. Once you combine that with the Price for Guarantee on its DSL internet plans, and you have one of the best cheapest internet plans on your hand. 

If you’re stuck with some of its slower plans, like 15 MBPS or 20 MBPS plan, then you can finder cheaper plans out there for the same speed. There are cheaper plans like Cox’s 10 MBPS plan and the Xfinity 100 MBPS plan. Xfinity 100 MBPS plan is great at the same price but the price for the plans goes up after 12 months.

CenturyLink Additional Cost

You know what makes CenturyLink even better? Their no contract policies, Yes, you can get any plan without having to worry about being tied up to a plan. That means you can keep your service as long as you want and leave the services whenever you want. CenturyLink has other additional costs, here’s what you can expect from CenturyLink in terms of additional costs.

Sometimes renting the equipment from your current ISP is the easy way to do things. With CenturyLink, you’ll have to pay $9.99/mo to rent one of its modems, or if you want you can pay the lifetime fee of $99.99/mo. Although we believe paying $99.99/mo isn’t a great decision.

  • CenturyLink Modem Rental: $9.99/mo
  • CenturyLink Modem Purchase: $99.99

Summary: CenturyLink Internet Service

With fair pricing and No contract internet plans, CenturyLink internet plans in my area are one of the better services. You don’t have to deal with any surprise price hikes. CenturyLink price hikes mainly depend on where you live so if you are in a fiber internet area then you will get the best services. You can choose CenturyLink Internet unlimited plans without worrying about breaking your bank. 

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