Cable Internet vs Satellite Internet: Which One Should You Choose?

Satellite internet vs Cable Internet

The best thing about Satellite internet is that it is available in places where other internet connections aren’t. Satellite internet is expensive and slower than other types of internet connection available. The cable is the most available internet connection throughout the USA. If you reside in a rural area then choosing cable internet vs satellite internet is crucial. Let’s assume that you are lucky enough to have cable and satellite internet in your area. Do you know which one to choose? What factors determine the type of broadband internet connection. Fortunately, we have compared cable internet vs satellite internet based on speed, price, availability & other factors. Let’s find out which one should you choose. 

What Is Satellite Internet? 

Satellite internet providers offer you internet services via satellite stationed in the sky! Rather than using ground cables, satellite internet uses a roof-mounted dish to receive and send wireless signals. The dish sends the signals to your WiFi modem which translates satellite WiFi signals so your devices can connect to the internet. Satellite internet connection is so famous because of its availability because satellites can pick up signals from anywhere, satellite internet connection is available everywhere in the USA. 

There are only two satellite internet providers in the USA, HughesNet, and Viasat. HughesNet has better budget options for its users. Whereas Viasat offers better speeds, offering up to 100 Mbps on high-speed satellite internet.

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Satellite Internet Plans & Prices

Internet Satellite connection is very expensive compared to the WiFi cable connection. Also, you get slower speeds than an internet cable connection. But cable internet isn’t available everywhere that’s why satellite internet is still in the market. Satellite internet speed ranges from 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps but the 100m Mbps plans can cost a lot. These speeds can handle almost everything you throw at it. Satellite internet comes with two downfalls: Latency and Data caps. 

ProviderSpeedsPrice Range
HughesNet25 Mbps$59.99 – $149.99/mo
Viasat12-100 Mbps$50 – $150.00/mo

Why Choose Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet can be called rural internet as well. If you live in the heart of a city you won’t ever choose satellite internet. Cable would always be your first choice. Satellite internet connection is your best bet in two cases if you live in a remote area or you need internet connection while you travel. 

In some rural areas, DSL internet connection is also a choice but you will experience slower speeds than a satellite internet connection. This is the only case where satellite internet is a better choice in terms of speeds. And if you are a frequent traveler or an RV owner then installing a satellite internet atop your RV is the best internet option for you! 

What is Cable Internet? 

Cable Internet is shared through underground copper cable. These cables use inner copper wire to transfer data. These are the same cables that are used to transmit cable TV networks. While the data speed isn’t as fast as Fiber internet but it is still fast enough. Cable internet connection is the second fastest internet connection, it can deliver internet speed of up to 1000Mbps.

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There are countless cable internet access providers in the USA. The sole reason is that cable TV companies don’t have to spend more on additional infrastructure for cable internet connection. They can offer internet connection to every home with the same wires that share the TV service. 

Top Cable Internet Service Providers

Out of all the internet service providers, we have filtered the best providers in the USA. The providers are picked on the basis of speed, price, and availability. Satellite internet is available everywhere in the USA. We have found the providers with the most availability. 

ProviderSpeedsPrice Range
Xfinity15 – 2000 Mbps$39.99 – $299.95/mo
Spectrum200 Mbps$44.99/mo
Cox Communication10 – 1000 Mbps$19.99 – $99.99/mo

Why Choose Cable Internet?

If you have the choice between satellite and cable, the cable will always be a better internet connection for most users. The only reason cable internet gets left behind is the availability. Satellite internet is widely available while cable internet connection isn’t available in really remote parts of the USA. Some areas have cable infrastructure but lack access to fast internet providers and reliable internet service. Here’s a quick comparison of both the services. 

ConnectionPriceContractDownload SpeedInstallation Charges
Satellite Internet$50 – 150/moUp to 2 Years12 – 100 MbpsNo cost
Cable Internet$20 – $300/moNo-contract plans available10 – 2000 Mbps$10 – $75

Final Words

If there is a great cable internet access provider near where you live then you should choose the same. Cable Internet is faster and more affordable. But satellite internet is available nationwide, which is where cable internet falls behind.  We hope this clears your query regarding satellite internet vs cable internet connection.

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