10 Ways You Can Deal With a Slow Internet Connection

How to Fix Slow internet connection

Slow internet is the worst thing that can happen to you in your day! If you pay for a high-speed internet plan, then you should get the speed you deserve. We can fix most of the slow internet connection problems in a few minutes. All you need to do is to know what’s causing the issue and you can troubleshoot it. Today, we will share the best ways you can deal with a slow internet connection. So if you’ve been wondering “why is my internet so slow?” read on and know for yourself. 

How to Fix Slow Internet Connection?

If you are tired of switching internet providers and still can’t find the solution on how to fix slow internet connection. Just follow the 10 ways below and you won’t ever have to wonder “why is my internet running slow?”. 

1. Check your Internet Speed and Plan

Most of the time, the reason for your slow internet connection is that you are paying for a crappy internet connection. Half of the US citizens don’t know what plan they have and what are they paying for it. So if you are facing slow internet speed, then you should log onto your Provider’s website. Call their customer response department and find out the type of plan you have! You can do a speed test online before contacting your ISP. If you are expecting a 50Mbps speed when in reality you have a 5Mbps plan, then you can’t continue your online activities online. The best way to increase your slow internet speed is by upgrading to a better plan. 

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2. Fix your Hardware

Countless slow internet connections happen because of faulty equipment. So if you are thinking “how can I speed up my internet connection?” then you can try to fix your equipment the same way everyone around the world does. You can turn off your router and modem and then turn it back on again. Most of the times it fixes your slow internet trouble. If the problem only happens at one device, then your device is at fault, not the internet connection. 

3. Know Your Hardware’s Limits

All routers have a limitation. They can put out only a limited out of speed and can connect to a limited amount of devices at one time. If you are paying for a gigabit plan (1000 Mbps) and your router can’t handle that much speed, then you’ll never see the speeds you are paying for. Your internet connection will max out at 500 Mbps or whatever the limit is. This works in opposite ways as well. If you have the latest high-tech router but the devices you are connecting it to are old. You won’t receive optimal internet speeds. 

To sum up, you should get a router that can support your high-speed internet and have devices on which you can enjoy the internet speed. 

4. Fix Your WiFi Signals

You might have noticed that your router and wired signals are perfect, but you are getting slow internet speeds over WiFi. A little difference in speed between a wired and wireless internet connection is expected but a huge difference shows that your WiFi connection is weak. There are a lot of ways you can boost your internet speed, but the most common way to do that is by resetting your router to default setup. You may have to go through the setup process once again, but it’s worth getting the faster internet speed, isn’t it? 

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5. Turn off Apps that Hog Bandwidth

If everything is in order, your hardware, your software, and you are not on a congested network, then you should check to see if any apps or files are hogging your bandwidth. For example, if you are downloading some things via Torrent, then you may experience an internet slowdown. You should try installing Extensions like AdBlocker that stops files from hogging unnecessary bandwidth. 

File syncing services like Google Drive, Dropbox or cloud services can consume a lot of bandwidth in the background which can diminish your bandwidth and may leave you with a slow internet connection. You can limit their usage, which will increase your internet speed. 

6. Try a New DNS Server

When you search for something into your browser, your computer uses something called DNS to look up that information and turn them into a computer-friendly IP address. When the DNS servers become a conflict, you may have trouble browsing the internet or conducting any activity that involves the internet. Fortunately, you can reset your DNS server or you can use a whole different server altogether, like Google DNS & CloudFlare. 

7. Call Your Internet Service Provider

If you’ve done everything you could have to done to fix your slow internet speed and still haven’t found the answer to “how to fix slow internet connection?” The last thing you can do is to call your ISP and complain about the slow internet connection. Chances are that there may be an internet slowdown in your area. Remember to be gentle with your customer service agent as they are much likely to help you better if you are being polite. 

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8. Optimize your Web Browser for Slower Internet Speed

Troubleshooting slow internet can take time sometimes, and what if you have to complete that last-minute project or work on that presentation you have to present tomorrow? You can choose a more data saving themed browser, you can use chrome’s lite mode that can work effectively on slow internet speeds. You can even switch off images from the browser if you are on a slow internet connection. 

9. Prioritize your Needs

If you need to get something done urgently and you’ve done all the troubleshooting, you can. The problem is with the hardware, but you still have to work. How would you make the most of your slow internet connection? First, divide the tasks that can be and can’t be done on a slow internet speed. Complete the tasks that don’t require a lot of bandwidth and then complete the remaining when you get your high-speed internet back. 

10. Slow Internet can Increase Productivity

We know it sounds stupid, but if you have some work, you need to finish fast, and you have a busted up internet connection, then you won’t check every social media platform every 10 minutes. You can get more work done when your internet connection is down. So don’t worry and wait till you get your internet speed back. 


What you can do is troubleshoot your internet connection or you can find ways around it. Follow the tips we have provided on how to fix slow internet connection and how to deal with a slow internet connection. Let us know in the comment box if we have missed out on anything. 

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