Spectrum Internet: Are You paying The Right Amount for Internet?

Spectrum Internet

Finding an Internet service with no contracts, Unlimited data limit & low prices is like finding a gold mine. But is the plan really that good or your local internet service provider is just fooling you with flashy advertisement?

You often find high speed internet plans for your homes & business but you never stop & Ask yourself if there are hidden fees or not?

How Much Spectrum Internet Costs?

Spectrum Internet offers simple Internet plans, with speed going as much as 200Mbps. The plan starts from just $49.99/mo. The plan’s speed may increase based on local bandwidth . Customers in selected cities can also opt for high end plans by paying more.

All those who use internet must be aware of standard rates of internet. In promotional period you are asked to pay a discounted price. After the discounted period ends (1-2 Year) you are asked to pay standard rates which is higher than the earlier rate. If the plan exceeds your budget then you can leave it any time as the contract period has ended.

Additional Charges of Spectrum Internet

As an internet service provider Spectrum has pretty low charges. But even the lowest prices can become pretty hefty after additional charges.

  • Equipment Cost: Spectrum Equipment fee is already included in whatever internet package you buy. You have to pay $5/mo for in home Wi-Fi Services, which is just a fancy name for a router.
  • Installation Charges: Most of the internet service providers usually waive off their installation charges. With Spectrum you’ll have to pay $49.99. Also, You can save yourself from paying installation cost altogether by buying and installing your own equipment.
  • Activation Fees: Activation fees is just one time charge that you’ll have to pay at any cost. He charge is of merely $9.99
  • Other Charges: Whatever service you choose to buy from Spectrum or any other internet service provider, you’ll have to bear the cost of taxes and surcharges on your bills.
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What’s Your Take On Spectrum Internet?

Honestly Spectrum internet is great, it offers good speed, No data caps and they take their customer’s comforts seriously. About the additional charges on their high speed internet plans, you’ll have to pay these charges with almost every single provider. And you can easily save yourself from paying these charges by buying your own equipment or installing your connection yourself.

You can always Compare Internet Plans in your area before opting for Spectrum. Have a Happy Internet Journey.

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