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Internet Service Providers North Carolina

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Exploring the Internet Landscape in North Carolina

North Carolina, often celebrated for its historical significance in aviation, is now making waves in the digital world, offering a diverse range of internet options for its residents. From high-speed fiber connections to satellite internet solutions, the state offers a multitude of choices for its tech-savvy citizens. In this write-up, we'll explore the internet providers North Carolina, their features, and the state's broadband landscape.

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Internet Providers in North Carolina

North Carolinians have access to a variety of internet service providers, each with its unique offerings. Let's delve into some of the top options.

Top Internet Plans in North Carolina
Internet Provider Starting Cost Download Speed Technology Availability
Spectrum $49.99/month 300 to 1000 Mbps Cable 83
Cox $49.99/month 100 to 2000 Mbps Cable, Fiber 83
CenturyLink $49.99/month 12 to 940 Mbps DSL, Fiber 81
Mediacom $19.99/month 100 to 1000 Mbps Cable 81
Xfinity $39.99/month 50 to 2000 Mbps Cable 58
AT&T $55/month 10 to 1000 Mbps DSL, Fiber 58
Windstream $25/month 15 to 1000 Mbps DSL, Fiber 13
Frontier $39.99/month 500 to 5000 Mbps Fiber 7
King Street Wireless $50/month Up to 12 Mbps Fixed Wireless 7
HughesNet $49.99/month Up to 25 Mbps Satellite 96

Spectrum stands out as one of the most widely available in North Carolina internet providers. Covering more than 73% of households in the state, Spectrum is a popular choice in cities like Asheville, Charlotte, Raleigh, and their suburbs. Their plans include a 300Mbps plan for $50 a month, a 500Mbps plan for $70, and a blazing-fast 940Mbps plan for $90. What sets Spectrum apart is its unlimited data, simple pricing, no contracts, and a free modem. While it may not offer the fastest speeds, Spectrum provides a reliable, no-nonsense way to connect to the internet.

AT&T Fiber

AT&T Fiber offers remarkable reliability, speed, and value. The only drawback is its limited availability, reaching just 10% of North Carolina households. However, if you live in areas like Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, or The Triangle, you're in luck. Their plans range from 300Mbps for $55 a month to an impressive 5,000Mbps for $180. AT&T Fiber plans include unlimited data, and you won't be tied down by contracts. All plans come with Wi-Fi equipment.

T-Mobile Home Internet

T-Mobile's Home Internet option is available to three-quarters of households in North Carolina. The pricing starts at $50 per month, with speeds ranging from 72 to 245Mbps. If you're already a T-Mobile customer with certain phone plans, you can enjoy even more compelling pricing. T-Mobile Home Internet doesn't have equipment fees, data caps, or contracts. This option is great for those seeking reliable 5G home internet.


Brightspeed is the go-to choice for rural areas in eastern North Carolina. Covering locations from Johnson and Tusculum in the West to Henderson and Kitty Hawk in the North, it fills a significant coverage gap. While North Carolina internet doesn't offer the fastest speeds, its plans range from $50 per month, with speeds from 19 to 100Mbps. Brightspeed includes unlimited data and doesn't require a contract, but there's a $15 monthly modem lease and a one-time $99 installation fee.

Google Fiber

For residents of Charlotte and The Triangle in North Carolina, Google Fiber is the ticket to high-speed internet. With two tiers available - 1,000Mbps for $70 a month and 2,000Mbps for $100, it's a top choice for those craving speed. Google Fiber doesn't impose data caps or contracts and provides free internet equipment.

Rural Internet Options

For those in more remote areas of North Carolina, several satellite internet providers like HughesNet and Viasat offer connectivity. These options come with various price ranges, speed options, and data caps. T-Mobile Home Internet is also available throughout the entire state, making it a viable choice for rural areas.

The Broadband Landscape in North Carolina

North Carolina ranks 10th among all states and the District of Columbia in terms of internet speed. The state's median download speed is approximately 209Mbps, thanks in part to the wide availability of fiber internet North Carolina, especially in Charlotte and The Triangle.

Broadband pricing in North Carolina varies depending on your location. However, with the most widely available ISPs, expect to pay around $50 per month to get online. Existing customers of certain T-Mobile plans can enjoy a reduced rate of $30 per month. Additionally, those eligible for the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program may receive a $30 monthly discount on their internet bills.

Future of Broadband in North Carolina

North Carolina has received a substantial grant of $1.5 billion from the federal government to expand high-speed internet access across the state. This funding will be used to connect high-cost areas, unserved and underserved locations, and community anchor institutions without fiber access. The state also plans to enhance digital literacy and make internet access more affordable, promising a brighter and more connected future for all North Carolinians.


North Carolina offers a diverse internet landscape with options to cater to various needs and preferences. Whether you're in a major city or a rural area, there's likely the best internet provider in North Carolina to keep you connected. The state's commitment to expanding broadband access further solidifies its position as a tech-savvy hub. As North Carolina continues to embrace the digital age, its residents can look forward to a future with faster, more accessible, and more affordable internet.