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Internet Providers in Oklahoma

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Exploring the Internet Structure in Oklahoma - A Comprehensive Overview

Choosing the right internet provider in Oklahoma can be as challenging as finding the best onion burger in the state. While exploring the delicious onion burger offerings from Broken Arrow to Elk City is a mouthwatering adventure, selecting the right internet provider depends on the providers available at your specific address. In this article, we will delve into the diverse Oklahoma City internet providers and provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

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Internet Service Providers in Oklahoma

Oklahoma boasts a variety of internet service providers, ranging from national giants to localized providers. Your ultimate choice will depend on the internet providers in Oklahoma City serving your specific location. Let's take a closer look at some of the best ISPs in Oklahoma.

AT&T Fiber
  • AT&T stands out as a leading Oklahoma internet due to its extensive fiber coverage in key areas such as Oklahoma City, Norman, and Tulsa.
  • Additionally, AT&T offers copper-based internet service, which is suitable for many households.
  • High availability, competitive speeds, reasonable pricing, and service terms make AT&T a strong contender.
  • PTCI excels in providing high-speed internet services in the Oklahoma panhandle.
  • If you reside in this region, PTCI offers a reliable and robust internet connection.
T-Mobile Home Internet
  • T-Mobile's 5G wireless home internet service provides substantial broadband coverage across Oklahoma, particularly in rural areas.
  • This service offers lower upfront and monthly costs compared to satellite Internet Oklahoma, with more favourable service terms.
Cox Communications
  • Cox Communications is the largest cable internet provider in Oklahoma, offering high-speed internet.
  • Cable internet is an excellent option for households and individuals who want to bundle internet and TV services.
Verizon 5G Home Internet
  • Verizon offers an alternative to traditional cable and fiber internet services with its 5G home internet.
  • This internet in Oklahoma City provides competitive speeds that can rival cable or fiber connections.
Comparison of Internet Providers
Internet Provider Connection Type Monthly Speed Range Speed Range (Mbps) Monthly Data Cap Contract
AT&T Fiber/Copper $55 to $180/month 300-5,000 (fiber), 10-100 (copper) None (fiber), 1.5TB (copper) None
BluePeak Fiber $50 to $100/month 1,000-5,000 None None
Cox Communications Cable $50 to $100/month 100-1,000 1.25TB 1 Year or None
HughesNet Satellite $50 to $150/month 25 15GB-100GB (no hard data cap) 2 Years
T-Mobile Home Internet Wireless Competitive Competitive Competitive Competitive
Rural Internet Options in Oklahoma

Internet availability varies from city to city in Oklahoma, with rural areas often facing connectivity challenges. Here are some rural Oklahoma internet providers and why they may be worth considering.

  • HughesNet offers broadband speeds of 25 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up, making it a reliable option for those in need of broadband service.
  • Plans come with an additional 50 GB of data for off-peak usage.
  • Kinetic by Windstream is suitable for suburban and rural areas, offering relatively fast DSL network speeds.
  • Kinetic also has a growing fiber presence in specific areas of Oklahoma.
Rise Broadband
  • Rise Broadband provides an alternative to satellite internet, offering competitive speeds at a lower cost.
  • Plans include 250 GB of data per month, with unlimited options available.
  • Starlink offers fast satellite internet service in the western part of Oklahoma, with speeds exceeding 100 Mbps.
  • Be prepared for higher equipment costs and monthly service fees.
  • Viasat delivers faster satellite internet in the south and east of Oklahoma, with speeds of 50 Mbps or higher.
Broadband in Oklahoma

Oklahoma, thanks to satellite internet services, offers multiple broadband options with speeds up to 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. However, high-speed and quality connections may be limited outside major cities like Oklahoma City, Norman, and Tulsa.

Internet Pricing in Oklahoma

The cost of internet service in Oklahoma depends on your location and the plan you choose. Most internet providers Oklahoma City offer starting prices ranging from $40 to $60 per month. Equipment rental can add to the monthly cost, but some providers, like AT&T and Optimum, include routers for free. It's essential to be mindful of data caps and potential overage fees.

Internet Assistance for Low-Income households

Affordability is a significant concern for many when seeking reliable internet service. Fortunately, there are programs and plans designed to reduce the cost of internet service for low-income households in Oklahoma. The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) offers up to $30 per month ($75 on Tribal lands) to apply towards internet service. Providers such as AT&T, Cox, and Optimum offer low-cost plans that, when combined with the ACP credit, can be available at zero net cost.


Choosing the best internet providers in Oklahoma City is a crucial decision, as it directly impacts your online experience. To make an informed choice, consider your location, budget, and specific requirements. Whether you're in an urban hub or a rural area, Oklahoma offers a range of options to keep you connected to the digital world. Use the information provided in this guide to narrow down your choices and find the perfect ISP to suit your needs. Happy browsing!