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Internet Providers in Missouri

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The Best Internet Providers in Missouri - Your Comprehensive Overview

Are you a resident of the beautiful state of Missouri or planning to move there? If so, you'll want to know all about the best internet service providers in the Show-Me State. In this guide, we'll take you through the top Missouri internet providers, their offerings, and the factors that make them stand out. Whether you're a barbecue-loving St. Louis Cardinals fan or a potential AT&T Fiber subscriber, we've got you covered.

Starting Price: $40
User Experience
  • Largest provider of Fiber Internet connection
  • Serves over 80 Million people across USA
  • 1 year minimum contract
Starting Price: $34.99
User Experience
  • Free 1 GB Email storage with every plan
  • Contract buy out service available
  • Serves over 26 Million customers across USA
  • Basic internet plan starts at just $34.99
Starting Price: $50
User Experience
  • Xfinity has the best coverage area for cable internet in Houston TX
  • 30 days internet trial period available
  • Serves over million customers across USA
  • Basic internet plan starts @ just $50
Starting Price: $59.99
User Experience
  • 10 GB monthly data allotment in the basic plan
  • Bonus internet available between 2 P.M - 5 A.M
  • Serves over million customers across USA
  • Basic internet plan starts @ just $59.99
Starting Price: $45
User Experience
  • Fast speeds claimed by the internet provider
  • Unlimited device connectivity allowed
  • Serves over million customers across USA
  • Price for life guarantee
Starting Price: $49.99
User Experience
  • Unlimited internet plans in some parts of Houston, TX
  • Internet speed up to 25 Mbps
  • Serves over million customers across USA
  • WiFi Modem included in most plans
Starting Price: $39.95
User Experience
  • Faster connection than dial-up internet
  • Internet security tools included in the internet plan
  • Serves over million customers across USA
  • 24/7 customer support
Top Internet Providers in Missouri
  • Best Internet Provider in Missouri - AT&T Fiber - If you're looking for the best internet connections in Missouri, AT&T Fiber is the way to go. Boasting exceptional speeds for both uploads and downloads, unmatched reliability, and great overall value, a fiber internet connection is hard to beat. With a range of high-speed plans and competitive pricing, AT&T Fiber takes the crown as one of the best internet providers in Springfield, Missouri.

  • Kinetic by Windstream - Best Wired Rural Internet - In rural areas of Missouri, wired connections often provide a more dependable internet experience. Kinetic by Windstream offers traditional wired connections, making it an excellent choice for those in rural areas seeking reliable broadband access. If you're away from the city, this provider has you covered.

  • Spectrum - Best Cable Internet Provider - Cable internet comes in a close second to fiber in terms of speed and value. It's available to a significant number of households in Missouri, with over 70% coverage, making it an accessible option. Spectrum, as the largest cable internet provider in Missouri, ensures you're connected with reliable and speedy internet.

  • T-Mobile Home Internet - Best 5G Home Internet - For those who can't access wired connections like Kinetic, T-Mobile Home Internet's 5G service offers a promising alternative. It may even surpass Kinetic in terms of speed and reliability, depending on your location. T-Mobile Home Internet is an excellent choice for rural areas.

  • HughesNet - Best Satellite Internet - In cases where wired and 5G connections are unavailable, satellite internet, like that offered by HughesNet, fills the broadband gaps. While not the only satellite internet option, HughesNet is likely the most cost-effective choice, ensuring you stay connected, even in remote areas.

Comparison of Missouri Internet Providers
Internet Provider Monthly Cost Range Download Speed Range (Mbps) Connection Type Monthly Data Cap Contract
AT&T Fiber $55 to $180/month 300 to 5000 Mbps Fiber None None
AT&T Interne $55/month 10 to 100 Mbps Copper-Based (DSL) 1.5 TB None
EarthLink $55 to $190/month 12 to 5000 Mbps DSL, Fiber None 1 Year
Google Fiber $70 to $125/month 1000 to 5000 Mbps Fiber None None
Missouri Internet Pricing Details

Several internet providers in Lebanon Missouri offer introductory rates below $50, including Kinetic, Mediacom, Optimum, and Xfinity. Additionally, if you qualify for discounts, Verizon 5G Home and T-Mobile Home Internet may be available for under $50. While opting for the cheapest plan often means sacrificing speed, plans in the $40-$55 range can provide download speeds of up to 300Mbps. Upgrading to higher speed tiers typically adds only around $20 to your monthly bill, with gig service available for $67-$90, depending on your location.

Internet Plans for Low-Income Households in Missouri

Low-income households in Missouri can take advantage of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which grants up to $30 per month for home internet service. Those on tribal lands can receive up to $75 per month. Additionally, select internet companies in Columbia Missouri offer discounted internet plans specifically for low-income households, often available at zero net cost when combined with the ACP credit. These plans often come with free equipment and no contract requirements.

How Fast is Missouri Broadband?

According to recent Ookla speed test data, Missouri ranks 34th among US states, with a median download speed of around 169Mbps. Google Fiber leads the pack with average speeds of 272Mbps, though it's limited to Kansas City. Spectrum, the leading cable internet provider in Missouri, boasts the fastest median download speeds of any major provider at 235Mbps. Download speeds of 250Mbps or higher are available to over 83% of Missouri households, offering faster-than-average speeds to most residents.


So, whether you're a city dweller in St. Louis or residing in rural Missouri, a reliable and fast internet connection is within reach. Consider your needs, location, and budget to choose the best internet provider that suits you. Missouri offers a variety of options, so you can stay connected while enjoying all the state has to offer.