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Internet Providers in Louisiana

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Internet Service Providers in Louisiana - 2024 Coverage and Availability

In the current digital age, access to reliable internet service is crucial for work, education, and staying connected. Louisiana, a state known for its unique culture and vibrant communities, has made significant progress in expanding internet coverage and availability. At Club HDTV, we'll explore the current landscape of Louisiana's internet service, highlighting key statistics and information to help residents make informed decisions about their internet connectivity.

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Louisiana's Internet Ranking in 2024

Louisiana is making strides in improving its internet coverage and speed, but it still ranks 46th among all states in BroadbandNow's annual rankings. This ranking considers various factors such as internet coverage, speed, and availability. In 2023, the state's internet infrastructure has come a long way, but there is still room for improvement

Internet Access in Louisiana

As of 2024, nearly 88.8% of Louisiana residents have access to wired or fixed wireless broadband, offering download speeds of at least 25Mbps and upload speeds of 3Mbps. While this is a significant improvement, approximately one in ten residents is still without this level of internet access.

When it comes to affordability, approximately 29.4% of residents can access low-priced broadband plans, priced at $60 per month or less (excluding promotions and government programs). This means that nearly seven in ten residents may find internet costs to be a barrier to connectivity.

Access to cutting-edge fiber-optic internet in Louisiana is available to 37.9% of Louisiana residents. While this is an important advancement, more than half of the population remains unable to access fiber internet, known for its high-speed and reliability.

Number of Internet Providers

Louisiana is served by numerous internet service providers, with a total of 2,938 ISPs across the United States. These Lousiana internet providers may vary significantly in terms of coverage areas and service offerings. It's essential for residents to search by ZIP code to determine which providers are available in their specific areas.

Internet Coverage by Speed

Club HDTV advocates for defining broadband as at least 100Mbps, highlighting the growing need for high-speed internet. In Louisiana, 86.8% of people have access to 100Mbps broadband, ranking 40th among all states. This shows that there is room for improvement in providing high-speed internet to a larger portion of the population.

Additionally, 70.8% of Louisiana residents have access to 1G broadband, which ranks the state 28th in the nation. While this is a positive development, there is still work to be done to bring gigabit-speed internet to a more extensive range of communities.

Internet Coverage by Demographics

Internet access in Louisiana varies among different demographic groups. As of 2023, 81% of households have some form of internet connection, while 19% remain without any type of internet access. The breakdown of internet access by characteristic includes.

  • Age - Internet access is evenly distributed across age groups, with 9% of those under 18, 9% of those aged 18-64, and 9% of adults aged 65+ lacking access.

  • Household Income - 42% of households with incomes below $20,000 lack internet access, while 19% of those with incomes between $20,000 and $74,999 face the same issue. Only 6% of households earning $75,000 or more lack access.

  • Race - Disparities in internet access are evident, with 12% of Black households, 10% of Native American/Alaska Native households, and 11% of Hispanic or Latino households lacking access.

  • Employment Status - The employed population has a relatively low rate of 8% lacking internet access, compared to 12% of the unemployed.

  • Educational Attainment - The level of education also impacts access, with 15% of those with less than a high school education, 10% of those with some college or an associate degree, and 4% of those with a bachelor's degree lacking internet access.

Internet Service Providers in Louisiana

Louisiana residents have a variety of internet service providers to choose from. Below is a table summarizing some of the major internet providers in Louisiana in the state, their average download speeds, types of connections, availability, and ratings.

Top Internet Providers in Louisiana
Internet Provider Average Download Speed Connection Availability
Cox 2000 Mbps Cable, Fiber 39.2%
AT&T Internet 5000 Mbps DSL, Fiber, Fixed Wireless 33.9%
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet 100 Mbps Fixed Wireless 26.7%
Spectrum 1000 Mbps Cable 12.2%
Xfinity 1200 Mbps Cable 10.2%
LUS Fiber 1024 Mbps Fiber 2.3%
Vyve Broadband 1000 Mbps Cable 1%
Canexon Connect 2000 Mbps Fiber 0.2%
iSpeed Rural Broadband 10 Mbps Fixed Wireless -
Point Broadband 100 Mbps Fixed Wireless -
Eastex Telephone Cooperative 10 Mbps DSL -
Internet Providers by City in Louisiana

To further help residents identify the available options in their specific cities, here is a list of some cities in Louisiana, along with their respective internet availability percentages and the number of providers.


So, Louisiana has made significant progress in expanding internet coverage and availability, but there are still areas where improvements are needed. The state boasts a diverse range of internet providers in Louisiana, giving residents options to choose from. It's important for individuals to assess their specific needs and explore the ISPs available in their areas to ensure they have the best internet service for their requirements. As technology continues to advance, Louisiana is poised to further improve its internet infrastructure, ensuring that more residents have access to high-speed, reliable connectivity.