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Internet Providers in South Carolina

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Summary of Internet Providers in South Carolina

South Carolina offers its residents a multitude of benefits, from low taxes and pristine beaches to top-notch schools in academics and athletics. To complete the package, you need a reliable internet connection to stay connected and access the digital world. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the best internet providers in South Carolina, including their offerings, pricing, and service quality.

Starting Price: $40
User Experience
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  • 1 year minimum contract
Starting Price: $34.99
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  • Free 1 GB Email storage with every plan
  • Contract buy out service available
  • Serves over 26 Million customers across USA
  • Basic internet plan starts at just $34.99
Starting Price: $50
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  • Xfinity has the best coverage area for cable internet in Houston TX
  • 30 days internet trial period available
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  • Basic internet plan starts @ just $50
Starting Price: $59.99
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  • 10 GB monthly data allotment in the basic plan
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Starting Price: $49.99
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  • Unlimited internet plans in some parts of Houston, TX
  • Internet speed up to 25 Mbps
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  • WiFi Modem included in most plans
Starting Price: $39.95
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  • Faster connection than dial-up internet
  • Internet security tools included in the internet plan
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  • 24/7 customer support

Best Internet Providers in South Carolina

Spectrum - Best Internet Provider in South Carolina

Spectrum stands out as the best internet provider in South Carolina, offering the most extensive wired broadband coverage in the state. They provide fast speeds and transparent pricing, making it a preferred choice for over a million South Carolina households.

AT&T Fiber - Best Fiber Internet in South Carolina

For those seeking lightning-fast speeds and a 100% fiber-optic internet connection, AT&T Fiber is a top choice. With competitive pricing and industry-leading customer satisfaction, AT&T Fiber provides an excellent option for high-speed internet.

T-Mobile Home Internet - Broadest 5G Coverage in South Carolina

While not as fast or reliable as cable or fiber, T-Mobile Home Internet's affordability makes it an appealing choice for those on a budget. It boasts broad 5G coverage in South Carolina.

HughesNet - Best Satellite Internet in South Carolina

In remote areas of South Carolina where other options are limited, HughesNet offers satellite internet at comparatively lower prices and consistent speeds.

Xfinity - Broadest Coverage in Charleston

In Charleston, Xfinity shines as a viable internet option. Spectrum may dominate most of South Carolina, but Xfinity fills the gap in the Charleston area.

Top Internet Plan in South Carolina
Internet Plan Starting Monthly Cost Maximum Download Speed (Mbps) Equipment Fee
WOW Just the Basics $20/month 100 Mbps $14 (Optional)
Xfinity Connect $20/month 75 Mbps $15 (Optional)
T-Mobile Home Internet $30/month 72-245 Mbps None
Verizon 5G Home Internet $35/month 50 to 300 Mbps None
Kinetic 200 $40/month 200 Mbps $10/month (Optional)
Additional Internet Providers in South Carolina

Several other South Carolina internet providers cater to specific regions in South Carolina, offering various connection types and pricing. Here's a quick overview.

Pricing and Plans

South Carolina Internet pricing varies depending on your location, provider, and plan. In many areas, basic home internet plans start at around $50 to $55 per month. Rural areas may have slightly higher costs, ranging from $65 to $120 per month.

Cost-Effective Internet Plans in South Carolina
  • WOW Just the Basics - Starting at $20 per month with a max download speed of 100Mbps. Optional equipment fee of $14.

  • Xfinity Connect - Starting at $20 per month with a max download speed of 75Mbps. Optional equipment fee of $15.

  • T-Mobile Home Internet - Starting at $30 per month (with qualifying mobile discount) with download speeds ranging from 72 to 245 Mbps.

  • Comporium Internet Essential - Starting at $30 per month with a max download speed of 100 Mbps. Premium Wi-Fi is available for an additional $10.

Internet Structure for Low-Income Households

South Carolina residents can apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which provides a $30 monthly credit to help cover internet service costs. Additionally, some providers offer special plans for qualifying low-income households with prices below $30 per month.

Internet Speeds in South Carolina

Broadband speeds, defined as at least 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload, are available to 100% of South Carolina households. The state offers faster speeds, with 86% of residents eligible for download speeds of 250Mbps or higher and upload speeds of 25Mbps or higher.

Fastest Internet Plans in South Carolina
Internet Plan Maximum Download Speed (Mbps) Starting Monthly Cost
AT&T Fiber 5000 5000 Mbps $250/month
Xfinity Gigabit Extra 1200 Mbps $85/month
WOW Internet 1.2 Gig 1200 Mbps $95/month
Kinetic Gig 1000 Mbps $70/month
HTC Tier 3 1000 Mbps $75/month

So, a variety of internet providers in South Carolina cater to different needs and regions. Spectrum, AT&T Fiber, and T-Mobile Home Internet are top choices for most residents. Rural areas have options like DSL and satellite internet, although exploring other potential solutions is advisable before settling for satellite service. Internet prices vary, with affordable options available even for low-income households. When choosing an internet provider, consider factors like speed, coverage, and location to make an informed decision for your connectivity needs in the Palmetto State.