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Navigating the Internet Landscape in Ohio - Best Internet Providers and Rural Options

Ohio, a state renowned for its contributions to sports, rock 'n' roll, and even cuisine, boasts a diverse cultural landscape. But does it live up to expectations when it comes to home internet services? In this write-up, we explore the best internet providers in Columbus, Ohio, highlighting their coverage, pricing, and key features. Additionally, for those living in rural areas, we'll take a look at some viable options to bridge the digital divide.

Starting Price: $40
User Experience
  • Largest provider of Fiber Internet connection
  • Serves over 80 Million people across USA
  • 1 year minimum contract
Starting Price: $34.99
User Experience
  • Free 1 GB Email storage with every plan
  • Contract buy out service available
  • Serves over 26 Million customers across USA
  • Basic internet plan starts at just $34.99
Starting Price: $50
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  • Xfinity has the best coverage area for cable internet in Houston TX
  • 30 days internet trial period available
  • Serves over million customers across USA
  • Basic internet plan starts @ just $50
Starting Price: $59.99
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  • 10 GB monthly data allotment in the basic plan
  • Bonus internet available between 2 P.M - 5 A.M
  • Serves over million customers across USA
  • Basic internet plan starts @ just $59.99
Starting Price: $45
User Experience
  • Fast speeds claimed by the internet provider
  • Unlimited device connectivity allowed
  • Serves over million customers across USA
  • Price for life guarantee
Starting Price: $49.99
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  • Unlimited internet plans in some parts of Houston, TX
  • Internet speed up to 25 Mbps
  • Serves over million customers across USA
  • WiFi Modem included in most plans
Starting Price: $39.95
User Experience
  • Faster connection than dial-up internet
  • Internet security tools included in the internet plan
  • Serves over million customers across USA
  • 24/7 customer support

Best Internet Providers in Ohio

Spectrum - The Ohio Giant
  • Price Range - $30 - $70 per month

  • Speed Range - 100 - 1,000Mbps

  • Connection - Cable

  • Key Info - Unlimited data, simple pricing, no contracts, modem included, free access to nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots

Spectrum takes the top spot as the best internet providers in Dayton, Ohio, primarily due to its extensive coverage across the state. FCC data shows that Spectrum reaches over 73% of households in Ohio, making it the most widely available wired home internet provider in the state. Typical plans include 500Mbps for $40 per month and 1,000Mbps for $60 per month. There may also be a 100Mbps plan available for $30 per month, although it might not always be listed online.

AT&T Fiber - The Speed King
  • Price Range - $55 - $250 per month
  • Speed Range - 300 - 5,000Mbps
  • Connection - Fiber
  • Key Info - Unlimited data, no contracts, equipment included

AT&T Fiber stands out for its blazing fast speeds, which reach up to 5,000 Mbps in some areas, making it the best fiber Ohio internet provider. AT&T offers fiber services in numerous Ohio cities, including Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Canton, Dayton, Toledo, and Youngstown. Most locations max out at 1 gig, but Dayton and Toledo residents may access the fastest speeds. Pricing includes 300Mbps for $55, 500Mbps for $65, and 1,000Mbps for $80 per month, with higher-speed options available at higher prices.

Verizon 5G Home Internet - A Wireless Alternative
  • Price Range - $50 - $70 per month (50% off for eligible 5G mobile customers)
  • Speed Range - 85 - 1,000Mbps
  • Connection - Fixed Wireless
  • Key Info - Unlimited data, no contracts, free equipment, 50% discount for qualifying Verizon mobile customers

For those seeking an alternative to traditional internet providers in Toledo, Ohio, Verizon 5G Home Internet offers speedy connectivity in major Ohio cities such as Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, and Akron. Plans include the 5G Home plan, offering speeds of 50-300Mbps for $50 per month with a two-year price guarantee, and the 5G Home Plus plan, which offers speeds of 300-1,000Mbps for $70 per month with a three-year price guarantee. You can bundle this service with an eligible phone plan to reduce your home internet costs.

Altafiber - Cincinnati's Hometown Hero
  • Price Range - $45 - $85 per month
  • Speed Range - 400 - 2,000Mbps
  • Connection - Fiber
  • Key Info - No data caps, no contracts, first month free

For Cincinnati residents, Altafiber (formerly known as Cincinnati Bell) shines as the best local internet Columbus Ohio. With its headquarters in Cincinnati, it covers much of the metro area, including parts of Dry Ridge and Oxford. Pricing options include 400Mbps for $40 per month, 600Mbps for $50, 800Mbps, or 1,000Mbps for $60, and a top-tier 2,000Mbps plan for $90 per month. No contracts or data caps are imposed, and you can either rent a gateway or provide your own equipment.

Rural Internet Options in Ohio

For those living in rural areas of Ohio, finding fast and reliable internet can be a challenge. Fixed wireless, fiber, and satellite Ohio internet options are available, although fixed wireless is the most widespread rural internet choice. Some lucky rural areas can even access fiber internet. Here are a few options.

HDER Link (Fixed Wireless) - Serving Carey and Surrounding Areas
  • Price Range - $35 - $110
  • Speed Range - 2.5 - 100Mbps
  • Data Cap - None
Imagine Networks (Fiber) - Serving North of Dayton
  • Price Range - $55 - $95
  • Speed Range - 150 - 1,000Mbps
  • Data Cap - None
iZone Broadband (Fixed Wireless) - Serving Southern Knox, Northwest Licking, and Northeast Delaware Counties
  • Price Range - $70 - $80
  • Speed Range - 50 - 100Mbps
  • Data Cap - None
North Coast Wireless Communications (Fixed Wireless/Fiber) - Serving North Central Ohio (fiber available in Wellington)
  • Price Range - $55 - $80
  • Speed Range - 10 - 300Mbps
  • Data Cap - None

In cases where wired internet providers in Columbus, Ohio don't reach rural homes and fixed wireless isn't viable, satellite internet providers like Starlink, Viasat, and HughesNet can be considered. Each has its pros, with Starlink offering faster speeds and no contract but requiring an initial equipment fee.


Ohio, known for its rich cultural heritage, offers a variety of options for internet services. Whether you're in a bustling city or a rural area, there are Columbus Ohio internet providers to meet your needs. Spectrum, AT&T Fiber, Verizon 5G Home Internet, and Altafiber are top choices for Ohioans, while rural residents have a range of options to ensure they stay connected in our increasingly digital world. Whether you're rocking out in Cleveland or savouring Cincinnati chili, a reliable internet connection is essential for work and play in the Buckeye State.