What is the Cheapest Way to Get HBO Subscription?

hbo subscription with amazon prime

For all those who don’t have HBO in their TV subscription, the internet must be a place full of spoilers. You can’t go on any social media platform without worrying about getting spoilers on your favorite show. Not all of us can afford HBO subscription, the best and the cheapest way to get HBO subscription is by knowing what TV providers offer HBO in your area, and whether it is included in the original price or do you have to pay for HBO exclusively. In this article, we will tell you all the cheapest way to get HBO subscription.

If HBO isn’t in your cable package then it doesn’t make sense to pay extra money just for a single TV channel. There is a lot of Discount HBO subscription available on the market but unfortunately, most people don’t really know about them. If you are a cord-cutter or a fan of HBO premium shows then HBO subscription discount is the best thing ever. 

Cord cutters can obviously get an HBO’s own proprietary streaming services. If you don’t want to stick to just one streaming service then you can even get an HBO subscription with Amazon Prime. Let’s dig deep and learn about the cheapest way to get HBO subscription.

1. Get HBO Subscription with ATT Wireless Plan

According to a survey over 75% of Americans use a smartphone and if you have a smartphone then you are obviously paying for internet and Calling facility. What if we told you that you can switch to ATT and get a free HBO subscription for life.

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There is some restriction on which plan you can choose to get yourself a free HBO subscription. But we suggest you choose an unlimited text, calling and internet plan. Unlimited plans will help you get an HBO subscription with ATT. Unlimited internet would help you in streaming your HBO content.

2. Get HBO with an Add-on Subscription

Almost all the cable TV providers offer consumers to add on HBO to their existing plans. This is probably the cheapest way to get HBO subscription. You are already paying for your cable TV plan and if you don’t plan to cut the cord then you can ask your TV service provider to add HBO to your plan for a limited amount, it is simple and very easy to get, you don’t have to worry about paying a separate bill or something. All the TV providers you can think about the offer you the benefit of add on HBO subscription.

3. Get HBO Max in Place of HBO

As a cord cutter, getting an ordinary TV channel won’t appeal to you! We suggest you choose the cheaper version of HBO TV channel, HBO Max is the proprietary streaming service of HBO and it contains all the awesome content that HBO has to offer. Plus as a bonus, you get all the movies and shows from Warner Bros, Turner, CNN, Crunchy Roll, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, DC, and TNT.

All these channels make up to over 10,000 hours worth of watchable content. And this is one of the cheapest way to get HBO subscription as it only costs $14.99 per month, without any contractual commitment.

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4. Get HBO with Amazon Prime

If you need additional benefits to get HBO then you can get HBO Subscription with Amazon Prime. The Amazon subscription service allows users to add an HBO subscription for $14.99/mo. After that, you can stream HBO using the HBO GO application. While it costs more, you also get a lot of perks with HBO with Amazon Prime.

  • Free Two-Day Shipping: If you do a lot of shopping on phone from Amazon prime, the free two-day shipping can make up the money you have spent on the subscription. 
  • Movie and TV Streaming with Prime Video: Getting Amazon Prime just for the benefit of free shipping is not worth it. You also get the Prime Video streaming facility with the subscription.
  • Unlimited Ad-Free Music Streaming
  • Unlimited Photo Storage in the Prime Catalog
  • Access to Hundreds and thousands of free E-Books

Amazon Prime is available for $99.99 per year or $12.99 per month. If you are a cord-cutter then you can even get Amazon Prime Video for just $8.99 per month.

Enjoy Your HBO Subscription Discount

Getting your HBO subscription doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. There is multiple cheapest way to get HBO subscription and we’ve listed all of the above. Choose your method and enjoy your HBO Streaming.

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